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Do I have gifts?

This week I’m sharing a Facebook live video where I explore what kind of Psychic you are.  Are you a high level or low level psychic and why it matters.

Be prepared for some surprising conclusions and get ready to have your worldview challenged!


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How can we decrease the negative effects of mobile phones

This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question.  And as always they say this about this message

“We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”

Question from Olimpia

How can we decrease the negative electromagnetic effect of mobile phones, laptops and other electronics on this human, physical body? 

I wish to improve my health and immune system, and to prevent harm. There are a lack of reliable studies, there are some studies that have been published however, there are few studies regarding this.


It is true that there are very few studies and very little evidence of the effects of electromagnetic radiation from electronics. There are many reports that it does harm the body yet scientific studies have found little evidence of it.

Mobile phones, electronics and the electromagnetic radiation they emit is governed by a physical law which follows the principle of the “inverse square law”. This means that the further away you are, the radiation is reduced in proportion to a mathematical and physical law which makes any radiation that reaches the physical body tiny. The energy is tiny, the heat, electrical, magnetic and other influences is tiny.

What is significant, however, is the ability for the mind to influence the body.

A mind that does not fully understand the mathematics or the science and so is afraid of the levels is more vulnerable.

The word “radiation” carries fear for many, when in your physical reality there are numerous things that emit completely harmless radiation. This includes some rocks.

What is not tiny is to believe in the effect of the radiation. It is this belief that causes individuals to create and then perceive that it has an effect on the physical, emotional and energetic body.

What the mind believes it will create.

The energy is tiny and will only affect you if you believe it will.

We are aware that many have chosen to believe that they are under influences which have been labelled, bad and negative of these “evil” electronics. In truth this is not the case unless you choose to believe it.

If you choose to believe that your mobile phone is affecting your brain then of course it will.

If you choose to believe that your mobile phone or your laptop is affecting your mind or your body then it will.

If you choose to believe that it has no influence over you then it does not and you are completely immune and safe.

There have been studies that have demonstrated how small the energy is. It is miniscule compared to say the energy of the sun, or the energy of love.

The energy of love that radiates from another being is so much greater than the electromagnetic radiation from these devices that you mention.

The energy of love that you can choose to radiate to your electronics can mitigate any effects it might have on you.

There are many individuals who choose to join a belief system and culture of fear, and blame. This is the opposite to love.

We will speak to you of conspiracy theories and fear.

There are those who believe and choose to believe that there are beings, groups, organisations, political parties, etc. who are doing something to them.

They believe that someone else or some organisation outside of themselves is doing something to them that causes them harm. “THEY” are harming me, taking from me, limiting me”

Whether it is “big pharma”, vaccinations, political parties, the water company, the oil company, there is the perception of a “they” who is doing something to “me”

Let us explain:

For you to believe this is to believe in separation.

To believe this is also to forget that you are source.

You are source. You are God

Let us start with the fundamental premise that you are a child of the universe. You are God.  You are Source. You have the infinite power of the universe within you.

If you have fully actualised this as a belief, (which goes beyond simply believing this to be true), then how could it ever be possible that anyone or anything outside of you could do anything that would cause you harm?

When an individual believes that they are a victim to an external organisation or another person they have forgotten that they are a child of the universe. They have forgotten that they have the power and the energy of God, source, the universe within them and at their fingertips.

Nothing can harm God.

If you have actualised that you are God then nothing can harm you.

What has been observed by us is that there are individuals and groups of individuals who are choosing to believe that they can be influenced, manipulated, damaged, disempowered, or any number of negative influences.

Because this belief in powerlessness is held by one individual who chooses this it then infects others with this belief. Thus a group of disempowered individuals is created. Those who would prefer to believe they are powerless and that they can be damaged by another.

These individuals form groups who have all been infected with the same limiting belief system. These groups form larger groups, to form larger groups, to form larger groups and thus a knot of limiting belief system forms.  A belief system forms a co-collaboration of victimhood.

The paradox is that this apparently disempowered group becomes powerful in their ability to disempower others by infecting them with this limiting belief system. This apparently disempowered group then use this limiting belief system to attempt (and sometimes succeed) in punishing those who they perceive to be victimising them.

This knot of disempowerment and limiting belief system coalesces into an energy form, or thought form, that begins to alter reality, physical reality and thus, the self-fulfilling negative prophecy is made “true”.

To counter this.

Stay connected to source stay connected to a group of individuals who continue to choose to believe they are source, who remind each other daily regularly that you are source.

We also invite you to be vigilant and perceptive in what you observe and hear in others. Ask yourself the question “does this belief system empower me and remind me that I am source? Or does this belief system, disempower, create fear, create separation, and lead me to believe that I am something less than infinitely powerful and connected to source?”

Embrace any belief system that empowers you. 

Reject any belief system that does not empower you.

Also know this. There are some who have been excluded from this message.

If they were to see, read or hear this we could not speak this message.

They would argue. They would argue that they are a victim. Many people prefer to choose to believe that they are a victim: a victim to radiation, a victim to the government, the economy, the environment, circumstances, their family, the dog. And in truth this is not the case. In truth you are always at choice. You always hold the power.

Find those who will help you become and stay empowered with the knowledge that you are source.

We have spoken

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No One Guide to create your future.

Who are No One Guide?
No One Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No One Guide, as their name suggests, are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

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No One Guide – How can I heal my eyesight?

Here’s another answer from my guides, No One Guide. 

Question: Do I have the ability to heal my own defective eyesight? 

No One Guide: Yes it is possible, however you will require the belief that it is possible.  You have chosen, unconsciously, (please understand we know this is not a conscious choice) to avoid seeing something.  There was something in your experience that you didn’t want to look at, that you felt you could not face. You chose to “turn a blind eye.”  You decided this metaphorically, and spoke these words “I’ll turn a blind eye.” This has now become embodied in your physical body.  These words spoken without intention, were taken with intention as an instruction by your unconscious mind to create “blindness” or the inability to see clearly. 

The unconscious mind runs the body and creates the body according to the instructions given. These instructions are either given by your conscious mind, or by the higher self. 

In order for your eyesight to be healed you would need to identify that which is, unseeable.  That which is un-contemplatable to you. 

When you do not wish to see something, when you do not wish to experience something, you reject it.  You delete it.  You ignore it. 

You refuse to contemplate it. Your mind refused to look, and so your eyes do not see.  

It is possible to restore your eyesight. And this will require a process. Lisa and Psycademy have techniques that can appear to work miracles, when you apply them.  

You witnessed an experience in the physical reality, possibly not in this lifetime that was so destructive to you, that you could not, or chose not, to witness. You chose not to see because you believed it would cause you tremendous pain, because you do not realise that it is all an illusion.   

This experience you witnessed was so devastating you could not look; and so you did not look and then you did not see.  And this is what was installed in your neurology, in a previous lifetime, which is why you have chosen to have this experience of what you are now labelling, or what has been labelled as a genetic defect, because you chose this physical body so that you could not see.  Do you understand this? 

Client: Yes  

No One Guide: So you will need to be willing to contemplate the uncontemplatable.  You will need to be willing to be aware of that experience, and know this, that you can release this pain.  When the pain of that experience has been released, when the reason for creating that experience has been revealed, and the limiting beliefs deleted then potential for your eyesight to be fully restored will be present.  

The next step is to download the blueprint of perfect health, which is stored in the Higher Self. It is from this which the unconscious mind creates the body. The blueprint your unconscious mind is currently using is damaged. Psycademy has a process which will enable you to download this and thus restore health to your body.   

Has this answered your question? 

Client: Yes, thank you. 

No One Guide: We have spoken.

Have you got a question for No One Guide?

I hope you enjoyed this answer from No One Guide.  I’d love to know what you thought, so let me know by posting on our FB page, or commenting below.

What would you ask?

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Swimming Lessons

This week it’s been all about swimming for me, in fact it’s been all about swimming for about six weeks or even longer. Ever since I signed up for the open water swim around Saint Michael’s Mount I’ve been focusing on nothing but swimming. “A” swimming. Endurance swimming. Getting my technique right. Getting my equipment right, wetsuit goggles, lube to stop your wetsuit chafing.

I’ve been working with my coach on my mind set. I’ve been working with a swimming coach on my swimming technique. I’ve been working with a fitness coach on my fitness. I’ve been researching equipment and technique and more. I’ve been obsessed.

I’ve been visualising completing the swim, doing the swim, being and feeling ready for the swim in terms of my body and my mind.

When it came to the day it was certainly not as I had pictured it in my head.

In my head it was a sunny evening. It was going to be a calm day, the sea was going to be glassy and smooth.

But when it came to the day itself, it wasn’t quite like that. It was raining, it was so foggy we couldn’t see the top of the Mount from the shore. And the waves even right to shore where nearly a meter, which meant they’d be much bigger round the back of the Mount.

During the safety briefing we were advised that this would be a challenging swim but, “ hey isn’t that the fun of open water swimming!”

We were advised to make our own decision about whether or not we felt comfortable to go.

I looked around at my fellow swimmers, and they all seemed far more prepared, far more confident, far more able, skilled, and fitter than I did. Simply put, I didn’t feel ready. I could’ve trained more. I should have trained more!

But somehow there was no question of not going. It was a done deal. I’d made the decision. I was committed. Yes I’d hoped for better conditions, but I was going anyway.

So when the whistle blew, along with all 130 others, we ploughed into the water and dove into the waves.

And I swam. I swam and I swam and I swam.

What did I learn from doing this swim?

So I chose to do it and I completed the swim but it only wasn’t easy, there were times when I was round the back of the Mount, looking at the waves crashing on the rocks and up against the harbour wall that I thought to myself “I was up there on the harbour wall looking at these waves, I would be thinking to myself this is certainly not the kind of water I want to be swimming in!” And yet here I was swimming in it!

There were times when I really wasn’t sure if I could keep going. My weak arm which I’d injured in my car accident years ago might not be strong enough.

I had thought that it would be possible to rest by treading water. But every time I stopped and lifted my head out of the water I got slapped in the face with a wave. Because the wind and waves were coming from my left I could only breathe to my right, putting extra pressure on my sore right arm. The only stroke I could do was front crawl. Breaststroke was impossible in these conditions even though that was my “resting” stroke.

So even though I got tired, resting wasn’t an option. The only thing to do was to just keep swimming. I just had to swim through it.

I was just behind the main pack, but once they went round the corner it seemed I was completely on my own, yet just over my shoulder there was one of the lifeguards paddling on his board. Every time I looked around there he was guiding me telling me which direction to go, encouraging me telling me I was nearly there, even though in hindsight I was nowhere nearly there!

The conditions were horrendous! As I looked down to the sea floor beneath the surface, I could see the seaweed swelling and boiling on the rocks underneath me. There were jellyfish. There were a LOT of jellyfish.  They were lots of pink ones and also a few purple ones. It turns out the purple ones sting! I got stung on both hands at different times. The first time I was shocked, I stopped swimming, started to tread water, rubbed and waved my hand. I had a moment of panic and wondered what I was going to do as I was in nearly a mile from shore.

I realised the only thing to do is just keep swimming. I just swam through it. Fortunately the water was so cold my hands actually went numb after a while.

1.   You never feel ready.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve trained for, the little training you’ve done, you never feel ready you never feel ready because you’ve never done this before that’s why it’s a new challenge.

2.   You have to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

The only real reason I did this swim was to see if I could. And yes I can, and I did. It was the doing of it that was important to me.

3.   Sometimes you just have to swim through it.

In life there are times when you’re in a situation where panicking,  trying to go back,  trying to get out of the situation, trying to stop, just isn’t an option. And the only option is to just keep going. The way out is THROUGH not back. This happens in business, in relationships, in parenting, in your work, in education, in life.

The only way out is through, so you just have to swim through it.

4.   It’s not about achieving the result it’s about who you become as a result of the achievement.

I didn’t do this swim because I needed to get somewhere.  I didn’t do this swim because I’m planning on being a professional open water swimmer or making swimming part of my morning commute.

I did this swim because I wanted to show myself something. I wanted to do this just to see if I could.

5.   It’s about the commitment not the conditions.

Despite all my visualising that the weather would be perfect! I really wasn’t. The conditions were horrendous.

But I did it anyway. It’s not about the conditions being right, it’s about the commitment and the decision. I’d decided to give it ago and gave up any excuses.

I did this not because it was easy. I did this because I knew it would be hard. Just because it was even harder than I expected wasn’t an excuse to not do it. It was  a reason to keep going.

6.   It’s okay to give yourself permission to not do it.

Running up to the swim, on the shore before the swim, and at every stage during the swim, I gave myself permission to not do it. I gave myself permission to choose every step of the way.

Knowing that I was choosing this, that I didn’t have to do it, but I could choose differently at any time, meant I could keep going. Knowing I was at choice made it easier to succeed.

In life, you always have choices. You may not like all the options you think are available, but you do have choice. Knowing this makes it easier to choose what’s in your highest good.

7.   You don’t need to believe you can do it in order for you to try.

Amongst the personal development community there seems to be this idea that before you try anything you must have 100% confidence and belief in yourself. I had no idea whether I could complete this. I had no idea if I’d even have the courage to get into the water, especially given the conditions. I didn’t 100% believe I could do this, but I did 100% believe I could try.

In life, during those times when you don’t feel 100% certain, it’s okay to not know if you can do this. It’s okay to not know that you will succeed. Treat it as an experiment and enjoy trying regardless of the result.

8.   Sometimes you have to get out of your depth

Sand feels really good on your feet. Especially when you’ve been a way out of your depth in the open ocean.

In life, and in business sometimes in order to achieve something we need to get out of our depth. There will be times, when we can’t just put our feet down and breathe and rest. Where there is no option but to just keep going. And sometimes the greatest satisfaction is knowing that you’ve been out of your depth and you come back to shore safely.

And the feeling of sand firmly beneath your feet is wonderful afterwards!

9.    Swimming makes you really hungry.

No deep metaphor here! But swimming just does make you really hungry. I burned over 1000 calories the 1 hr 20 minutes I was in the water. When I got to land I was hungry. Luckily there was a free pasty as a reward for completing the swim.

10.   Do it anyway

My final thought for you is this. Whatever it is that you’ve been thinking of, wanting to do, dreaming of doing, even if you’re not sure if you can, do it anyway. Even if it’ll be hard, do it anyway. Even if it’s a bit scary, do it anyway. You might just surprise yourself.

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