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Affiliate Programme

Earn Commission by Promoting Psycademy Products and Programmes to Your List

RunaAt Psycademy, we are passionate about teaching and sharing abundance.This is not about money and because we want everyone to live in $5 million dollar mansions and be able to manifest car parking places.

It’s because, when you are adept at manifesting what you want in the material world, you can evolve and move on – and help raise the collective level of consciousness.Our Affiliate Programme is designed with this in mind and encourages abundance to be shared with you and your friends and for it to seed, germinate and mature year on year.

How Our Affiliate Programme Works

Fill in a simple form to sign up then you can:

  • Earn commission on all qualifying sales made through your special affiliate links
  • Have access to our automated affiliate reporting system so you can track your earnings in real time
  • Have your commissions paid electronically through PayPal
  • Access your online affiliate resource centre with all the promotional links and banners to help you maximise your referrals

The Affiliate Tracking System

Whenever someone visits our web site through your affiliate link, a cookie will be saved on to their computer. This cookie contains your special affiliate code, so if your visitor decides to place an order up to one whole year later you’re still guaranteed to get the commission on the sale.

How You Get Paid

To make sure that you get your affiliate commissions as quickly and as conveniently as possible, we pay all our affiliates via PayPal.

It really is so simple! We pay your commissions directly into your PayPal account and then from there you can deposit your commissions straight into your bank account or use them for other online purchases.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account you can get one for free! (it only takes around 5 minutes) by clicking here.

Commission payments are processed at the end of the month AFTER the sale goes through so, for example, if you make a sale through your affiliate account in June, your commission will be paid to you at the end of July.

Commission Levels

These vary from product to product, but our usual rates are around 25% for online or digital products (that can be £100 or more for a single sale of many of our programmes). When you log in to your affiliate resource centre you’ll be able to see exactly how much commission we pay on each product in the programme.

Sign Up Here

Just fill in the form below to apply and you’ll automatically receive login details to access your own affiliate resource centre straight away.

Welcome to the abundance!

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