You may not like what’s going on around you, but there is hope, and that hope is for conscious leadership and a better world – led by the spiritually awakened.


‘Oh no, you need to leave the world!’

If you look at spiritual awakening, there seems to be this idea that you awaken spiritually and then look out at the world and see what a terrible place it is.  A lot of spiritual teachings invite you to run away and hide from this horrible world. You might be given the idea that you need to leave your job and not have any money, because, somehow, it’s more spiritual to be broke. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, if you look at the logic of thinking this way.

So, what are you left with if you ‘leave’ the world? What you’re left with would be you being separate from the world, not doing anything in the world, not taking positions of power and leadership. The outcome of this would be that all the people who have the money in positions of power and leadership are those who are not spiritually conscious, not awakened.

if we live in a world where everyone who is in power and everyone who is in a position of leadership is, by definition, not spiritual, what would we have? What would the world look like? Well, it might look a little bit like it does now, with decisions often being made that don’t look like they’re made for the highest good of all. They often look like decisions made for an elite, special few, the rich and the powerful.


Turn your thinking on its head!

When you awaken spiritually, you become spiritually conscious. You are more aware, more empathetic, and you know how to make decisions for the highest good.

What if the purpose of becoming spiritual wasn’t so that you could leave the world? But what if it was that you could see the world as it could be, and then get that power within from Source and change it?

Embrace the belief that when you see a world that you don’t like, your thinking can turn to, ‘maybe there’s a better way of doing this’. Let it be a call for you to do something, to take some action, to step into power. 


Your role for conscious leadership and a better world

You know what your purpose is – the thing that brings you joy, that you absolutely excel at, and you just love. Take that and build on it and use it to contribute to creating a better world as a conscious leader.  

What’s the one thing that you could do as a spiritually conscious person, right now, to make the world a better place?


Listen to this short audio I’ve posted on Facebook. You’ll also find other inspiring and helpful posts and videos that will help you learn how to use your spirituality for the good of all.


I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment or ask any questions you might have.

Love… Lisa


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