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Cycle of Evolution

How to identify individuals and entities preventing the Evolution of the Species

How to identify individuals and entities preventing the Evolution of the SpeciesRecently you’ve probably heard me talk about the evolution of the human species. We are on the verge of a spiritual evolution and awakening. You could even call this a spiritual revolution.

At this time we are supremely technologically advanced to the extent where we could destroy ourselves and make the Earth uninhabitable. Or we could use our abilities to create a world filled with abundance, peace, joy and love for all.

We are at this tipping point.

But which way will we tip?

Will we tip towards evolution and awakening or devolution and devastation?

We are all being called to awaken. And by awaken I really mean, to remember that we are already awake.

Spiritual evolution is all about remembering that we are source, that we are an aspect of God. Every individual, every sentient being on the planet is an aspect of the divine expressing its self in the physical plane.

You might want to read that last sentence again as it’s really rather significant and important at this critical time.

Also at this time there are individuals and energies that would prefer to stay asleep!

The individuals and beings who prefer for us to stay asleep are asleep themselves.

Let me explain. When you are (or were) asleep you felt disconnected. You feel fear. You feel separate and powerless.

When you awaken you remember that you are connected to all. You are connected to source to god and you are connected to every being on the planet

But those who are asleep experience themselves as being disconnected from source. They experience themselves as being separate from other people, their brothers and sisters on the planet. They literally, live in fear. They fear everything and everyone.

They are unlikely to be aware of this consciously.

They don’t even realise that this is not the norm. they have become so conditioned to living in fear that they believe this is normal and even the “right way to be”.

This is the current state of belief of many people on the planet at this time.

Because those who feel separate live in fear they project this fear on to others. They literally fear their brothers and sisters on the planet. They literally fear other humans. They can only do this because they perceive themselves to be separate from others.

We are in the situation where we have a significant proportion of the population who feel separate,  believe in the reality of separation and are in fear and who fear other people. They also fear the power of other humans.

Those who believe they are separate fear the power of the awakened.

Those who are un-evolved fear the power of the evolved.

You might want to read that again too

When any individual awakens and remembers they are source, they instantly have access to the infinite love, energy, and power of source

Those who are un-evolved will fear the evolved and will attempt to prevent others from evolving. Rather than evolve themselves they will prefer to keep others asleep!

So the question is how can we support those who are not only asleep but who choose to stay asleep?

The other question is how can we support those who wish to awaken (including ourselves) from being seduced into staying asleep?

Recognising those who are asleep and you choose to stay asleep is critical to your own evolution and awaking. Those who are asleep and who choose to stay asleep will attempt to instil fear in you, thus causing you to return to slumber.

Here are some of the signs that someone is choosing to stay asleep and is attempting to put you back to sleep. These signs apply to both people, and entities that they might channel.

1.     The Brainwashed and heavily programmed mind

This may look like spirituality, but it’s really not. Because they are asleep they have never had the experience of spiritual connection so everything they know about spiritual connection comes from the teaching of others.

This person has a deeply indoctrinated mind, which may be from a conventional religion. However it is increasingly common that this indoctrination comes from “new age” belief systems.

These new age belief systems are extremely judgemental and rigid. They are “rule based”

These fixed belief systems consist of firm and unchanging rules. They are frequently judgemental, but they use their spiritual beliefs to judge others negatively. Ironically, often, whilst telling others not to judge!

They will talk of fear and threats. They will tell you that there are things you must be afraid of, and protect yourself from.

Of course, when you are connected to source there is nothing to fear. So the true answer is to evolve and awaken to your connection.

2.     Threats and punishment unless you do as they say

Have you ever met a spiritual guru who tells you they are channelling an angel or  an enlightened or being but the messages are threatening?

The most obvious one of these was one of my ex students (we had to remove her from the course as she became so disruptive).

She claimed to be channelling the archangel Gabriel. The message was that I should let her attend my course (for free), that I should marvel at her /Gabriel. I should let her teach my students. That if I did not bow, and marvel, worship and praise her that we would all go blind, broke, be punished, burn in hell. Thinking back a lot to the requests were actually really vague. We were all just supposed to do whatever this woman told us to because she was channelling this all powerful mighty being!

A true angel would never threaten anyone. They have no need to. A true angel and awakened guide would never need to punish anyone either. Nor would they need to be worshiped.

God knows God is infinite, so God needs no praise. It’s the insecure individual who needs their ego stroked.

It makes no sense if think about it!

If we are all one, and every individual on the planet is an aspect of the divine why on earth would the divine wish to punish itself!

If we are an aspect of God, why would God want to punish or threaten itself!

Well God wouldn’t.

So if you meet a person or an entity who threatens to punish you if you don’t  do something, worship or praise them, just say “No thanks!”  and let them get on with it.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to protect yourself against these kinds of entities, or people, just be aware of their motives, which are to keep you asleep and under their influence, and stay away from them.

3.     They have hang ups about the physical reality particularly around money

They frequently have money challenges and often believe money is evil. They reject the physical reality and they judge materialism is being all bad all the time.

Again this makes no sense.

The physical reality has been created by god. So why would God create something bad or evil?

Let’s look at the motives behind this thinking.

Doesn’t it seem likely that those who HAVE money, but believe in scarcity and lack would want to hang on to their money. And that the best way of doing so, would be to tell others that it’s virtuous to be poor and they should give all their money to them.

Then what they did is they even caused this belief to permeate down to the poor, so they don’t even need to teach this anymore. The poor are teaching this to each other, telling each other to stay poor.

It’s actually genius, if it weren’t so disempowering and destructive.

When you evolve you know that money is just energy and it’s here to support you and can be used for good. So it’s actually better for money to be in the hands of an evolved or awakened person.

4.     “They’re out to get you”

The un-evolved will often tell you that someone or something is out to get us.

“It’s bigger than you, it has more power than you, and you have no power over it, no influence but you need to be afraid, very afraid.”

Sound familiar?

It might be big Pharma, big corporations, the Government, the illuminati, the rich, the poor, another country, NASA, scientists…

Whatever it is, there’s something that’s out to get us. They’re  poisoning the atmosphere, or beaming radiation into our minds to control us, it’s poisoning our food, the water, our minds or generally being very, very naughty!

But think about it…

If you’re awake and you know that you are an aspect of the divine how could anything harm you?

When you have evolved to the awareness that you are an aspect of the divine you know that there is nothing to fear. You may have preferences to certain things and you might desire some outcomes over others but you fundamentally know and believe that you are safe because you are a child and an aspect of God.

If you buy into the fear you stay asleep. So awaken to the truth that you are source! Whootle!

Worship me!

“Worship me. For I am the mighty and powerful Oz and you must marvel at me”

Sorry I mean “Archangel Oz”

If you meet someone who is channelling a being who demands to be worshiped, and told how super-duper they are all the time, this is a sign that they aren’t quite as evolved as they say they are!

Why would God, who knows she is God need a human to boost her self-esteem by telling her how lovely she looks in that dress! It really is the same as that deeply insecure person hunting for compliments to boost their self-esteem.

God needs no compliments. God only needs you to be you!

“I’m already awake”

Have you ever met someone who keeps telling you how awake and enlightened they are? They tell you they are already evolved and awake and that there is no more evolution to be done. They’ve reached the top, the pinnacle and there’s no more awakening to do. They’re DONE!

They often use a onetime spiritual experience as proof of this. “I once spoke to an angel you know!”

Evolution is a constant process. Awakening isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process.

Evolution is like going to the gym. We go do the gym regularly because we know that if we stop the results will reverse. We to the gym you get fit and we keep going to the gym to stay fit.

It’s the same with evolution. We do our spiritual practice to evolve, and we keep doing them to keep evolving. We continue to learn and grow and evolve so that we can stay awake and so that we can awaken even more.

And a onetime spiritual experience is not the sign that you’re done, it’s the sign that we’ve started! How exciting is THAT!

Those are just a few signs of the un-evolved and who may try to prevent others from evolving and awakening. Remember there’s nothing to fear. Just remember that you are source, you are an aspect of the divine. Reconnect and remember

All God ever asks of you is to remember you and source are one.

By awakening yourself, you will awaken others.

By awakening others you will also stay awake yourself

To your spiritual success

With love


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Are you a Lightworker? How To Manage Each Stage Of Lightworker Evolution.

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In this article you’re going to discover the unique challenges of each stage and how to manage these challenges so you can easily and smoothly keep evolving into a Lightworker.

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Are you a Lightworker? Cycles of Evolution

Do you feel different? As if you don’t quite fit in? Have you had times in your life when you’ve wanted to change but something has held you back? Does your current (or old) life no longer fit your current vision or beliefs?

Well don’t worry, these are all sure signs that you’re an evolving (or evolved) Lightworker.

Can anyone be a Lightworker? And how do you evolve into a Lightworker? Yes and it’s simple, you move through the cycles of evolution, and you just keep moving.

There’s a saying that the only constant is change. The universe is always in motion and always growing. In nature, business, life and almost everywhere change happens in distinct and predictable cycles, yet when it comes to our own personal development people seem to strive for a status quo, a “balance” and it’s this desire for balance that can actually unbalance us. Continue reading

Cycle of Evolution

The only constant is change. The universe is always in motion and always growing, ever since the big bang the only constant is change.

In nature, business, life and almost everywhere change happens in distinct and predictable cycles, yet when it comes to our own personal development people seem to strive for a status quo, a “balance” and it’s this desire for balance that actually unbalances us.

Throughout our lives we constantly change and transform. You are not the same person you were when you were a baby or a child or a teenager or a few years ago, or even last week.

Every experience you have leaves its mark on your mind and neurology. So the question isn’t “can we change?” the question then becomes “How do we change into who we want to become, rather than randomly stumbling from one state to the next?”

Cycle of EvolutionTransformation is easy when you know how it happens. It is a cycle with distinct stages.

Each stage has its own challenges and telltale signs.  When you know where you are in the cycle and what’s coming next transformation becomes easy, predictable and even fun.

1. Status Quo

There are times in your life when everything seems to be going smoothly. At this stage things will likely feel stable. You have a definite model of how you think the world should be and when things don’t fit your model or beliefs, you simply reject them. Or maybe things are running so smoothly that life’s just a a bit, well, boring! You are triggered to begin an awakening.

2. Awakening

You start to notice small signs, subtle and not so subtle signals, that things just don’t seem to fit in the boxes anymore. What you were previously happy with, no longer satisfies you. You may have vivid dreams, notice unusual patterns or strange coincidences. And you begin to ask questions, which moves you to become a seeker.

3. Seeker

As a seeker you have questions and you want answers. You actively start to seek out the answers. You might be drawn to go on courses, read books or even get coaching. You desire to move, but don’t yet know where. At some point all this seeking leads to the knowledge of exactly what you need or want to do. All you need to do is to do it. Sadly due to fear of change many people resist this and try to go back, which triggers chaos.

4. Chaos

This stage can be highly emotional, challenging and confusing. You just don’t know what to do. You may seem to have one foot in the past and one in the future. It can feel very uncomfortable and you may even have problems in areas such as relationships, finances, work and family. At some point you make a firm decision to take action, or get the help you need. When this happens things start to clear up for you and you get a vision of how you want your life to be.

5. Visionary

Once you have made a decision to move forward all the pieces start to come together. Finally with a clear vision of where you’re going all the steps become easy, the pieces start to fall into place and the way seems to become clear. Now you know where you’re going and what you want to do. As soon as you start to take action you become a pioneer.

6. Pioneer

A pioneer is anyone who is breaking new ground, even if it’s you breaking new ground in your own life. In this stage others around you might wonder what’s going on. They may try to encourage you to go back, so you need determination (or you’ll end right back in chaos again). Like all pioneers it can take a bit of courage and inner resolve. With inner faith that you are on the right path you can follow your vision through to completion.

7. Completion

This is the end of this cycle. You’ve done it. You’ve made it. Things are working. You succeeded. You’re happy with your life. Having made the change and evolved you become an inspiration to others.

But remember, completion is the same as stage 1 Status Quo, but at a higher level, so you’ll only be here until you’re ready to evolve again. Our whole lives are spent going round and round this cycle, becoming more and more evolved each time.

How to manage each stage?

1. Status Quo (and Completion)

Enjoy where you are, but don’t delude yourself that you’re “done”. When you least expect it you can be triggered into your next cycle of transformation. Many people seek balance, harmony and to strive to maintain the status quo, but this is a mistake.

2. Awakening

Pay attention to the signs that you’re ready for the next journey round the cycle. Each cycle might be in a different area of your life so if you have recently experienced a massive transformation in your relationship, perhaps it will be career next.

3. Seeker

Be open minded but not too gullible. Ask questions and use discernment with the answers. Be willing to change. Many people get tipped into chaos because they know what to do but fail to act on that knowing. Don’t become a workshop junkie looking for the next thing that will make everything perfect whilst failing to act and make changes.

4. Chaos

This can be the most challenging for people. The important thing here is to be willing to get help and support if you need it. There’s no shame in seeking out a coach or therapist to support you through this stage of the cycle.

5. Visionary

Once you get the vision, don’t be afraid to put it into action. Dream the dream then take action to make it a reality. You can’t meditate or affirm a building into existence, at some point someone has to move some bricks.

6. Pioneer

Now you’re going for it and taking action, don’t let the Nay-Sayers put you off or cause you to shrink back. As a pioneer you’re breaking new ground so people will raise their eyebrows and look surprised. That’s your cue to smile, knowing that you’re the one with the courage to break new ground, even if it’s only in your own life.

Knowing which stage you’re at in the cycle means you can handle it and you know what’s coming up next. For a free 3 minute test to discover where you are in your current cycle of evolution go to

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