Five Signs You are a Natural Healer

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There are five signs you are a natural healer. How many of these relate to you?

Our beliefs change

It’s funny when I look back on myself as an engineer. I didn’t believe in the energy I believe in now. I didn’t believe there was such a thing as being psychic. And I didn’t want conversations with people who did believe.

The thing is, though, my scientific and engineering study and work is always with me and I’m utterly grateful it’s part of my journey, just as I am grateful for every other experience that’s brought me to now, including being a house prisoner. I ALWAYS maintain the methodologies of science in my esoteric work; I do the research and I evaluate the results. There is so much not yet proven or validated in the energy of esoterica. But I’m working on it. And it’s my mission to do so.

I believe now, that we can live in a world where people regularly release their pain from the past, so that people no longer live from pain; they can live from joy. I believe I can help change the mindset of how healing happens, and that recovering from trauma can be easy, quick and permanent.

Science and Spirituality – Bridging the gap

What are your thoughts on bridging the gap between science and spirituality? And validating the results of your esoteric work? What beliefs do you hold and how have they changed over time through your own lived experiences? What do you believe will serve the people on our plant?

The world needs coaches and therapists

I hope you are keeping safe and well, and that if you have a coaching or therapy business (or are thinking of starting one), that it’s going well. The world really does need coaches and therapists more than it ever did.

Do the five signs that you are a natural healer relate to you? I’d love to hear your answer in the comment section.

Love, Lisa


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