Are you being traumatised right now? Take a few minutes to find out…

The world is a very different place; the tide of change we have witnessed in the last year flows from the most intimate of emotional influence to unprecedented global evolution. Our common parlance now includes words such as “pandemic”, “furlough” and “quarantine”, and even the most sequestered of communities now consider the world of beings outside itself.

Pondering on these elements of change and wondering how to ascertain ‘how we are doing’ as individuals has been very present in our Psycademy Team. Are we experiencing trauma? Being in the business of healing and releasing trauma, it was time to take stock.

Knowing that being a Highly evolved being is not to be immune (this would be to veer into dissociative tendencies which could imply a coping strategy and, therefore, trauma). I decided to devise a little thought experiment that we could use to bring into awareness any trauma that we may be experiencing easily. Knowledge is power, and knowing your problem means you can release it! Why wouldn’t you?

Take a minute and follow this process, see what you notice, and share it with people as you wish. We’ve been running it through in our meetings and trainings and have had some really brilliant results in self-awareness and even release through acknowledgement.



The process:

Take a second to become situated in yourself and consider the following: It is a time in the future. There is no lock down; we can be where and with whom we wish; the virus is a non-issue. You are on the tube or in a crowded supermarket, there are no masks, no proximity limits. People are all around you, you are around other people.

Close your eyes and, in your mind, be where you saw the crowd.

What did you notice? How did you feel? What was present for you?




The findings:

What we found is that most people fall into one of a few categories. Those categories, though generalised, yielded some powerful and specific results:

Some recognised a feeling of anxiousness, worry or alertness. Did you used to feel that way about popping to the shops or grabbing a train? Probably not. Others were ecstatic “Thank God! People!” Did you used to need people in that same way? Were you almost desperate for contact? Probably not.

These are just a few of the many reactions. However, the whole range had something in common: They all prove a change in neurology. That we are affected, and if these effects are not working for us, if they are not what we chose for ourselves, then discovering them and releasing them as the trauma they are, gives way to healing, growth and re-strategising with choice and purpose.

Now, that’s what I call empowerment! Would love to have you post your thoughts on this.

Love, Lisa


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