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"Unpack All The Unique Information Contained In Your Dreams That Is Personal To You And You Alone"

Unlike most dream analysts who use books to look up symbolic meanings and generalised themes, our dream analysis techniques here at Psycademy are a little different.

We see dreams as a means for your Higher Self to communicate with you, as well as providing you with an understanding of what’s going on in your life and a method of solving problems.

Your dreams are symbolic metaphors packed with information. They are personal to you and you alone. And we treat them – and you – completely individually.

Would you like to…

Gain clarity to help you make a decision.
Solve problems in your life.
Receive messages from your higher self and source.
Remove emotional disturbance.
Connect directly with the higher spiritual realms.
Discover what’s currently in creation in your immediate future.
Get clarity on your desires, goals and how you can start creating them in your future.
Simply make sense of the weird dreams you’ve been having.

Get the answers to your questions and the solutions to life’s challenges and problems

All the Psycademy Dream Analysts are High Level Psychics and have been trained and certified to:

Understand the true intention and purpose of all dreams – why we even dream at all.
Recognise the truth about the source of all dreams.
Uncover the hidden meaning in recurring dreams so they stop, for good.
Use a 100% fool proof technique for uncovering the true message within any dream.
Identify the exact and specific actions you need to take, based on your dream, to apply the learning in your life.
Take the analysis of your dreams from interesting information to total transformation.

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3. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation and details of how to book your session.

4. All sessions are scheduled with your practitioner who will contact you to arrange a suitable time and method of contact. Your session may take place via:

a. Skype
b. Phone (landline)
c. Conference line

5. Please complete the pre-session questionnaire and return.

How to get the most from your sessions

1. Before your session make sure you have completed and returned your questionnaire.

2. We will address the most pressing and important issue.

3. Make sure you have all your contact arrangements ready, the Skype address or phone number.

4. Ensure you are in a quiet, comfortable environment and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration.

5. Take a few moments before your session to settle yourself and be open to receive.

6. Our Dream Analysts are highly sought after and there may be a short wait before your session can be scheduled.

Terms and Conditions

Dream Analysis readings are for guidance only and are not intended to replace treatment from a medical, financial, or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.

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