How important is it for you to activate your profit chakras? It’s important enough to determine if your spiritual/holistic business will be a success or a failure.

As a spiritual/holistic therapist, coach or practitioner, you might wonder where your clients are and how you can create a profit. You have a gift and a huge planet-changing vision – it’s big and it’s beautiful, so why isn’t it all coming together for you?

You may need to do more training, or you might not have a business plan or marketing skills, or you’re lacking the right mindset when it comes to money. You’re often concerned that you’ll be considered greedy for charging what you’re worth. After all, you chose your profession to help and to heal others, not to make money.


Seven Chakras / Seven Reasons

There are seven reasons you will succeed, or fail, in your spiritual/holistic business – and those seven reasons are connected to the seven chakras. When one or more of those chakras are blocked, you’re not able to bring your vision to reality.

I’ve found that there’s a pattern for practitioners who are super successful and another for those who are not. and it all comes down to seven reasons. Those seven reasons are all connected to your profit chakras – and all of them can be unblocked.


Where to Start

If you’re committed to having your vision exist in the real world and you want to activate each and every one of your profit chakras, I invite you to join me for some free training on my new Facebook group page ‘Active Your Profit Chakra Preview’.  I’ll share with you the seven stages that everything in the world goes through, along with how to have a healthy experience with sales. So join me if you want to ground that beautiful spiritual vision and create a successful, profitable business.

To hear more about activating your profit chakras and how you can have access to free training, watch this video:

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Love… Lisa

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