I must confess to feeling a little nervous about this post. My hand is wavering over the “publish” button. Why? Well read on and you will see.

Lisa close upI’m sharing some of my personal story of my own recovery of abuse. I feel it is now time to do so. To show and share with you my journey home to myself in the hope that it will help others to move forward and clear the trauma in their lives and their Karma (if you are into that term).

So here goes.

Something that I haven’t shared with many people is that when I was 13 years old, I got involved with a man who was 14 years older than me and happened to be my music teacher. He groomed me and my parents so that I was allowed, even encouraged, to spend increasing amounts of time alone with him.

The relationship eventually became one that might have looked like a conventional partnership, except that I was a child and completely under his control.

The journey took me away from my home country Australia to live with him in London at the age of 15. I was living the life of a middle aged woman with all the responsibilities that entailed. The relationship was one of complete control and isolation. The abuse caused emotional and physical pain that became unbearable so, in the end, in order to survive, I left my body. I moved out into the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is that part of you that is pure spirit, it is also called your Guardian Angel. And for me that’s exactly what it was. During the worst experiences, I visited my Guardian Angel by moving my consciousness into my Higher Self.

Now this might sound like a great place to be, and it was at the time but the long term effects are devastating on a person’s life.

I became intensely psychic. The burden of being aware of every emotion on the planet whilst utterly ill equipped and incapable of handling them was more than I could bear. I saw right through the illusion, to the truth of the world and life but with no skills to handle this devastating truth, I had no option but to shut down. I shut everything down. I completely turned everything off including my awareness of my Guardian Angel.

Part of me was living in the Higher Self but I could not access it. I became only my conscious mind.  

I could barely function in the world. I struggled to achieve anything or even just cope with life, but could only do this with brute strength and the force of my will. The trauma in my unconscious mind would not allow me to access the jewels and resources that lay there. I had shut off my intuition, my emotions and many physical experiences.

Almost every interaction became an emotional minefield, so I shut down more and more of myself, moving into the higher self, but with no awareness. I was a (half) dead man walking, but didn’t even know it. My Guardian Angel was just that, guarding the parts of me that were too painful to access. Once I had the skills and tools to release the pain, then not only could I return home to my body, but my Guardian Angel could come back too. It did this when I was hit by a car.

When I returned, and had cleared my karma, I was able to live a happy, normal and successful life. Well not entirely normal. My high level psychic abilities switched on again and with my neurology completely able to handle the energy of my higher self residing in the body, I could fully use and embody the skill. 

The most empowering step forward for me was when I completely owned my role in co-creating my drama. Recognising this and taking responsibility enabled me to take control of my life and create a future that I choose.

The reason I haven’t shared this before is because I don’t define myself by my past story. 

I do NOT label myself as a victim of abuse.

I am me.

I am home.

Your Guardian Angel cannot exist where there is trauma or pain so if you are holding trauma it will push your angel out. BUT (and it’s a big but) when you know how to ask and connect with your angel, it can release that trauma. This is how Higher Self Therapy works.

How do you connect with your Angel? You learn to access and work with your unconscious mind.  I took many steps on my journey to recovery but the biggest and most significant was being able to access my unconscious mind and release the emotions there.

When the emotion and trauma are released from the unconscious mind not only are you able to “come home to your body and being” but also your Guardian Angel and move in too!

If you want to learn to come home and move into your true self contact me to find out how I can help you to do this.
Here is what one woman said about her journey to awaking and recovery:

“I always wanted and believed I could find an easy way to clear beliefs.  Finding them is the hard bit. But I wanted more, I wanted something that was easier and simpler and so I kept on looking believing I would find it.  For the last few months I have been balancing my beliefs like a juggler.  I didn’t feel that was right for me and when I went to see Lisa we did higher self therapy which is a bit like time line therapy.

I have had all these beliefs floating around about myself, “I am powerless” “I am a bad person” and so on.  When she got to the bottom of it my main core belief was “I AM NOTHING”.  After I saw Lisa I feel very connected and calm.  Along with clearing away lots of past life Karma I have this knowingness that I don’t need to juggle my beliefs anymore.  I don’t even think about me being nothing.  I just think ok that’s the past I was all those things, now “I AM EVERYTHING” and with a whole lot of opportunity in front of me.”

Sarah Strudwick

If this post has brought up any issues for you, then contact me – freeing minds from past and past life trauma is what I specialise in. If you are ready to rewrite your story call me on   0845 468 1501  .