How to JV with Lisa

I receive joint venture invitations every week, and I am happy to partner with people.

Most of the JV proposals, however, are either not what I’m looking for or they just don’t include enough information for me to be able to assess if they are a good project or not. If you’re interested in working with me as a JV partner, please read the important information below about how I select projects. If you feel your product or idea fits ALL the criteria in my description, I would love to hear from you!

If, having read the criteria below, you would like to submit a JV application, please complete this form and you will be sent a document containing all the details of how to apply.

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My Joint Venture Selection Criteria

1. Win – win

Your joint venture idea is mutually beneficial to both of us. In other words, doing this project with you will help both of our businesses to grow! It is not enough that I would get to promote your new product and get commissions. I would like to see some growth potential beyond just an affiliate cheque.

2. The right market

My target audience are spiritual entrepreneurs. They might be coaches, healers, complementary therapists, consultants. They are both highly interested in personal and spiritual development AND business minded. If you are the owner of a large mailing list (5,000+) targeting these groups of people, I would love to connect with you to discuss the possibilities.

3. Allow enough time

At Psycademy we plan our promotional schedule months in advance, so we need plenty of notice. Very occasionally we can squeeze something in more quickly, but generally we will need at least 3 months’ notice to assess and plan in a joint promotion.

4. Make it easy for me

Due to my time constraints I simply can’t produce the sales promotion material for you. You must have well-written promotional copy for your product or program to partner with me. If you are not a master copywriter, I highly suggest hiring a professional copywriter to enhance your sales materials for your product. You must also have a professional looking website before I can endorse your product. Remember, the only way for my clients and members to evaluate your company and your product is by what they see on your site.
You will need to have promotional emails written and any social media content ready prepared.

5. Get the topic right

I have a wide range of expertise but can’t speak on every topic. The topics I that are most on target for me are the following:
  • How to be a highly successful coach
  • Releasing emotions and limiting beliefs
  • How to facilitate massive transformation in clients
  • Personal development
  • Mindset for success
  • Sexual energy, transmutation of sexual energy
  • Running a spiritual business
  • Spiritual selling
  • Spiritual development (beginners to highly advanced)
  • Channelling
Note that I can tailor the topic and information to suit your audience. If you have the right audience we can usually find something I can speak on that will excite them.

6 Audience size

I enjoy being interviewed on the topics of my expertise, however time constraints force me to be highly selective. I look for a live audience of at least 100 people or, if it’s a pre-recorded interview, I need to know that my interview will reach a thousand or more people. I may consider being interviewed for a smaller audience if the topic is unique and will allow me to develop a new product out of it.

7. Know your figures

It really helps me to make an accurate assessment of the project if you already know your conversion and sales statistics.

8. What’s in it for me?

Sorry to be brutal about this but if your reason for me to JV with you is “because you’re a spiritual person and have a big dream” it isn’t a persuasive offer for me.
Yes I like to help people but it must be mutually beneficial. So tell me about the biggest benefit of partnering with you right at the top of your proposal. I get many emails that go on and on about the product, filled with links and videos for me to watch and I simply don’t have the time to read or watch them.

9. Co-creating

I love to co-create products and programs with other entrepreneurs. Your expertise, however, must complement mine (otherwise I can simply create the product alone). Any joint program must also be in alignment with and complement the Psycademy philosophy.
When you submit your proposal please make it clear how your program complements my programs. How is it different? How does it add to what I already offer? How is it in alignment with the Psycademy philosophy?

10. Must have leverage

My business model is unique and built entirely around my ideal lifestyle. Any joint ventures that will require extensive travel or time-consuming research, or simply don’t have the financial leverage I am looking for, will not be appropriate for my business.

11. Endorsing your product or program

If you have a physical product you would like me to review or endorse, you may request my mailing address to send it to.
Please note: endorsements are not guaranteed. Your product must fit my criteria and be of high quality for me to consider endorsing it.