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Your Life’s Purpose

Do I have gifts?

This week I’m sharing a Facebook live video where I explore what kind of Psychic you are.  Are you a high level or low level psychic and why it matters.

Be prepared for some surprising conclusions and get ready to have your worldview challenged!


I hope you enjoy the video!  Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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Is procrastination a clue to your life’s purpose?

Life purpose e-book coverWe’ve all experienced procrastination at some point, but what if it’s actually a really useful clue to what you should and shouldn’t be spending your time and energy on.

If you find that you procrastinate on the same tasks over and over again, notice that you’re putting the same things off till tomorrow, day after day, then there’s probably a reason for that.

It could be that you’re procrastinating because, on some level, these tasks are not in alignment with your life’s purpose, in which case, don’t do them. Either get someone else to do it or just don’t do them. Decide that these are just not in alignment with your purpose.

When you look at your daily to-do list, it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

Is a task something that is in alignment with your purpose?

Does it embody the best of you?

Or is it something that you think has to be done?

There are lots of things (when you’re running a business or generally in life) that simply have to be done, but that does not mean that you have to be the one who does them.

For example, the house that you live in probably needs to be cleaned. It may not be your life’s purpose to clean houses, or maybe it is. Maybe you get a deep satisfaction out of it. If it doesn’t satisfy you deeply, then don’t do it.

Look at the things that are in alignment, those things that give you that sense of accomplishment.

So, you may be procrastinating about a task because it’s something that’s not in alignment.

The other reason you might procrastinate is because it is in alignment, but you don’t feel very good about it. Maybe you don’t have much confidence. In this case, what you need to do is release the limiting beliefs around this and develop the skills.

Let’s say you know you need to make some sales calls and you keep procrastinating, and putting them off. You know it’s absolutely in alignment and you want to be doing it.

To move forward with making those calls, release any limiting beliefs you might have about your ability to sell.

Also check that you have the skills and know how to do it. For example, like most things, selling is a skill. It’s something that you can learn to do. Once you’ve released any limiting beliefs about your abilities, you then need to learn the skills.

Back to your to-do list, notice the things that you can delegate out. Delegate out those things that are not those that inspire you, that you feel really excited about. Anything that you think, “Oh, I really don’t want to do that today” – delegate to somebody else.

Roger Hamilton talks about “being in your flame”.  Think about a candle, which consists of the wax and the wick – and then there’s the flame.

You need to be the flame in your life.

What that means is that you are living in that place where you’re burning most brilliantly in the most inspired and beautiful way. And when you’re in the wax, you’ll feel kind of bogged down. It’ll feel heavy. It’ll feel uncomfortable.

So, delegate out the wax.

People often don’t delegate because they think they haven’t got the money.

Here’s the way to think about it. If you don’t have the money, that’s because you’re not charging enough.

So, raise your fees and then, think about even if you only delegate two hours a week (two hours to a VA a week, for example), you could get those for anything from $10-$50 an hour.

Or if you’re getting somebody to set up your web page or set up WordPress for you – I think it might come up to $100 an hour depending on who you pick. So, start off with picking somebody you can afford and you might up-level your business later.

Whatever the hourly rate you’re paying your new assistant, think about how much money you can earn in those two hours and then, go and earn that much money.

If you’re delegating out a couple of hours a week and let’s say you’re paying $20 an hour, that’s $40, in those two hours. You can easily earn that much (and more) in two hours. You can do this by writing sales copy, which will make you money. Or make some sales calls. You might not think of sales calls as direct money generators, but the way to think about that is using an overall picture – say for example,  for every 10 sales calls you make, you will sell one programme.

When looking at your to-do list, do ask yourself the questions:

Is a task something that is in alignment with your purpose?

Does it embody the best of you?

Or is it something that you think has to be done?

And delegate out anything that isn’t in alignment. Delegate out the wax and shine like the flame that you are.

For free instant access to “5 signs you’re not living your purpose and how to find it” click here.

Have we got the wrong idea about soul mates and twin flames?

Do you yearn for your twin flame, your soul mate, to find that person who will make you or your life complete?

If you’re spiritual, it’s only natural that you would want a relationship that honours that part of you.

Most people think of a soul mate as the person they are “supposed” to find and spend the rest of their life with.

Twin Flames are believed to be formed when a single soul was split into its male and female parts. These two people then incarnated and our purpose in life is to find our twin flame or soul mate so that we can become complete.

New spiritual philosophies show that this isn’t really the case and how this is a deeply flawed theory that undermines the true importance of a soul mate. Continue reading

Where to focus your career energy

In this week’s episode hear No-One-Guide answering this question: “If everything we choose is ultimately for our highest good and a learning experience, how do we know what is truly our path of service in this lifetime to fulfil our destiny?”

Unusual answers to everyday questions channelled from my guides. “No-One-Guide” is a highly evolved stream of consciousness. They have never lived before and they are NOT dead people. I don’t ask you to believe anything. Just listen to the answers and decide if the information is useful to you.

What do YOU think? Why not take the time to comment and join the conversation?

That’s where the real fun begins!


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