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Spirituality and money. Is it Ok to charge?

In this video I answer one of the most challenging issues for spiritual people.

“Is it OK to charge for spiritual services?”

Be prepared for a bit of a rant, some surprising conclusions and get ready to have your worldview challenged!

How can it be in my mind if it is FACT!!

This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question. And as always they say this about this message

“We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”

This question came in response to a previous message about conspiracy theories. It was a rather controversial answer from No-One-Guide. They’re like that! They tell us what we need to know, which isn’t always what we want to hear! Honestly – you try living with them! Actually it’s wonderful, if a little challenging at times.

I know this question is quite a common one, so I and No-One-Guide were happy to answer it!

Here’s the link to the original question first.


Let’s hypothesize for a moment if you will….how about if there is someone who has physically and factually caught people attempting to create the scenarios you are making claim ONLY EXIST IN ONES MIND? So to not be one of paranoia they create a paper trail of documented medical evidence plus other forensic evidence over a 2yr period to back their claims of events physically taking place in their life that has hurt and affected them. How can NO-ONE-GUIDE explain the facts they have to present if they feel it is necessary to defend their life and stop their suffering?


Your question is a good one and a common one.

What you are really asking is – “how can it be in my mind when it is real, when it is a fact?”

This is due to a misunderstanding of the difference between mind and matter.

Let us explain.

We are not suggesting for a moment that what you perceive in the physical reality is in your mind.

What is real is real

What you call a “fact” is real. It really exists in the real physical reality. It is “real”.

However, what you have not yet understood HOW this fact came into existence.

All that is real, all that is a fact, was originally conceived in the mind.

It may have been conceived in your mind or it may have been conceived in the collective unconscious mind which you have now tuned into.

Thus a thought becomes a collection of thoughts, becomes a belief.

It is spoken about. Others hear it, and choose to believe it. They act on this thought as if it is real

And thus, eventually, this thought becomes “real” it becomes a “fact”.

Thus thoughts become things. Thoughts become facts.

We are not suggesting for a moment that you disregard or ignore facts or that this has been manifested into the physical reality and been made real.

What we are encouraging you to understand is this.

That which is a fact was created in the mind.

And understand this. Because all facts originate in the in the mind then an alternative or new future reality can also be created, starting with the mind.

Change happens when one individual starts to imagine a new reality, one where the current facts are replaced by that which you desire. If that one individual starts to think and believe that something else is possible, and if they start to share that belief, and if others start to believe in this possibility, and to speak it, and then to act on it. Then (and this is where the fun starts) YOU CAN CHANGE REALITY! YOU CAN CHANGE FACTS.

For example, it was once true that people died of diseases that can now be cured. It started with one person who refused to believe that some diseases could not be cured. This thought led them to take inspired action and now cures for diseases that were once thought incurable are now commonplace.


If groups of individuals continue to cry “it’s a fact!” “It’s real!” “It’s really happening and it cannot be changed!”

These thoughts and words will force this reality into being. These facts will become even more locked in.

What we are inviting you and encouraging you to do is to recognise that you have the power.

You have control.

You! Yes you! This one seemingly insignificant individual has all the power.

What you can do is refuse to believe that these facts are immutable and unchangeable. Not deny what has come into existence but to believe and know that it can be changed.

You can refuse to believe that you are powerless.

The more you rage against the physical facts the more they are locked into reality.

Instead start to think about and believe in that which you do desire. Recognise that no matter what the circumstances and situations appear to be you can rise above them. You can even become immune to them. AND you can change them.

It is this power that we wish you to take back.

We know as we write this and as you read this that there will be those penning messages of disbelief to Lisa. There will be those who will be so determined to believe that they are victims and powerless that they will refuse to accept the power that is being returned to them. It is the power that you always had. It is the power that was taken from you.

We implore you to realise that it is your time to return and restore yourself, to power.

These conspiracy theories that so many choose to believe in are fundamentally disempowering.

This is not to say that in your current reality that it is not real or that the bastions of power are not disempowering for many.

Yes, there are those mainstays of power who will seek to disempower. There are organisations and institutions that have power and are abusing it.

Yes this has been made manifest.

Yes this has been created in your present physical reality.

But we invite you to realise that this came into being because many chose to believe that those organisations COULD do this.

What we invite you to realise is that by speaking it into existence more and more, by crying “I am powerless!” that this perpetuates this reality.

What we are inviting you to do is to start first with your thoughts, then with your words and actions to create a new reality. Create a reality where each individual has the power to control their own life.

To master their own material existence.

To live a life of dignity and love.

And for as long as those who perpetuate this belief in powerlessness and who speak it into reality and who contaminate others with this virus of powerlessness it will be so. Thus powerlessness will prevail. Disempowerment of the masses will prevail.

We are encouraging you to become immune to this virus of disempowerment.

What we are encouraging you to do is to spread the virus of power.

Spread the “virus” of empowerment.

By recognising that you are powerful, and refusing to collude with any beliefs of disempowerment, you will restore and maintain your power.

Change your reality by taking back your power.

Change that which you perceive as a fact by changing your beliefs, changing your thoughts, changing your words, and changing your actions.

We are not suggesting that this will take place instantaneously. But you can, in this instant, right now,  start to reverse the process so that you take back your power and your facts will change.

We have spoken

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No-One-Guide to create your future.

Who are No-One-Guide?

No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

Have you got a question for No-One-Guide?

I hope you enjoyed this answer from No-One-Guide.  I’d love to know what you thought, so do e-mail to let me know, or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

What would you ask?

If you have a question for Lisa or No-One-Guide hit reply and let us know. I might ask No-One-Guide, pull a card for you, or tune into your situation.  Please note we can’t guarantee to answer every question, but we can guarantee you won’t get an answer if you don’t ask!

All questions are welcome.

  • Spiritual connection
  • Being a professional spiritual practitioner
  • Life the universe and everything
  • The nature of the universe
  • Relationships
  • Money, Career, Finance
  • Health

I look forward to reading your questions. The MORE information you give in your question the more likely it is to be answered. Note that No-One-Guide cannot answer questions that would disempower you such as “will xxx happen”.

To your spiritual success


P.S. Just click here and submit your question for Lisa or No-One-Guide. We receive a lot of questions and do our best to answer them, if you want to experience the process No-One-Guide offered, then the very best way to do this is to join our Spiritual Success Mastermind where you can work together with me and No-One-Guide.

Signs you are a Lightworker

If you’ve ever felt a bit different to the rest of the world then it could be that you’re a Lightworker. Here’s a checklist of the signs that you are a Lightworker. canstockphoto25182500 (for Lightworker blog)

You’ll probably recognise many of these in yourself. But you might be thinking that you haven’t quite got the “full set” yet. And you’ll know you’re a REAL Lightworker because you recognise that it’s not about having all of these characteristics but that it’s about constantly evolving and growing. Provided you’re growing, evolving, changing and challenging yourself, you ARE a Lightworker.

  • You sometimes feel very different to others around you. This is the result of your willingness to change in a world and shake things up whilst others stability and strive to maintain the status quo. Others can’t quite understand why you are constantly trying to rock the boat just when things seem to have gotten onto an even keel. This may result in some struggles and challenges in your personal life.
  • High levels of personal responsibility. You rarely blame other people, or external circumstances for events or how you feel about things. You recognise that you are the creator of your experiences, your results and your reality. As such you find it easy to use the results you experience as feedback, and then to make changes to your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions so that you create different results.
  • You are grounded, practical and able to achieve success in the material world. A true Lightworker doesn’t try to escape a world they don’t like by meditating and positive thinking alone. Rather a Lightworker works, with their inner light to create a better world for all. You take action, risks and make things happen.
  • You are constantly and consciously seeking to improve and better yourself. You learn new things. You are open minded. You are able to handle apparently conflicting worldviews because you recognise that all worldviews are simply models and not the truth.
  • You are able to apply different models and worldviews where appropriate to get the results you want. You realise that effectiveness is the measure of truth and different situations require different approaches.
  • You are adaptable and flexible. You can make changes easily and when things “happen” to you that seem beyond your control you recognise that there is something bigger or greater in play and are willing to trust that what seems to be a problem, is actually part of the process that will create the solution and the results you want.
  • You are charismatic and magnetic. Because you are awakened and awakening and are non-judgemental, people naturally enjoy your presence and will gravitate to you. Ohers love to be around you because they feel accepted and safe.
  • You are able to act for the highest good for all. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always “nice”. You know that sometimes what is in someone’s highest good is for them to stretch themselves and rise to a challenge. You know that always helping people would disempower them. you know when to encourage from the side-lines and when to step in and help.
  • Able to live from your soul, and to use your soul to create material wealth in a way that is a win for all.
  • You are highly compassionate. You understand that people’s behaviour isn’t who they are. You recognise that we are all part of a whole and as such everyone is striving to regain conscious awareness of that greater whole. You know that when people behave in ways that seem self-defeating is it simply their attempt to regain their sense of connection to the whole. Because you know this no matter how despicably or unpleasantly someone may seem to be behaving you know that they are simply struggling in their own way to return to source, as you are.
  • You are non – judgmental. You are able to accept all people as they are and for whom they are. You understand that they are simply doing the best they can. You are also non-judgmental of yourself. You are able to forgive yourself for your previous lack of awareness. You too are an evolving being.
  • You can forgive easily. Ok not always easily, but you totally get the paramount importance of forgiveness. You know that we are all interconnected and that any negative thinking you direct to another is truly directed to yourself. You realise that you need to extract the learning from the situation so that you can forgive and move on.
  • You are honest about your feelings. Although you recognise the importance of positive thinking, you also know that repressing or supressing your true feelings about a situation is unhealthy. You allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you feel without judgment. You know that there is a lesson in the situation and feeling the emotions is important to get the lesson. You know that your emotions are feedback and let you know what actions to take or thoughts to change.
  • You are humble. The more you learn and grow, and the further you evolve, the more you realise just how far you have yet to go. Because of this you are humble and never arrogant, superior or judgmental of those who seem to be less awake or conscious than you are. You know that this may be an illusion.
  • You are light, joyful and able to enjoy life. You enjoy your physical life as much as you enjoy your spiritual connection. This includes food, sex, your body, money and other delights of our physical existence. You don’t take yourself, or even your development too seriously. You play as you grow.

So how did you do? Which do you have, and what are you working on creating within yourself right now?


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