I can’t think of anything more depressing than the thought of having to spend every day of my life doing something that brings me no joy. Yet this sad state is exactly how many people live. Depressed.

They get up every day and spend their days at work doing something that doesn’t bring them joy, that they feel is meaningless, pointless, hard, boring, stressful or both! And then they wonder why they feel so depressed!

They do this because they feel they “HAVE” to. They have bought into the conditioning that work is meant to be hard and miserable, that we do work to earn money, so we can spend those few hours at the end of each day when we’re not total exhausted doing something we actually love or enjoy.

Often, it’s often even worse than that!

At the end of the day, you might have time for your joy but now you’re out of energy! It takes energy and effort to FORCE yourself to do something you don’t really want to do.

It takes energy to do it and to force yourself to do it. So, you’re twice as tired at the end of the day and week. You’re left with barely the energy to watch TV, scroll on social media, watch funny cat videos.

Yes, it gives you that dopamine hit. It momentarily soothes you. But that’s also part of the problem. Because now you feel even worse! Depressed!

You can justify the time you spend doing something for money. But now you’ve just wasted the few precious hours you did have for something creative, expansive and joyful.

So, what’s the solution?

The ideal would be that you spend your days doing something meaningful, that makes a difference, that brings you joy; and that is, fundamentally, an expression of your soul. In short, that you earn your living from your life’s purpose.

I’ll say that again. You are supposed to be able to earn money living your purpose!

So why is it that so many of you don’t seem to be doing this? Because you’ve bought into the LIE. The big lie that society tells you. You’ve been conditioned to believe that there’s some list of things you are permitted to spend your life doing and that you have to pick from that list.

But your soul’s purpose might not be on that list!

If you’re confused about what your purpose is, that’s probably why. YOUR purpose might not be on that list! It’s inside you!

You’ve been conditioned to believe that what brings you joy isn’t valuable or useful. You’ve been conditioned to believe that there’s a list of appropriate things you are permitted to do in order to earn a living. Most of those things are boring, hard and stressful, whilst all the fun, fulfilling creative things are frivolous wastes of time that you should only do at the weekend.

When the opposite is true!

I believe…

There is a divine and perfect order to the universe.

I believe that there is something that you do, that you are talented and brilliant at, that brings you joy, and that very thing is exactly what the world needs right now!

The world needs people to feel filled with joy.

The world needs YOU to be the living embodiment of joy.

Do what brings you joy.

Do what brings you alive.

And that’s probably the most important thing you can do right now.

Find something that brings you joy and go and do that

Find a bunch of other people to do it with and spend time with them.

It doesn’t need to be huge and grand, but it might be.

It doesn’t need to be small, but it might be

It might mean learning a new skill – great! Go start that.

It might mean carving out some time for yourself do to that.

It might mean negotiating with others to make sure they respect your time.

It might mean you keeping the most important commitment you can ever make.

The commitment to your soul.

Can you commit to your soul’s purpose now?

With love,


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