6 Things You Never Knew Sexual Energy Could Do For You

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There is a big difference between sexual energy, and sexual desire. You can have sexual energy without desire, but not desire without sexual energy. What is even less well known is just how important sexual energy is for our health, wealth and success.

1.   It Can Bring You More Money

Have you noticed that rich and powerful men get more sex? Have you noticed how they seem to get more girlfriends, mistresses, and prettier wives?

Most people think that it’s their wealth and power that attracts the girl, but it’s actually their high sexual energy that attracts their wealth and power. They attract their partners, wives, and girlfriends with their sexual energy rather than their money and power.

2.   Achieve your ideal Weight

Sexual energy is the most potent available in the body, yet most people don’t know how to access it. Most food cravings are triggered by low energy, or emotional eating.

With access to more energy and more connection to your inner self and physical body you will have fewer or no cravings, and will naturally choose healthy foods. Your energy levels will rise as your appetite falls. Your metabolism will increase and your weight will stabilise at a level that creates maximum health, energy, and vitality.

3.   Improves physical health

Having more orgasms improves your physical health. Women who have regular orgasms have reduced incidents of heart disease and certain cancers.

Men who ejaculate more regularly are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer.

In addition to the documented boosts to health as a result of regular sex, harnessing and transmuting sexual energy improves vitality, and increases feelings of wellbeing. You experience more energy and are more motivated. You will enjoy your body more including moving your body and exercising.

As you increase your awareness of your energy and how different foods affect your energy levels, you will find it easy to naturally choose more healthy options. Your body will tell you what foods it wants and needs.

4.   More success

Factors that increase your success are: inner strength, ability to take responsibility and control, energy, charisma, ability to think clearly, emotional resilience, and your ability to feel emotions positively rather than negatively, your ability to take good decisions and act decisively.

Raising and harnessing sexual energy increases all of these factors which will increase your success.

5.   More sales / more influence

Napoleon Hill included a whole chapter on the Mystery of Sex Transmutation and its importance for increasing sales.

People buy from people they like and feel good around. A large part of what makes a salesperson likable is their energy. When you have great energy it will make others feel great around you. You will naturally put people at ease and make them feel comfortable. The more comfortable they feel, the more they feel they are able to trust you, the more you make them feel good about being associated with you, the more they will buy. This is true not only of sales, but anywhere you influence others, or where you’d like to.

6.   Better leadership abilities

Great leaders have strong sense of SELF. It’s this that attracts people who resonate with you and want to be around you and want to be in your “tribe.”

This strong sense of self gives you the confidence to shout about what you stand for and to be completely OK if some people reject your message.

Transmuting sexual energy increases your sense of self and makes you the leader that people aspire to be and be around. You will lead by example and make people feel good when they are around you. The better you make others feel the more likely they will follow you and the better leader you will be.

If you’d like to learn how you can increase your sexual energy and gain these benefits, then take a click here.

By Dr. Lisa Turner


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