Balancing Your Spiritual And Material Selves

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It seems as if almost everyone is spiritual these days. And I can’t help noticing that there’s a lot of telling others how spiritual they are. You could be forgiven for thinking that being spiritual these days is all about how much, how often and how loudly you tell others about your spirituality.

Have you ever met someone who makes a point of telling you they are spiritual? Perhaps they were wearing purple, vegetarian sandals and telling you that the microwaves from phones cook your brains. They’ll often tell you about the amazing spiritual experiences they’ve had or how they like to meditate and can’t stand loud noise. They may even tell you about how often they ask their angels for help and advice.

And if you’re the sort of person who finds all this a bit much, and gets put off by this great “show and tell” of spirituality, you’re certainly not alone.

On the other hand, although being spiritual is much more acceptable than ever before, there are a lot of diehard sceptics (cynics) out there who love to ridicule those who claim to be spiritual. These sceptics will be equally adamant that spirituality is illogical or unscientific.

Being spiritual isn’t about what you say, or wear, or do.

It’s not even about what you choose to believe. Being spiritual is just that. It’s about who you’re BEING, not what you DO.

Being spiritual is how connected you feel to source, whatever that “source” is for you. It might be simply your source of inspiration and intuition, or you might call it God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Great Mystery or something else entirely. What you call it doesn’t matter. Being spiritual isn’t about how you behave overtly. It’s about what you experience in the comfort and privacy of your own mind. And most of all…

It’s about how you show up in the world.

There’s a saying in Huna: “effectiveness is the measure of truth”. What this essentially says is that how effective you are at solving, avoiding or overcoming challenges, how much difference you make in the world is the measure of how true you are being to your spiritual principles. In essence, it’s how grounded you are.

Notice how different this is to how many new-age spiritual people show up. They are often broke, frustrated, and not living the life they choose. Even if they tell you how “at peace” they are, it’s easy to sense an undercurrent of unhappiness and even bitterness and resentment.

So how can you truly find your spiritual balance? How can you be true to your spiritual beliefs whilst staying grounded and effective? Well let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts…

First here’s how NOT to be spiritual

  1. Tell everyone how spiritual you are, always, loudly and often. Make sure that you have a subtle sense of superiority, and pity for those who haven’t yet seen the light. Spend more time talking about your amazing meditation experiences than you ever do on actually meditating.
  2. Insist on eating a really unusual diet. But then get caught eating a bacon sandwich when it suits you.
  3. Wear weird clothes, so you stand out. But make sure they are the exact same weird clothes that all other spiritual people wear.
  4. Be broke. And also slightly superior and proud for how little you earn.
  5. Say “spirit told me” when you want to do something or to avoid doing something you don’t want to, even if it causes others problems. Make sure you emanate a sense of victimhood in the process, as if there’s nothing you can do about it and that you have no choice but to follow the will of your spirit guides.
  6. Spontaneously give uninvited “psychic messages” to anyone you happen to be in the vicinity of. To be extra spiritual you can make sure that you do this loudly in public where you can attract a lot of attention.

I’m sure you recognised at least a few of those! And I expect that some of this behaviour has put you off the whole idea of sharing your spiritual beliefs or joining spiritual communities.

So how DO you find your spiritual balance?  How can you be both spiritual and grounded?

  1. Understand that spirit and matter are just opposite ends of the same polarity, just as hot and cold are both different ends of the temperature spectrum. You can, and are, being spiritual, when you’re being grounded, practical and pragmatic.
  2. Meditate daily. Meditation, or any time you spend in quiet reflection, allows you to open up to your inner guidance, your Inner Tuition which is, of course, your intuition.
  3. Take care of the physical. This includes money, possessions and your physical body. It is completely possible to be spiritual AND rich. They are not exclusive or incompatible. On the contrary as a spiritual person you can make much more of a difference if you are successful, and your success enables you to help even more people.
  4. Speak about your spirituality in ways that are appropriate and only if necessary. Be selective about what you share and with whom. It’s completely possible to BE spiritual and not ever need to mention it to anyone.
  5. Honour your intuition to find the route to success and overcome any problems. Einstein used visualisation to craft his general and special theories of relativity. The scientist who discovered the chemical structure of benzene saw it in a dream. Your dreams and daydreams are important and will lead you to solutions.
  6. Take action. A spiritual person knows that spirituality gives you the inspiration, but there’s always a bit of perspiration required to make changes in the physical world. After all, you can’t meditate a brick to lay itself. Use your spirituality to avoid and overcome problems and challenges, and a deep connection to source will be very magnetic and inspirational for others, so it becomes easy to gather a group of supporters around you.


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