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Am I on track? Will I…?

Here’s another extract from another channelling session with my guides “No One Guide”

Question “What is in my future? Am I on track and will I achieve the outcomes and targets I have set myself?”


We do not give predictions of the future. In truth we cannot.

Not because we are not able, we see all possible futures. But there are important reasons that we do not tell you what is in your future.

Your future is not fixed. In every minute of every day your future is being created by your choices, your words, your thoughts, your actions are all creating the path forward as we speak to you through the host Lisa.

We can predict all your possible futures. To answer the question “what is in my future” the answer is “EVERYTHING!” We could tell you this but it would be of little USE to you.

If you ask “Will I be successful in this?”  or if you ask “am I on track?” to answer this is dangerous. If we were to say, “yes, you are on track,” it may be that you’re on track because of decisions, choices and actions that you are and have not yet made or taken

If we were to say “YES you are on track” this might cause you to NOT take those decisions and actions, you might think that there is nothing for you to do, or that you can just stop taking action, stop making the very choices that are causing this future to unfold in the way you desire. So to tell you YES, may cause it to become NO.

If we see that the answer is NO, you are not on track. This too is of little use to you. It may be that you WILL become on track and that to tell you that you are not on track will cause you to stop striving for the results you seek.


Instead we will offer you something much more powerful. This is something much more useful than future predictions.

We offer you the opportunity to CHOOSE your future. You chose what you desire. Then we offer to assist you to remove the inner blocks, and support you to remove (in some cases) outer obstacles that would prevent you achieving your goals.

Create Your Own Story written on running track

To create your future requires you to take the following steps.

  1. Choose what you desire. This in itself is not easy for many. They do not know what they desire, and if they do they disallow themselves from choosing it. So CHOOSE. As best as you can
  2. Become clear in your desire. fix it in your mind so that it becomes a single end point.
  3. Open to receive insight and inspiration for HOW to achieve your desire
  4. Remove any inner obstacles. You will need to find them first as they are not always obvious, but you will know you have them from your results. We can assist you to do this through and with Lisa and Psycademy. This is our host and medium for release.
  5. Take action. For some this is the hardest part. They can, but they do not. Often their inner fears lead them off track from their desires. We can assist you to release these fears through our host and medium Lisa and Psycademy.

This is we offer you. This is so much more empowering than predicting a future. What we offer is nothing less than the opportunity to co-create with source that which you desire. we offer you to become a channel for the desires of source via your physical body.

The way is simple.

We can

You can

Will you?

We have spoken

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No One Guide, here’s an easy way you can work with me and No One Guide to create your future.


How can I heal my past lives?

This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No One Guide.”

It covers two very important topics.  Healing your past lives and also, the little known process of “capping” and how this disconnects you from your Higher Self and what you can do to re-connect. Enjoy


“How do I develop my full spiritual potential so I can fully work on and heal my past lives?  If I know who I was in my past incarnation I can really begin to understand and work on certain issues and blockages in my life.” 


We can share with you that you do not need to heal your past lives. You only ever need to heal what is present NOW. 

In truth, you do not have a past life issue.  No problem is ever a past life issue. It is always a present issue. It may have been created in what you experienced as past life. However, what happened and who you were and what transpired in your past is irrelevant. Knowing this does not heal you. This is a common misunderstanding that prevents true healing. 

The only thing that is relevant, is the neurological construct that is currently causing you problems or preventing you from truly connecting to your Higher Self and this is what we perceive as your true issue.  And please understand, it does not matter what the event was, or what happened, or who did what, or who you were, because knowing that does not heal you. 

Knowing what happened is not the source of your healing. 

The source of your healing is changing your neurology to remove the problem and install new patterns that give you the results you want! 

Let us use a metaphor to explain this.  If you go to the garage with a flat tyre and you tell them all the story of how you ran over a nail…the nail was there and then you ran over it, and all the details of what happened, and who said what to who… None of this will fix the tyre.  No amount of talking about the nail or knowing what happened or how it happened will EVER fix the tyre! 

In the same way, knowing what happened, and who you were, and what you experienced will never fix your problem. 

The way to fix your problem is to find where it is in your neurology and to heal it. We can do this for you.  We can do this for you through Lisa, the medium, the host. 

We can share with you what has happened, that you have become disconnected from your Higher Self. In truth you are always connected, but in you there has been severing of the conscious ability. This prevents you from perceiving your connection. 

This is a process that is called “capping.” Your crown chakra connects you to your Higher Self, Source, and Beyond. This is not open. 

It does not matter what happened in this life or a past life because this will not heal this broken connection. It is our invitation for you to seek out that which will remove the capping. We can inform you that Lisa is proficient in this. In truth it is we, No One Guide, who are proficient in this and we work through the host Lisa. In this way we can assist you.  We will remove the cap for you, should you wish to do this. You must contact Lisa for this to take place. 

For now, let go of your worry about the event that happened in your past. This is not relevant. It is a distraction from what will truly heal you.  Simply know this. You can be healed. This is true of all things that you experience as problems. Use the spiritual and transformational technology which has been gifted to you and you can heal. You have free will to choose.  

We have spoken. 

No one Guide mentioned how to access the spiritual transformational technology to remove capping and to reconnect to your higher self. The best way to start this is to join our Spiritual Success Mastermind. We have a very discounted offer on at the moment and you can find out more here. 

Have you got a question for No One Guide? 

I hope you enjoyed this answer from No One Guide.  I’d love to know what you thought, so do comment below to let me know or post on our FB page. 

What would you ask? 

If you have a question for Lisa or No One Guide, comment below and let us know. I might ask No One Guide, pull a card for you, or tune into your situation.  Please note we can’t guarantee and answer every question, but we can guarantee you won’t get an answer if you don’t ask! 

All questions are welcome.

  • Life, the universe, and everything in it
  • The nature of the universe
  • Relationships
  • Money, Career, Finance
  • Spiritual connection
  • Health

I look forward to reading your questions.

How can I develop my clairvoyant skills?

This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No One Guide” 


“Am I on the right path to increase my physic development and what do I need to do to develop my clairvoyant skills? I thought I would be more of a clairvoyant medium, but I feel I may be going more towards being a healer.”


Many ask how do I develop your psychic and spiritual abilities, and our invitation to you is to always choose the path of highest evolution.

We do not encourage you to communicate with those who have passed over.  Let us explain why not. And we are aware that this is controversial amongst the spiritual community.

Speaking to the deceased has become very popular in the last 100 years. It is viewed as a means to provide both proof of an afterlife, and comfort to the living.

However there are far better ways to do both, without the negative consequences that speaking to the dead can have.

If you are communicating with the personality of a dead person then this, you are communicating with the lower base level.  You are in effect communicating almost always at their ego level.

If a medium communicates at the ego level of a deceased person it will connect with the ego of the medium. This can influence the medium in a way that is unhelpful. It is this that has created the illusion for the need of “protection” when in truth it is only the ego that would ever need protecting from anything, including another’s ego.

It is our encouragement and our invitation that you aim to connect at the level of the Higher Self and beyond. You are always safe. This is always safe, always supports and assists you.

If you aim to communicate at the Higher Self, you will, in truth, be commutating and connecting to a far higher vibration and greater wisdom.   This is our advice always, this is our encouragement, our suggestion, is always to go to the Higher Self.

At the level of the Higher Self you are always connecting with Truth, with Wisdom, with the Answers you truly need. Your Higher Self will give you ALL you need to know. The Higher Self offers infinite comfort that is leagues beyond any communication with a deceased unconscious mind can ever offer. The Higher Self can remove the sadness and grief. Communication with the deceased increases grief, rather than alleviating it.

When you say you feel you are moving more towards becoming a healer this is because you are evolving beyond speaking to dead people, You are evolving beyond these lower level courses that you have been working through and practising with.  When you move towards communicating and connecting at the level of the Higher Self it will always be healing and transformational. You will have moved beyond the ego’s need for proof or reassurance.

This connection to the Higher Self is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your clients.

We have spoken. 

I hope you enjoyed this answer from No One Guide.  I’d love to know what you thought, so do please comment below to let me know, or post on our FB page.

What would you ask?

Spiritual perspective on the US election

Separation before unity…

A few months ago Trump winning seemed unthinkable. Now it’s a reality.

Brexit, now Trump. What’s going on?

We certainly live in interesting times. I see people posting on social media about their devastation and disbelief. Shocked and afraid for an uncertain future.

What were people really voting for? What were they voting against?

We can speculate. Maybe it was the disillusioned voting for change, to shake up the establishment. Maybe it was simply because Trump was a reality TV star and fame won over policies and experience.

Perhaps if he’d been facing Kim Kardashian it might have been different! Certainly the campaigning seemed to be more about personalities than policies.

From the perspective of spiritual evolution we ARE moving to a time of unity. And this is the drawback.

It’s the break away, before the reuniting.

If you are celebrating the result, congratulations. Rather than gloating (yes, I’ve seen that). Celebrate for sure, then focus on the positive future you’re building.

If you’re commiserating at the result, my condolences. Rather than sliding into devastation or despair, (I’ve seen that too). Have a little cry or a rant, but then move on to focus on building a positive future.

No matter who won, some things would have changed, and some things not.

Focus on faith not fear. This is the separation before unity. All is unfolding perfectly, it’s just that this is what it looks like from inside of the process.

Focus on creating a future that you want. Focus on moving forward.

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