When you’re able to free yourself from negative emotions, you become empowered. But first, you need to know where those emotions came from and how you can clear them.

You start out with only one emotion – you can call it love or source or high energy. Then what happens is you have a negative experience – someone gives you something that’s not loving. This causes a boundary or block in your neurology.

Love tries to flow along but hits that boundary and bounces back. So now you have both love and resistance to love.

What emotions cause blocks?

Some of the emotions that cause resistance to love are anger, sadness, fear, hurt, grief or guilt. Often, they are caused when you lose someone or something you love – or when you think you might lose something you love.

There are many emotional release processes that give you temporary relief or remove some of the congestion. You flow positive energy into yourself and fill a void, but the resistance is still there.

What you need to do is release negative emotions and completely remove the resistance to love. Once you do, you must not allow anyone to violate your boundaries and empower yourself to create and accept only loving experiences.

You must know what your boundaries and limiting beliefs are so that when experiences from the past come up in your awareness, you’re able to remove them before they build up and cause a blockage.

A process to free yourself from negative emotions

Several years ago, I developed a process called Conscious Emotional Transformation that allows you to free yourself of negative emotions and results in only pure joyful bliss flowing throughout your neurology, without restriction. Unlike other emotional release techniques that offer temporary relief, my process completely clears negative emotions and permanently removes the resistance.

Watch this Facebook training video and learn more about the negative emotions that cause resistance to love. I also tell you about my process for releasing those negative emotions that create resistance to love.

Do you know what your limiting beliefs and blocks are? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience or thoughts on freeing yourself from negative emotions.

Love… Lisa

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