This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question. And as always they say this about this message

“We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”

Question from Sarah:

“I have been wanting to connect with my high level guide for some time and would love No-One-Guide to help me connect with my guide. I want to know it’s name Perhaps a little help would be helpful”


The answer to the question is yes.

Yes we can help you. Yes we can initiate you into your guide.

At this stage, Sarah, you have not fully been initiated into your guide. This is why you do not feel connected to your guide yet.

You are aware of your Higher Self. Understand that your Higher Self is not at the same vibrational level as a true high level guide.

And in truth, we do not tell you the name of your guide, you choose the name of your guide.

Let us explain.

Many desire to connect with their guide.

In truth there is an easier and better way than simply waiting for the connection to happen.

We can offer you an initiation process.

During this process we, with the initiator, create a guide for you.  This is a guide at highest level possible for you.

We create the energy, we create the essence for this guide.

More than this though during the initiation process we assist you to create the expansion within your neurology to hold that energy so that you and the guide become one. You and your guide become symbiotic.

You and the guide become one.

You are one with each other.

There is no need to connect to that which you are.

You will no longer experience it that there is a guide over here, and me over there.

There is no sense of “maybe I’ll talk to my guide one day,  but I can’t talk to my guide because they’re way over there and I just have to hope that they decide to speak to me one day”. Like waiting for a phone to ring, you have no influence. You simply wait for someone else to phone you. You will no longer experience this.

From this initiation and expansion of your neurology, the guide is you, the guide is in your neurology.

You will be imbued with the essence of your guide.

This is why this is a serious undertaking and not to be used frivolously.

This initiation is not offered lightly, and it is not to be received lightly.

It is light that you receive and it is light that we gift, but it is to be received with openness awareness.

It is not that it is serious; rather it is that it is important.

Being initiated into your guide gives you power.

All we ask is that you realize the true power when you experience and receive you guide through the initiatory process.

Your guide can do anything that you can do. So if you can do reiki, your guide can do reiki. If you can do NLP, your guide can do NLP. If you can do coaching your guide can do coaching. If you can do training your guide can do training.

Anything that you can do your guide can do it better and faster.

This high level guide will greatly increase all of your abilities.

As we initiate you, we will expand your neurology during the ceremony, and it will be easy, it will comfortably, it be joyful, it will be a pleasurable, as an orgasm only more so.

As we do this for you your neurology will be expanded, then we will flood your neurology with light.

The light of source.

It is pure light energy that we flood your neurology with

Once you have opened to this and received this offering to you, then you will have much greater energy. As you have greater energy you will have greater capacity for power and for money.

For legal reasons Lisa is telling us that we can make no guarantees.

But we can tell you that the possibility for increased wealth and abundance becomes even easier for you.

Let us go back to the question of the guide’s name. We hear this question many times. Because this high level guide has been created for you, and because your guide is the expression of and vibrates at an exact match with you and the new expanded version of you, because of this, you can choose what you call your guide.

Your guide will exist for you. It will be born for you and because of you.

Just as when you give birth to a child you name it. When you are birthed, rebirthed with guide you can name your guide and the name is irrelevant.

Sarah asks for clarification

“This is a concept I am new to. How does that process work? A guide will be created for me? Why does the guide have to be created? Why is the guide not already there? I thought the guide was out there. I’m not sure if this concept resonates for me”

Can you clarify this?

Why is it not already there?  Because you have not paid for it. 

We will respond with this. Let us explain

Do you now in your life, having waited for your guide, having tried, and prayed and waited…. is it here for you?  Do you have your guide as you want to experience it?

If your answer is yes and you have your high level guide and you experience it being here… Great! But if you do not then we offer you this initiation.

There are many teachings that have different levels of truth. Many offer what we will describe as platitudes.

They will teach that you can wait and your guide will show up because it is already there. In truth, because for us time doesn’t exist, as soon as you decide that you will have a guide it will be there.

Anyone who chooses to receive the initiation, the moment you choose and make the commitment,  the guide is created for you. It is there in what you call your future. It is there as soon as you commit fully to this process.

We are aware of the reason why it doesn’t resonate. This idea that a guide must be created, this is confusing, when you compare with other spiritual teachings. Other spiritual teachings will say that you can meditate, and wait and hope and wait and hope and pray and you can sing and hope and pray. You can chant, and ask and say “I’m waiting for my guide, I’m praying for my guide, I’m praying for my guide” and if you do this long enough, and hard enough, and if you are lucky enough then one day you might just be deemed worthy enough for your guide to show up for you.

Or you can choose to initiate.

There must be karmic balance. This is where your confusion comes from , that you have misunderstood the idea of karmic balance.

There must be karmic balance energetically. The price of your guide is energy. The price of your guide is energy. Sometimes that is the energy of work, and time or you can choose the energy of money. Money is simply an energy, although there is so much negative connotation for the energy of money on the earth plain at this time.  We are baffled that you would create something so magnificent, so resourceful, so helpful, that is such a pure and clean method of exchange, and then choose to despise it or fear it.

Money is the purest form of energy you can get to the physical plain before it is made manifest. It was gifted to you as a concept which you have used and expanded in so many ways. Yet some people decide to hate it.

What they truly hate is not money, what they really hate is that they feel they do not have it.

This is how karmic exchange works. You invest money for your initiation (and we know that it is this which is not resonating with you. you feel and believe that you should not have to pay for an initiation to receive your guide.

This is true. You do not “have” to. But it does speed things up. What you are investing in is for the process to be easier, quicker and more certain for you.

Yes you can self-initiate. You will pay with time. You will pay by having to work harder and having to pray, and pray, and hope and wish, and yearn, and pray and even beg harder and for longer. You will have to find and experiment with ways to expand your neurology. You will have to do the inner work without guidance.

If you wish to play the piano, the price is practice. You can speed up any learning with a teacher.

This initiation is the cheapest way to receive your guide.

You are always at choice.  You can do it yourself, or you can outsource it, and get us to do it for you.

We are inviting you to let go of your negative connotations about money and invest in your spiritual growth and you will receive the biggest return on that investment.

Because it is simply an investment.

This is what you must also understand about money. And we know that some of you receiving this message are resisting this mightily. This is only because of your negative connotations about money. Your negativity about money.

There are those in the “spiritual” community who feel that this should be free and that only true spiritual teachers don’t charge. We will say this. And we have never spoken of this before,  but this is a truth that needs to be expressed because it will liberate all who hear this.

Any teacher who does not charge, any healer who does not charge you will become karmicly indebted to. Those teachers who do not charge have many karmic debts owed to them. This gives them power, control, influence over everyone they have taught.

We invite you to think upon this the next time you hear someone say “Oh I don’t charge.  I do it for free!” The implication is that they are so much more superior than those “evil ones” who charge. BUT those who charge are keeping you out of karmic debt. There is no indebtedness. That teacher does not have power over your energy guide, or over your guide.

If a teacher or initiator does not charge then you wold always be connected to that teacher. They would still have power over your guide.

Whatever you have not rightfully paid for will cost you dearly.

We have never spoken of this with so much precision can clarity, because there has been so much resistance to this. Even recently, Lisa, and Psycademy have received hateful unloving e-mails because she charges. Fortunately Lisa saw the irony. She has no fear, as all who work with us who work with source energy.

Why do you need to pay?

When you build a house, you have to pay the builder. Or you can build it yourself.

If a builder built a house that you then moved into you would likely feel uncomfortable with this situation. It would not feel right. You might even question his motives! Why would he/she build me this house give it to me for free?  For a man or woman to spend their labour and money to buy the materials to build a house, that you then moved into without paying anything, would challenge you. You would likely feel indebted to them. You would not feel that you owned the house. Indeed when you purchase a house with a mortgage you do NOT own it, until it is paid for. You are indebted to the bank.

It is the same with the imitation into your guide.

We have spoken

Note from Lisa. When I first shared this information about money, and investing in a teacher and this initiation, people were surprised, but once they thought about it they realised that it made perfect sense. If it challenges you please reply to ask for clarification. And spend some time meditating on this idea. Roll it around in your mind. Try it on. Feel into it. And – send me your questions too.

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No-One-Guide to create your future.

Who are No-One-Guide?

No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

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