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Attention: Spiritual AdventurersspiritualadventurerAre You Psychic?
Would You Like To Be?
Attention: People in Crisis, Seeking Solutions pathtoabundanceAre You As Happy As You Would Like To Be? Attention: Spiritual Coaches, Healers and Therapists psychicproIs Your Spiritual Business More Spiritual Than Business?
Prove how psychic you really are! Yes you are psychic, even if you don’t realise it now.Take our free online quiz:
How Psychic Are You and get instant access
Want to discover how to get more deeply connected to your intuition & innate psychic abilities so you can have a more exciting life & make a great living helping other people with your amazing talents? – Let me show you how…Whether you want to channel a high level spirit guide, or just learn to trust your intuition and “gut feelings” to make better decisions, being psychic helps you live a more exciting life.Discover what is your Psy-Q and how to raise it so that you can solve your problems, and get guidance and inspiration any time.

Got a block to your psychic abilities? Take this quiz and find out what that block is AND how to clear it:

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Is there a hidden, silent shadow holding you back from living up to your potential?Do you have memories from the past which, as you think about them now, trigger a painful emotion?Psycademy-trained Spiritual Master Practitioners have achieved phenomenal success with all emotional issues including:

  • PTSD
  • Past trauma or abuse
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Emotional problems

Our coaching and therapies have a 95% success rate, which means 95% of our clients get the results they want (or more).

It’s FAST too. Change and healing can happen in a matter of weeks or even days of starting your program.

For free instant access to our Emotional Resilience Program click here

Finding paying clients is the hardest thing in any business and it’s even more challenging for spiritual coaches, healers and therapists.Are you destined to be a spiritual leader and ready to claim your place in the market?At Psycademy we have a revolutionary way of thinking about your spiritual business.

More & more spiritual business owners are having outrageous success by activating their spiritual business chakras™.

Discover how your business is a living breathing entity & like any living breathing entity it has CHAKRAS. Yes really!

Revealed: the hidden blocks in your spiritual business chakras™ that stop you attracting clients who will buy.

Let’s get your spiritual business chakras™ open and working so that clients, money and success flow through your business.

Access this powerful Spiritual Business Chakra™ Activating Webinar here


What Kind of Results Can You Expect

from Working with Psycademy?


Here’s What Lisa, Our Coaches and Trainers Have Helped Others Achieve

  • Helped one client increase his income by 10 times by deleting poverty programming. He made £50,000 within 6 weeks of his session.
  • One Spiritual Practitioner went from charging £50 / hour for hypnotherapy to £3,000 a program after becoming a Certified Spiritual Practitioner.
  • A graduate of Spiritual Mastery who went on to work with parents and childcare providers to help them raise happy confident kids. She now charges over £2,000 for her programs.
  • Following years of being in an abusive relationship one client gained the strength and courage to leave her husband and now lives the happy life of her dreams.
  • Helped a client overcome bi-polar disorder who went on to hold down a job and live an independent, drug free and happy life.
  • One student went from being over £40,000 in debt to phone psychics, to working as a professional psychic, and earned more than enough to comfortably quit her day job.
  • Helped a woman recover from childhood sexual abuse. She had no memories of anything earlier than 6 weeks in her past. When she visited a few months after her treatment, she passed a zoo, where she remembered visiting as a child and even remembered the toy bought for her in the gift shop.
  • Helped a woman overcome anorgasmia. At Aged 52 she achieved her first orgasm, which is now a regular feature in her happy sex life.
  • Helped a client recover from PTSD after serving in the Middle East. He’s now free from night terrors, is back with his family who are no longer afraid of his temper (it’s gone).

What results can we get for you? Let’s talk: 0845 468 1501


Who Has Worked With Psycademy?


Spiritual Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Spiritual Messengers, Holistic Practitioners, Thought Leaders

Ordinary people, who just want to live up to their potential.

Let’s get on the phone to see if we can work together: 0845 468 1501

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