Abuse of ‘Spirituality’ – Have you experienced this?

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I hope you are well and safe during lockdown.  I would love to know more about your experiences.


Virtual Lunch with Lisa

Conversations about truths are important to me.  I relish the opportunity to talk about edgy and controversial topics.  Last week I started ‘Lunch with Lisa’ on facebook, so we can talk like the ‘real’ people that we are.  I’ll be running them most weeks, so keep your eye on my Facebook page.

There are a number of themes I’m keen to share my observations on, and I invite you to ask questions and share your observations on topics of interest and intrigue to you.  What comes to mind?

I’m making the point to not ‘conclude’, or make ‘conclusions’ about our observations, to not come to the end of our thinking; I’m suggesting we keep our minds and ideas open, to keep exploring and journeying.  And I hope we can continue to do this together in our community.

On our first lunch, we shared some observations about the use and abuse of spirituality.  For sure there will be more than we talked about during our lunch break, but it was quite an eye opener to see just how easy it is to abuse, or be abused in this context.

Following is an overview of our conversation, and click here if you’d like to watch the recording.

Have you experienced the abuse of Spirituality?

Have you noticed a pressure to be ‘happy all the time’.  You know, the thing about it not being OK to show up with a negative emotion?  My point on this, is that if we can’t show a negative emotion, how can we be who we really are?  How can we be present to what’s real?  And if this is the case, is there an expectation that everything has to be perfect all the time?  Because stuff happens, doesn’t it!  We are in the midst of a global pandemic for starters!  My observation is that it’s a way of judging, either another or ourselves and that at a time when someone is suffering, then this just isn’t helpful.  And I’m calling it out as ‘toxic positivity’; lacking in compassion, spirituality and enlightenment.  How does this land with you?  Have you experienced this too?

It can lead to the abuse of the law of attraction, with the whole ‘you must have manifested this’ thing.  I’ve experienced this on a personal level over and over about being a house prisoner – why did I manifest it?  Ultimately, it’s what happened, and it’s enabled me to be the person that I am, and to do what I do.

Then there’s the ‘I’ve got the gift’, or ‘I don’t have the gift’.  The thing about being ‘special’.  And people calling themselves ‘shamans’.  It’s a term that is never claimed but bestowed.  If you claim it, you lose it, as you’ve stepped into ego and it becomes about the title and not what you do.  We can all learn and develop our behaviour and outcomes.  Our  Spiritual Practitioner training is evidence of this.  It’s down to the skills and training – not ‘the gift’.

Anyone ever asked you if you’re being ‘triggered’?   It goes like this; someone is behaving in a way that upsets you, you ask them to stop and the response you get is ‘are you being triggered’?  How does it make you feel? Being ‘triggered’ has specific meaning in therapeutic communities.  You know you have a trigger, if you have a memory from the past, which as you think about now, in the present, triggers a negative emotion.  Minor events in the present, can also trigger that emotional memory.  It’s OK, and actually important, to be able to experience a negative emotion about something that’s happening in the present – it’s there to tell us we need to take action!  Are you with me on how this happens, when it feels uncomfortable?  How do you respond?  Are you happy with your behaviour, and the outcome?  Are you able to tell someone that their behaviour is not OK?  Are you able to see the situation for what it is and make your choice in how you respond?


Are you ready to learn more and advance yourself personally and/or professionally?

Our Spiritual Practitioner training, at its core, is about behaviour and communication; being conscious and aware of our actions and outcomes.

We are now taking applications for a limited number of places.  We keep our group sizes small for the benefit of the learning and development of our students, who are supported by Tutors who are graduates of the programme and trained by me.

If you have questions you can book a Discovery Call to find out if this training will meet your needs by emailing support@psycademy.co.uk and we will set up a call.

I hope to hear from you, and continue these progressive conversations and observations.

In the meantime, stay curious and above all stay safe.

Love, Lisa

P.S.  Please post your thoughts on this in the comments below, as well as questions you would like to ask.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


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