Attention coaches, healers, psychics, holistic therapists and spiritual practitioners (or people who want to be!) or anyone determined to make a difference in this world whilst achieving spiritual and financial success

How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader

Create the abundance you deserve… while still staying true to your divine power!

Do you ever feel like there’s more to life than what you experience every day?

Activate Your Connection to Source… and Become the Abundant Spiritual Leader You Were Meant to Be!

Join us!

How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader

A dynamic 3-day intensive designed to empower you to make the impact you were created to make… while enjoying limitless financial and personal abundance!

Seats are limited, so  make sure you reserve your spot today:

Seats are limited, so make sure you reserve your spot today:

You feel a quiet pull to be a spiritual leader.

There’s something deep inside you that hungers to connect with the divine. And you know that if you could do that, you could use your spiritual insights to empower others.

But so far, nothing you’ve tried seems to work for very long, does it?

You’ve probably tried things like…

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Rituals
  • Tai chi

These practices most likely felt great for a short while… but soon, you realized that they weren’t getting you one centimeter closer to an authentic connection with the divine.

It can be pretty disappointing, I know.

But I’m here to tell you that you can develop that connection.

And you can use your deep sense of spirituality to positively impact the lives of others… through your work, your business, and your personal relationships.

But what’s even better is that developing an authentic connection to source gives you the power to create many other changes in your life, as well…

  • It allows you to experience true meaning in your life, rather than spending each day simply “going through the paces.”
  • It makes you part of a global movement to improve the quality of life for every human being.
  • It gives you a renewed sense of focus, helping you eliminate “shiny object syndrome” in your business, work, and personal life.
  • It empowers you to create work that is consistent with your spiritual needs, and to find the clients or opportunities to pay you what you deserve for that work.
  • It gives you the influence to make an undeniable impact on your clients, coworkers, family members, community, and beyond.
  • It sustains the motivation and enthusiasm you need to work consistently toward your goals – whether you need to get to the gym or finally start your business, you’ll stay productive!
  • It equips you with almost super-human clarity, allowing you to clearly define your goals and intuitively choose the ideal path to achieve those goals.
  • It gives you unbreakable calm – if you often feel anxious or overwhelmed, this will be a huge relief!

Now, if any of this sounds good to you, I have some very good news for you:

The exact programme that has provided thousands of people like you with their own empowering, awe-inspiring spiritual awakenings… is right at your fingertips.

Dear Friend (and Soon-to-Be Abundant Spiritual Leader),

Lisa Turner from Psycademy here.

Because you’re reading this page right now, you’ve probably already on the path to becoming a spiritual leader.

You’re straining to become the abundant spiritual leader you’ve always suspected was inside you… and to achieve the kind of spiritual growth that you crave for yourself.

You have this deep desire to create a MASSIVE positive impact on others. It’s just an integral part of who you are… you recognize the potential you could unlock in your clients and customers, and you LOVE it when you get to transform their lives with your talents and spiritual depth.

But if you’re like most of us, spirituality and business don’t seem to blend together very well, do they?

You either end up spending all your time on your business and starving yourself spiritually… or you’re focusing on deepening your spirituality and struggling to bring in income from your talents!

So you’re constantly sliding from one end to the other… and never bringing these two elements to meet in the middle!

If that pretty much describes your life… it’s really no wonder you’ve had trouble being successful! That’s because being a well-paid, abundant spiritual leader requires BOTH of these:

  • The highly honed skills and intuition of a master-level spiritual practitioner, so that you can create truly transformational results for your clients. (This gets you repeat business, referrals, and testimonials from here to the moon!)
  • A solid, detailed business plan to provide a predictable roadmap for your business… and to identify the tools and resources you need to reach your goals!
  • The courage to be a Spiritual Leader. From wherever you are now to wherever you feel comfortable with.

Fortunately, eliminating your frustrations and developing the fulfilling spiritual connection and business you’ve always wanted is a simple process!

The 3 steps you need to start and grow a 6-figure spiritual business:

Step 1: Eliminate Spiritual Blindness

You see there’s a reason why many of us aren’t the spiritual leaders we want to be… and why we don’t possess the spiritual depth that we desire.

It’s called “spiritual blindness.”

We get so wrapped up in having and understanding spiritual experiences… that we lose sight of why we’re even doing it in the first place. And when that happens, true growth comes to a grinding halt.

If you’ve been bogged down with spiritual blindness, you’re not alone. Just about every healer, psychic, energy worker, and practitioner out there has experienced it at least a few times (although many of them would probably never admit it).

I’ve spent over 20 years helping people – beautiful children of light just like you – take off the “blinders” and eliminate the blocks that are keeping them in their own spiritual prisons. And I’ve empowered them to experience dramatic transformations very quickly… even when they’d been stuck for years or even decades!

And if you join me at “How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader,” you’ll get the exact same techniques and resources to spark your own spiritual transformation!

That not only gives you greater fulfillment and joy… it also gives you the power to quite literally change lives!

Step 2: Activate your Spiritual Leadership Power

It saddens me to notice how many spiritual people have been told that once they awaken they need to leave their job, their lives and even the world. That they need to renounce the world, their money, and power.  Become broke and powerless, hiding in the corner! That they need to take a step back and leave the leading to others.

The logical result of this would be that the world would be run by those who are NOT awakened or working for the highest good! Leaving the world a harsh and challenging place!

This is why we believe passionately that it’s essential for spiritual people to claim their power to own it to use it to harness it! To make not only their individual lives better but to make the world a better place too! You can start where you are now and go to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

It starts right now with you claiming your abundant spiritual power. The power to choose, imagine and create a life that you deserve and desire for your entire family, your workplace, your business, community and beyond if you choose.

Step 3: Develop a solid, proven business roadmap

Running a business as a spiritual practitioner isn’t the same as running a traditional business like a pizza shop or a bookstore. In order to be financially successful, you need to have a plan that’s tailored to your unique business!

I have decades of experience growing my own thriving spiritual business, and I’ve helped 1,000s of my clients – psychics, energy workers, spiritual healers, and many others – build their own profitable, enjoyable businesses without years of struggle, frustration, or financial uncertainty!

What I teach works. So when you show up at “How to Be an Abundant Spiritual Leader” be sure to take plenty of notes. By the time you leave, you’ll know exactly how to monetize your spiritual business effectively!


That’s all there is to it!

Now, it can be tough to get your hands on all the training, tools, and real-world examples you need to take your spirituality and your income to an entirely new level. I personally spent years gathering information, testing, failing, and testing some more. So I know how tough it can be to try to “figure it all out for yourself.”

That’s why I’m inviting you to experience your own profound breakthrough at my 3-day intensive:

How to Be an Abundant Spiritual Leader

When you arrive at the event, you’ll notice something very different right away

You’ll notice that you’re in the company of “kindred souls” – like-minded people who share your desire to grow businesses that support and sustain them, experience amazing levels of spiritual growth, and create profound change in the lives of others.

And you’ll notice something else, too. You’ll notice that everything you see, hear, and learn at this 3-day intensive is 100% practical. We’re not going to shower you with a bunch of “woo” to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, only to have you leave with no real, actionable strategies! Everything I teach is science-based, extensively tested, and proven to work for spiritual practitioners right now!

So what will you learn?

I want to keep this short, because I know you’re already getting excited… but let me just briefly tell you that:

  • You’ll connect with your own divine energy and guidance… allowing you to instantly access spiritual wisdom so you can generate profound transformations – both for yourself and the clients who love you!
  • You’ll get the power to truly create your future – personally, professionally, and spiritually! While others are busy trying to predict the future, you’ll be carving out your own authentic path… and setting yourself up for success beyond your craziest dreams!
  • You’ll repair the “psychic circuitry” you need to make BIG things happen for yourself and your clients. Many of us have psychic circuits that are heavily damaged from past traumas, environmental toxins, and negative self-talk. But you’ll leave the event with your psychic hardware fully optimized!
  • You’ll discover the simple strategies for creating an authentic spiritual business that aligns with your core truth… so you can feel amazing about what you do!
  • You’ll take part in a Higher Self Activation to jumpstart your intuition… letting you tap into spiritual wisdom any time you want it!
  • You’ll get razor-sharp clarity on your spiritual and karmic purpose… so you’ll never again need to waste time and energy fighting against your own divine calling!
  • You’ll get real-world strategies for growing your spiritual business, to 6 figures and beyond attracting the clients and customers you really want to work with, and getting paid what you deserve for your talents and wisdom!
  • You will learn about our more advanced programmes like our Certified Spiritual Practitioner training and Initiation collective. How you can apply and the ways these will benefit your professional practice, grow your business, and enable you to work more deeply with your clients.
  • And much, MUCH more!


PLUS… you’ll quickly and easily dissolve “blocks” that have been standing in the way of truly becoming an abundant spiritual leader!

What makes How to be An Abundant Spiritual Leader different from anything else you’ve seen?

If you’ve read my story, you might already know that I have a slightly different view of spirituality than most of the “experts” out there. But in case you haven’t, allow me to explain:

Most spiritual teachers, even those who have decades of experience, tend to teach their students that the spiritual and physical worlds cannot mix.

In other words, they claim that if you want to develop a true connection to the divine, you have to remove yourself from “the world.” And that means saying “no” to financial abundance, rich social relationships, and enjoying a lifestyle of freedom and joy.

That’s not what I’m about.

I believe that we are in the midst of a dramatic and profound spiritual transition. Today, people gravitate toward those who can share (and operate within) authentic spiritual wisdom… and they’re willing to financially reward those who share that wisdom.

But very few people who are spiritually “awake” have the skills to translate their insights into financial and lifestyle success. They labor under the misconception that financial rewards are “bad”… and so they and their families never get to experience the abundant lifestyle they deserve.

As an Abundant Spiritual Leader you’re getting those skills.

You see, this programme isn’t about “woo woo” nonsense or empty, feel-good fluff.

It’s about practical spiritual technology you can use to achieve abundance in the real world.

It’s about empowering you to live the amazing spiritual journey that is your birthright… without giving up financial or lifestyle success.

It’s about equipping you to become a spiritual leader… so you can be immersed in our current global movement of peace, prosperity, and healing.

In short, it’s about giving you the practical tools to discover your own divine power.


Abundant power for today’s spiritual practitioners

Ready to tap into your true power as an Abundant Spiritual Leader?

Then join me for:

How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader

Here’s what last year’s attendees have to say…


Last year’s 3-day intensive was a blast… and this year will be too! But I know that when it comes to registering for events like this, there’s always a bit of hesitation.

“What if I don’t fit in?”

“What if it’s all just a bunch of empty fluff?”

“What if the training is too complicated for me?”

Well, I could go on and on about all the wonderful things you’re going to learn, and how much fun we have together, and how many people have radically transformed their spiritual and financial lives thanks to the cutting-edge training and resources I provide…

…but to tell you the truth, I’d rather let a few of my past attendees tell their stories instead:


Truly mind-blowing, exciting and really worth doing

“It is for those who want to know about expanding in their life and this course will give you all that you need for that. It is truly mind-blowing, exciting and really worth doing. It will just transform your life.”

Nancy Haigh

I highly recommend it

“If you’ve never come across Lisa Turner before, you’re in for a real treat. And if you do know Lisa Turner, you’re still in for a treat, because she’s warm, extremely well-read, highly researched and extremely wise – I highly recommend it.”

Michael Trigg

It’s transformational!

“I can honestly say it’s transformational. Very empowering and enlightening. Lots of aha moments and some wonderful people. And I’m really looking forward to taking that forward and developing my own spiritual practice further as a result.”

Keith Corbett

My transformation has changed everything for my family and my clients

“I can’t thank Lisa enough for my own transformation and how that has changed everything for my family and my clients.”

Samantha Jung-Fielding

Strategies, techniques and tools you can use for the rest of your life

“I highly recommend the Psycademy programmes to give you the strategies, techniques and tools that you can use for the rest of your life.”

Simone Mitjams


“I’ve just done the event with Lisa Turner, and… pretty phenomenal! It’s the first event that I’ve been to where I’ve never felt drained or down afterwards. Very energising, very powerful. So many shifts and changes.”

Claire Bagehot

Gained HUGE amounts

“I’ve gained HUGE amounts. So much self learning and so many ideas about the future and where I want to go. I’m on a journey to learn more and I want to thank you all very very much.”

Camilla Clayton

Lack the fear I had


“I feel more plugged into the grid, letting the energy flow. I am more energised and fabulously lack the fear I had.”

Sian Ainsworth

And here’s the recent buzz on Facebook…

I’ll be sending you some BONUS training to get you started before the event, too!

I’lI know that after you complete your reservation and lock in your seat for “How to Be an Abundant Spiritual Leader”, you’re going to have a bit of a let-down. That’s because there’s a fair amount of time between now and the event date.

So to tide you over (and help you get the most out of your time with me), I’m giving you access to some BONUS online training that you can dive into starting just minutes from now!

Bonus 1:

“Conscious Emotional Transformation” (CET) (value £300) – In this limit-busting program, you’ll discover and use the simple step-by-step formula for easily eliminating blocks that are keeping you from experiencing life as your highest self. An absolute MUST if you truly desire success as a spiritual practitioner!

Bonus 2:

Practical Awakening: Mastering the Mechanics of the Soul (value £1300).  The most straightforward, simplest approach to spiritual awakening possible. I’ve invested 14 years into creating and refining the techniques you’re getting inside Practical Awakening. Everything is broken down into easy-to-follow pearls of wisdom you can use to create your own awakening…. without all the second-guessing!

Bonus 3:

CET Freedom (previously Spiritual Success Mastermind): (value: £397 per month). For 3 months, my team and I get on LIVE coaching calls where we zero in on the biggest challenges you’re facing along your path to spiritual awakening. We’ll take questions and address them to the group, so that everyone can benefit from the answers.

That’s £2791 in bonuses… all yours at No extra cost!

Seats are disappearing fast – reserve yours today! 

Right now, there’s still time to register for this once-in-a-lifetime event. And if you take action today, you can even get in at the special Early Bird price!

Here’s what you’re getting with your registration today:

  • An all-access event pass for the entire 3 days of the event
  • Tea, coffee, and lunches included
  • 12 weeks of access to coaching in my private Spiritual Success Mastermind
  • ALL of the BONUS trainings, worth more than £3400
  • A community of supportive, like-minded people who share your vision and are committed to helping you succeed
  • The most energizing, breakthrough-sparking, enjoyable event you’ll attend this year!

What we’ll cover

Mechanics of the Soul

  • A guided tour of your own brain. Learn the exact mechanism that your brain uses to connect to your higher self. This is an amazing life changer!
  • The mysterious Pineal Gland and its stunning connection to your higher self. Revealed – the proven scientific findings that demonstrate the existence of the higher self and what this means for YOU and your Spiritual Ascension.
  • Understanding how everyday motivation determines our level of consciousness, and what you can do to instantly expand your awareness.
  • The 3 spiritual practices you need to UNLEARN. This is why you’re struggling to stay connected. I’ll show you exactly what to replace them with.
  • How to receive direct messages from your personal spirit guides.

Live Channelling

  • I will invoke my spirit guides “No-One-Guide” so that you can get the answer to your personal questions.
  • Imagine getting the answers to the biggest, deepest, most important questions you have, so you know the exact changes you need to make in your life and business to be more successful.
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually have a direct conversation with the UNIVERSE! Well in this session you can, when you witness and experience the invocation and channelling of a very high level guide known as “No-One-Guide”.
  • You will be able to ask your questions and get them answered immediately. And because it’s live you’ll be able to ask for further clarification of anything you don’t fully understand.
  • Have the answers to your questions beamed straight into your consciousness. A unique experience most live participants describe is the answer to any question or the solution to any problem is received right into their awareness even BEFORE they speak. This has to be experienced to be understood.

My Spirit was on fire for the whole No-One-Guide call - what a powerful charged day of great learning. Christine Lennard
The call was completely amazing... I asked about my purpose and got the EXACT same answer I had realised this weekend for myself - along the lines that fixating on purpose can (and for me has) become a block that stops me from just simply doing what I LOVE to do. Julia Chapman
There was so much energy flowing you could power a city for a week! Louise Walters
For me as well this call brought me a much better understanding about what my purpose is and isn't. So Thank You to No One Guides as well! Johan Delva
I learnt a lot from every question and every answer. I would write a book on every sentence of the recording and my thoughts and feelings about it. So much going on now. The changes in Lisa's voice were fantastic! Like music!" Krzysztof Kwiecien
It was amazing to listen to - your voice was changing when you were introducing the call as the guides were so excited wanting to come through you and when they did it was so powerful and yet so easy. Jean Cape
Incredibly lucky to be connected with Lisa! I have made huge personally transformation and it’s changed my life completely and that of my clients.  I can’t thank Lisa and Psycademy enough. Samantha Jung-Fielding
So many things you can use for the rest of your life! I got so many things! How not to take things personally, how to better handle and communicate with my clients and listening beyond words. Simone Mitjams

Higher-self Activation

    • In this session you’ll be guided through a secret activation that will bring source energy INTO your body.
    • Be initiated to your personal holy guardian angel.
    • Imagine the experience of your higher self entering your body so that you see through the eyes of your very own guardian angel.
    • Following this initiation you will be more connected to source energy, more attractive to clients, and more able to create massive transformation for your clients.

    Many initiates experience their business doubling almost overnight (thought we can’t guarantee this!)

Activate your spiritual leader PowerCentres™

    • Discover why it’s essential for spiritual people to awaken their inner leadership power to create a better life for yourself and the a better world for all, starting where you are now, and going to what ever level you feel comfortable with
    • The kind of leader you want to be, who you want to lead and how.
    • Be guided through a model of activating your inner power so that you are better able to make the small or large changes you want.
    • Understand the different PowerCentres™ and how to use them to empower your life.
    • Identify your strongest PowerCentre™ and learn how to tap into the others to support you when you want them.

Tap into your innate spiritual power today!

You know that there are no true coincidences, right? You’re here because some aspect of you already knows that this is the journey that you should be on… and that How to be An Abundant Spritual Leader 3-Day event is exactly what you need to achieve a profound spiritual transformation.

It’s time to expand your power, influence, and purpose. It’s time to step into your own transformation and discover the profound impact you can have on others.

That small voice isn’t wrong. You absolutely deserve everything that your unique spiritual transformation can bring you. All you have to do is click the button below to boldly embark on your journey today:

Dates: 28th February – 1st March 2020

Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

1st – 3rd November 2019

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

I’ve got you covered with my “woo-free” guarantee…

Listen… I know that it can be difficult to be completely confident that you’ll get what you pay for when you invest in a programme. After all, there are unfortunately plenty of “experts” out there who are more than willing to take your hard-earned cash, and give you a programme loaded with filler in return.

So if you’re a little hesitant to click the button and invest in How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader right now… I completely understand.

That’s why I insist on giving you my “woo-free guarantee.”

Here’s how it works:

If, by the end of Saturday, you haven’t’ had an undeniable spiritual experience, just quietly return your materials to the back of the room and I’ll give you all your money back.

I’m taking all the risk here, because I still have to pay for your seat at the venue even if you leave. But I know that this level of work just isn’t for everyone, so if it’s not for you then I’ll happily refund you.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund the Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) process will be “turned off” so that it will no longer work and you will lose access to all your bonus materials. You will also be required to confirm that you have deleted all digital course materials before the refund can be issued.

So you’re not risking anything to attend… but you’re getting the opportunity to truly unlock your potential and create phenomenal change!

Do yourself a favor and claim your seat now… while there are still spots available!

I can’t wait to see you at the event!

Lisa Turner

P.S.: If you choose to “pass” on this 3-day intensive, I understand. But 5 years from now, what will your life look like if you don’t say “yes” to this opportunity? Most likely, it’ll look a lot like it does now. (If that makes you feel a little uneasy, then you definitely need to get registered right away!

P.P.S.: If the investment is bothering you, think about this: What would your financial situation look like right now if you’d taken action a year ago? 5 years ago? You’d have the financial freedom to do whatever you wanted… and the spiritual power to make a HUGE impact. There’s no need to keep struggling – click the button below and register for “How to Be An Abundant Spiritual Leader” today!


Got Questions?

What if I don’t think I have the gift? Do I have the skills?

We work from the principle that everyone can connect to source and their guides. You don’t need to be born with a gift because you already HAVE it, but you might need to learn how to use it.

Anyone can learn to read and write, they might not be born knowing how, but everyone has the innate ability which can be learned, developed and enhanced

Frankly if there’s one thing that makes me mad it’s hearing anyone say that only a select special “chosen ones” have the gift!!! WHAT!!!

NO. You have the gift, we all have the gift. Anyone can do this. If you can’t right now – then you can learn and, that’s just one of the reasons I created the spiritual practitioner training. I want everyone to know this and to experience this. Even if you don’t apply now, then know this. You CAN connect with spirit, and you do NOT need a gift.

Anyone can learn the skills!

Everyone can connect to spirit!

It’s your birthright!

I don’t want to be a healer or practitioner is it for me?

Yes! If you want to change your life and heal yourself! These skills can be used just for yourself, to become a more powerful communicator, leader and in any industry. In the past we have had students who have been lawyers, doctors, dentists, recruitment consultants, engineers, and stay at home mums who want to be better parents. As well as all kinds of complimentary therapists, from reflexologists, reiki masters, beauticians.

Am I too old or young to do this?

This work is for men and women of ALL ages, races and cultures.

We encourage everyone to focus on a niche; so you get to choose to work in an area where you feel confident and inspired.

It’s never too late or too soon to feel connected to source, to feel confident, powerful and empowered!

I’m already doing another training, can I combine them? Will there be a conflict?

It’s entirely up to you. Because we don’t subscribe to any specific discipline and avoid dogma there will be no conflict. However many other trainers request that you refrain from working with others trainers because they are afraid of conflict. We never tell you to work only with us. So this is a decision you must make yourself. It usually boils down to  what do you feel CALLED to and DRAWN to?

I already have my Reiki - is it for me?

Reiki is a great introduction to energy work. The skills you will gain as a Spiritual practitioner will take your energy work much further. Here’s why. Reiki works by transferring the energy via a symbol. This limits it to the quality of energy associated with that specific symbol. On the spiritual practitioner you will learn to channel pure unlimited source energy, without restriction. Imagine how much more powerful that will be!

Previous Reiki masters have been astonished by how much more energy they can work with after getting hooked up to source.

Isn't spiritual teaching supposed to be free? Surely it’s not spiritual to be rich?

This is probably one of the most disempowering beliefs you could hold! Let’s face it. If we believe that all the spiritual people should be poor, then we’re left with only NON-spiritual people having the money and power who would use it for their own greedy ends.

BUT – if spiritual people start stepping into their money power, then the planet, society and economic power is in the hands of those who really CARE, and who are making decisions for the highest good, rather than for self-serving reasons.

Which do you really think will make a better world?

The spiritual people in power, working for the highest good?

The non-spiritual people in power working for their own selfish ends (whilst spiritual people hide in the corner)?

Yeah – let’s get spiritual people stepping into their money power and change this beautiful planet!

Still Have Questions?

Get your questions answered by completing the form here.