Fed up with finding life a struggle? Do you have problems with your finances, relationships, health, work or your spiritual connection?

What if you could pinpoint and eliminate EXACTLY what is holding you back?

"Discover what is limiting you right now. Where your emotions and past are keeping you stuck."

If you have ever wondered

  • why your life is so much harder than it should be,
  • why you don’t get the success you deserve,
  • why you don't have the confidence you want, or
  • why you are stuck in the same old patterns…

This is your chance to understand why. To know precisely what it is you need to change and how to make that change easily.

As you read this, I want you to take a moment, be honest...and ask yourself the following questions...

  • Am I living up to my potential?
  • Do I have the body and health that I want?
  • Do I have the money I want?
  • Do I have relationships I want?
  • Am I as spiritually connected as I want?
  • Am I living the life I choose?

These are important questions, but ones that we don't ask ourselves enough. I'm asking them to you now because I want to share a very special and unique opportunity with you. One that may change your life.

Would you like to…

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success and happiness
  • Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal life
  • Pinpoint and eliminate the root cause of your issues, challenges and problems
  • Experience a full energy diagnosis and aura scan to identify any leaks in your system that are causing you emotional, financial, relationship or spiritual problems
  • Identify the repeating patterns that are keeping you stuck - and break the loop once and for all
  • Feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired to move forward

This is your big chance to work out the solutions to your life’s challenges and problems.

All of our Psycademy Coaches are Certified Spiritual Master Practitioners, and Master Practitioners of NLP, NLPCoaching, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Spiritual Mastery.

Select the coaching package you would like from the options below…

Core Issue Diagnosis

This is perfect for examining an immediate presenting problem and identifying the related core issues and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way.

If what you need is clarity so you can forge ahead and make changes, knowing you’re headed in the right direction, then this is for you.

This gives you the opportunity to take a look at one aspect of your life. Such as:

  • Money & Finances: What is blocking my financial flow? What's the easiest way to allow financial abundance to show up in my life?
  • Love and Relationships: What has created this situation with my partner? What is stopping me from finding the right partner?'
  • Job or Career: What is stopping me from getting my business off the ground?
  • House: How can I speed up my house move? What is blocking it?
  • Health: What is going on with my health and how can I heal myself?


3 x 60 minute coaching sessions ~ £1000

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6 x 60 minute coaching sessions ~ £1800

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Karmic Alignment
and Deep Release Program

Taking it a whole lot further and deeper...

Karmic Alignment is a transformational process that enables you to find your life purpose, remove whatever is stopping you from living it now, so that you can be the person you know you are truly meant to be.

It is an intensive one-to-one personal transformative experience. You work with a qualified Psycademy therapist for up to 8 hours over one or two days.

Most therapies remove each presenting problem individually as they surface. During a Karmic Alignment you and your therapist find the lynch pin or root cause of your problems. Pull out the roots and not only do all the problems disappear, but your life is transformed.

How to book

1. Select the package you would like. (If you're not sure which package is best for your needs, just click here and complete the form for a free consultation where we'll help you find the right package for you).

2. Click 'Book Now' and complete your payment details.

3. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation and details of how to book your first session.

4. All sessions are scheduled with your Coach who will contact you to arrange a suitable time and method of contact. Your sessions may take place via:

a. Skype
b. Phone (landline)
c. Conference line

How to get the most from your sessions

1. Before your first session make sure you have completed and returned your questionnaire.

2. We will start by addressing the most pressing and important issue.

3. Make sure you have all your contact arrangements ready, the Skype address or phone number.

4. Ensure you are in a quiet, comfortable environment and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration.

5. Take a few moments before your session to settle yourself and be open to receive.

6. Our Coaches are highly sought after and there may be a short wait before your session can be scheduled.

Terms and Conditions

Coaching with Psycademy in no way replaces a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.