There are four signs that you have unreleased negative emotions or that you have resistance to love.

Past Memories

The first sign is when you have a memory from the past that causes you to feel painful emotions. Whenever you remind yourself of that memory or talk about it, emotions well up. You might find that you have a need to protect yourself by avoiding certain situations or people.

Chronic Fatigue

The second sign is if you constantly feel tired. This shouldn’t be so, as you’re an infinite being and energy should flow through you infinitely. There’s only one emotion, and it’s love. If you don’t have access to that, it’s because there’s resistance in your neurology and your energy system, preventing you from having access to as much energy.

Physical Illness

The third sign is that you’re prone to have physical illnesses. One of the things about physical illness is, first of all, you’re definitely not making it up. If you are ill, you are ill. But, it’s pretty well known even amongst Western medicine, that emotions and stress can lower your immune system. So if you get ill often and it takes you longer than the average person to recover, it could be that you don’t have the energy to bolster your immune system, so you either get hit by them more than others or they last longer.

Emotional Triggers

The final one is emotional leakage or triggers. And this is where just any little event can set you off – you drop and break a glass and you’re in a rage or devastated; or, you see an ad on the TV and you feel an overwhelming emotion. You overreact to small things. Everyone occasionally overreacts when tired or a bit stressed, but if it’s constant, you’re experiencing emotional leakage.
Love should flow freely throughout your being. All negative emotions are the resistance to love. Holding on to those hurtful feelings has an effect on your immune system, stops you from thinking clearly, and reduces your creativity level. There is a solution, and you have the choice to take action and heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Love… Lisa

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