Spiritual Guide To Riches

[Kindle Edition]

spirit-guide-riches-bookSpiritual Guide To Riches: How to be spiritual and generate wealth using powerful and long hidden, secret spiritual principles.

Is your money stuck on the astral plane instead of in your wallet? Have you every pondered why spiritual people always seem to have problems with money? Are you beginning to question the premise that spirituality and money are completely incompatible? Have you ever wondered why the world’s wealth is in the hands of those who misuse or even abuse the power that it brings?

Well I did too. And I did some research and found some astonishing things about wealth, power, and spiritual power. Which I’m delighted to share with you now in this book dedicated to spirituality and wealth.

The more you read this book, the more you’ll want to know it too.

Imagine tapping into the following:

Discover the number one biggest mistake that spiritual people make when it comes to mastering their wealth and how to avoid this. Hint this is what keeps your money stuck on the astral plane and out of your wallet!

Understand the importance of experiencing true financial abundance whilst staying true to your spiritual beliefs.

The lie that spiritual people have been told about money and how this has been used to keep you broke and powerless. Break through this and you can step into spiritual and financial empowerment for yourself and others.

Why NOW is the time for spiritual people to step into their power, and why if you keep yourself poor you are doing a disservice to your tribe.

Uncover the surprising hidden link between money, and spiritual power.

The truth about why other spiritual people actually want you to stay poor, and how to rise above that in a way that empowers those people and yourself.

Master the art of the seven steps to achieving any outcome you desire. Most people miss at least 3 or 4 of these steps which is why the never achieve their goals.

That’s exactly why you’ll want to get reading right away!

I really hope you enjoy this book and would love to hear about the successes you achieve as a result of reading it. So go ahead and dive in now, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you as you progress through the chapters.

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