A gift to our community in uncertain times

Conscious Emotional Transformation

A Paradigm Shift In Emotional Release Technology

Releases Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs By Removing And Repairing Where There Is Resistance To Love


Why use CET?

Are current events and the news sending you into panic, anxiety or fear?

Do you have memories from the past, which as you think about them NOW trigger negative emotions?

Do you feel you have blocks to your happiness and success?

Do emotions like fear, hurt, guilt stop you from doing the things you really want to do?

Do you find yourself over-reacting to minor events and situations?

What can CET do?

  • Completely release all anger, sadness, fear hurt and guilt from your past.
  • Delete limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t have what I want” “I’m not safe”, “we’re all going to die”
  • Become free from anxiety, panic and uncertainty during these difficult times
  • Feel stronger, more empowered and capable even in challenging situations
  • No longer be triggered by situations, circumstances
  • Eliminate procrastination and increase motivation to go out and take the action you need to take and accomplish your deepest dreams and goals
  • Deepen your intuition or spiritual connection and trust in your inner self
  • No longer feel like a victim to current circumstances
  • Become free from the influence of other’s emotions increasing your compassion and ability to respond in more empowering ways
  • Become more resourceful, creative and insightful so you can help your loved ones and yourself in surprising and effective ways.
  • Tap into your inner power to inspire others to transform and grow and make a lasting impact that the world needs right now others…

How does CET work?

CET is a paradigm shift in how we deal with emotions.

It works on the presupposition that there is only one true emotion; LOVE.

All “negative emotions” are actually resistance to love.

CET removes the resistance to love, restores the connections allowing LOVE to flow freely and fully throughout your entire being.

How does the CET home study programme work?

  • Over 3 hours of videos explaining exactly how to use this process and how it works.
  • Audio recordings of the full guided CET process you can listen to any time to increase your self-esteem, boost your confidence, reduce stress, experience more joy, and stay positive regardless of what life throws your way…
  • Comprehensive Conscious Emotional Transformation manual and workbooks that guide you through this highly effective, simple process for releasing ALL negative emotions… and contains practical exercises that ensure you get the most out of the process …