Fed up with finding life a struggle? Do you have questions about your finances, relationships, health, work or your spiritual connection?

Join me for A Live Channelling Session. Where You Can Meet My Guides And Get The Answer To Any Question You Have.

Plus: The opportunity to have blocks to your happiness and success removed!


Would you like a reading with me and my high level guides “No One Guide” to get the answers to your most burning questions about your money, job, relationship or health situation? And the opportunity to have the blocks to your success, happiness and joy removed?

My in box is full of questions for my guides, “No One Guide” from people just like you, who want answers to life’s conundrums. But here’s the problem: I just don’t have time to answer them all. If I answered every single e-mail, I’d be writing 8 hours a day for 7 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days. And that doesn’t include the new questions that come in every day! And that doesn’t include all the requests for personal readings, which I love to do. So with demand so high I just can’t speak to everyone. 

So I decided to run this very special event and you’re invited!

I’ll be channelling and invoking my guides and you can ask them YOUR questions.

You will be able to ask your questions and I will simply be channelling my high level guides who are called "No-One-Guide" who will answer them for you.

Remove Your Blocks and Solve Your Problems

The special and surprising thing about working with my guides is that they don’t just give information, they create TRANSFORMATION. This means that on the call we can remove blocks in any area of your life. You have to experience the power of their energy to fully appreciate the experience. It’s beyond any words I can come up with! But join us on the call and let me know what you experienced.


About my guides

swirlRather than a particular person or even soul, my guides, called No One Guide, are a highly evolved stream of consciousness. They have never incarnated or existed on the earth plane. Their sole (soul) purpose is to help us.

Guides are trying to evolve into matter and to do this they need to learn about matter before they enter it. They do this by helping us.

Please note! They often tell you what you need to know, which might not be what you asked! I never know what they will say. The only thing I can promise is that it’s always empowering and always useful and often surprising.

During this special call I will be invoking my guides who will speak through me. Watch out as they speak through me and my voice changes and the energy on the call becomes electric!

Always bear in mind that information from guides may not represent the ultimate truth but a step in your understanding so you can discover the truth for yourself.

No brainer price of only £9.00.

A private reading with me is over £1000.

Why am I doing this? And why the great bargain price of only £9!

Because this is what I’m called to do. I’m blessed to “live” with No One Guide who guide me and give me insights and inspiration. And THIS call is what I’m called and inspired to do right now.

Serving you by invoking No-One-Guide is my life’s purpose. It’s one of the most fun things I can do. I wanted to offer this for a “no-brainer” price. I know that not everyone is ready or able to invest in a personal reading, and frankly that’s a good thing for me and my diary! I’m booked up for weeks in advance. And, being totally transparent with you, this is an experiment. I get so many questions submitted I wanted to experiment by offering this call. I may never offer it again, and it may never again be at this low price. So if you’re even mildly interested then I encourage you to register now. 


What they said after previous "No-One-Guide" calls

During past live channelling sessions people have experienced blissful spiritual states. Here are some of the comments listeners have made after the calls:

"My Spirit was on fire for the whole No-One-Guide call - what a powerful charged day of great learning." Christine Lennard

"The call was completely amazing... I asked about my purpose and got the EXACT same answer I had realised this weekend for myself - along the lines that fixating on purpose can (and for me has) become a block that stops me from just simply doing what I LOVE to do." - Julia Chapman

"There was so much energy flowing you could power a city for a week!" Louise Walters

"For me as well this call brought me a much better understanding about what my purpose is and isn't. So Thank You to No One Guides as well!" Johan Delva

"I learnt a lot from every question and every answer. I would write a book on every sentence of the recording and my thoughts and feelings about it. So much going on now. The changes in Lisa's voice were fantastic! Like music!" Krzysztof Kwiecien

"It was amazing to listen to - your voice was changing when you were introducing the call as the guides were so excited wanting to come through you and when they did it was so powerful and yet so easy." Jean Cape



Here’s how you join this event and get your psychic reading

This event will take place as a special teleseminar. When you register below you’ll be given instructions for how to submit your question for your reading.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the call live, it’s being recorded and transcribed so you can listen or read later. You will still get all the benefits from the recording.

To be totally up front with you I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to answer everyone’s question. I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can, however, what you’ll find is, that even if your specific question isn’t answered, you’ll still GET the ANSWER!

Ready to reserve your place and ask your question straight away? 

Thursday 7th September 2017 at 1pm GMT



Once you’ve registered we’ll let you know how you can ask your question before the call. Check your in-box as you’ll be sent the link.

Not sure what to ask or how best to ask it? Don’t worry, as a special bonus I’ve put together a simple checklist of how to ask the perfect question and what you can ask.  I want to make sure you have maximum success during the reading, so if you claim your place on our No One Guide Call, I’ll show you exactly HOW TO ASK THE PERFECT QUESTIONS.  You can use this for this reading to ask your questions to No One Guide, and I highly recommend that you use it to craft the perfect question for ANY psychic.

Note: if a psychic doesn’t like this style of questioning that’s a sign that they aren’t working with the highest level of consciousness and you should run a mile! This info sheet on its own can save you hundreds of £££ and also the heartache and pain of bad decisions.

So you have everything to gain and all for just £9.00

To your spiritual success,




P.S. This call takes place on Thursday 7th September. It's your chance to get the answer to YOUR question. Don't miss this amazing opportunity. If you can't make the call live, don't worry, a replay will be available straight away.

P.P.S Remember you’ll always get your questions answered. How do I know this? Because that’s what everyone says. Just being in the energy of this level of consciousness gives you the answers.