"Stop Freebie Hunters And Vampire Callers Stealing Your Time, So You Can Spend It With Those You Really Want To Help"

Discover how you can attract people who are willing to pay you what you are worth and respect your time, with this Audio and Workbook Home Study Programme

Dear Colleague,

Does it seem like -- no matter how hard you try, no matter what you say -- you continue to struggle with freebie hunters and people who just never want to invest in themselves, and now you’re running out of time, patience... and money?

What if I told you that I could help you to:

never again waste your time on the time wasters
only be speaking to those who are serious about change, willing to invest and appreciate the value of your time and expertise
maintain your boundaries so you never overrun when speaking to a prospect again
stop them telling you their life story so you can get to show them exactly how you can help them, and why they should work with you
attract more clients who are ready and willing to pay good money for what you can do for them
stop giving your time away for free
spend your time with those who really want your help – and who are ready for it
handle the freebie hunters with grace, ease and love

Curious? Keep reading and I’ll explain how it’s done…

Lisa TurnerMy name is Lisa Turner and I’m a professional Spiritual Coach. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches helping them to avoid vampire freebie hunters and time wasters with my proven system.

If you’re tired and fed up of people who take take take, but never buy, then here’s something for you…

I’m offering a one-off teleseminar called: “Protect yourself from freebie hunters, vampire callers and attract clients who will pay you what you deserve.”

Here’s what's covered on the call:

how to eliminate time wasters before they even call you.
my proven 3 step system so that ensures you ONLY speak to people are committed to change, and it’s NOT marketing or sales. It’s a system to manage your enquiries, AFTER the marketing has happened.
how to set and keep boundaries with grace and elegance.
exactly what to say that will bring your caller to the point without them sharing their entire life story and every problem and experience they’ve ever had.
what to do right at the beginning of the conversation to set it up so that they are silently begging YOU to tell them about your services and products
how to end every call on a positive and joyful note for both of you, regardless of whether they buy anything or not.
how to stick to time limits so that you can manage the call, your day and your schedule
the 2 signs your client is being blocked by their EGO and what to do about it.

This is a one-off call and a unique opportunity for you. The price is fantastic value at just £37. Grab your copy of the recording now and you can be listening in minutes…

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To your success,

Lisa Turner

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