“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”  I’m guessing this is something we’ve all heard? Does this mean attacking the attackers? What does it mean to you?

This is what the dictionary says : “Used to refer to the belief that retaliation in kind is the appropriate way to deal with an offence or crime.”

This is what the bible says in Leviticus : “And a man who injures his countryman – as he has done, so it shall be done to him [namely,] fracture under/for fracture, eye under/for eye, tooth under/for tooth. Just as another person has received injury from him, so it will be given to him.” (Lev. 24:19–21)”.

Thinking on this concept

During an Initiation call with students, we developed thinking on this concept and asked ourselves a number of questions to help us take actionAnd the questions focussed not so much on ‘what it has meant’ but on what we can make it mean. And when we are considering whether or not to take action : How we can decide ‘what is mine to do?’

It was predicted that within an hour of the Euro 2020 final, domestic violence would rise by 40% in the UK. We watched racist attacks across the news and social media. We imagine what happened behind closed doors while violence exploded. Is it difficult or traumatic just to think about this, to put yourself in the shoes of a child experiencing and witnessing violence?

If ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ could mean the same is inflicted on the perpetrator, it leads to more anger, more violence. Atttacking the attackers. Making mankind’s greatest predator our own self.

We can evidence being our own greatest predator by the fact that we are destroying the environment we live in. We will kill all of us with our actions. Whether we are taking action as individuals to save our planet or not, all of these decisions come from the mind. The action to fight someone after a football match comes from the mind.

Our Conscious Mind

We watch birds migrate and hedgehogs hibernate; taking action by instinct. There is no judgement. There is no conscious mind. As humans we have developed our conscious mind, as we have evolved. And we can’t go back!

Yesterday my husband witnessed a violent attack in the street. It was an unprovoked attack on an old man driving a disability scooter. The alarm was raised and a young man ran out of a shop and stopped the attack by knocking out the attacker.

The young man’s actions stopped this incident. But what next? Has it stopped the attacker making further attacks? Or has it fuelled the attacker’s rage? Did he go further down the street and attack another, go home and attack behind closed doors?

The real questions are :

  • Where did his rage came from?
  • Why did the attacker attack?
  • Why was he acting this way?

Past trauma affects future behavior

Trauma from the past can show up in our actions in the present. The beliefs formed and held in our unconscious mind trigger our behaviour.

If the attacker in the street, or the disappointed football fan is holding trauma from the past, isn’t it going to be more effective to release the trauma, rather than ‘taking an eye for an eye’ and perpetrating ‘further injury’?

At what point does ‘an eye for an eye’ reach its peak, or its tipping point?

At what point do the sayings and teachings from the past get challenged, and ‘untaught’. How do we move forward with what’s relevant now?

And why on earth would we consider further violence, when we can release trauma? And release it easily.

If the attacker in the street could release his trauma, he could live out another aspect of his personality; he could make different choices.

Isn’t this a tipping point to a better future?

I have never been much of a football fan, but I’m a big fan of conscious leadership and how it ripples out. Gareth Southgate is therefore of great interest to me. He leads his team to work their mindset, meditate and make decisions through kindness and decency. Gareth Southgate is doing the ‘unteaching’. He is the proof that football management doesn’t need to be A-type and shouty. There is no resistance to love to within his team and amongst his team. He didn’t put pressure on his team through the limiting belief that there ‘was’ pressure. Gareth Southgate’s conscious decision making shows up without judgement or blame, his team take action for greater causes; they are making the change they want to see. Your thoughts?

Here’s my invitation

We are big fans of journaling. If it’s new to you, check out our Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way. There are many ways and adaptations to practice, but this is my preference.

I invite you to journal on :

  • What is the change you want to see in the world?
  • How would you love the world to be in a way that’s different to now?

Take it from the point of you as an individual, or your big life and cause – whatever works for you.

It would be great to hear your thinking and results by posting in our Facebook Group, or by writing to this email address: support@psycademy.co.uk.

Here’s my gift

At Psycademy, the work we do with our students and clients is about making the change we want to see in ourselves and in our lives, the micro and the macro. We release trauma for clients and teach our students how to activate the release through our Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) programme.

We hold the belief that when we live consciously we raise the level of consciousness. And if you are interested in releasing your trauma, I would love to gift you our free course Conscious Emotional Transformation. All I ask is that you gift it forwards, please.

I consciously wish you well with the invitation to journal, and being co-creative in our collective conscious as we evolve.

With love,


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