Could Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility be a reality?

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Have you ever wished you could be invisible or shape-shift?

I get many people asking me about how to become invisible or more visible or to shape shift and change your invisibleappearance (without plastic surgery or makeup).

Rather than being completely mythical it does have some basis in reality.

First off why would you want to do this anyway?

  • Have you ever been walking late at night and about to pass a group of rowdy lads or girls and just not wanted to attract their attention?
  • Maybe you know someone who once they get started just won’t stop talking, fine until you’re in a hurry and you wish that you could just pass them by without them noticing you.
  • Have you ever needed to hold a groups attention but felt as if you were invisible and just couldn’t make yourself seen or heard?
  • Or have you ever wished you were more powerful, or stronger, more confident?

Well all of this is entirely possible and it’s all about energy and intention.
The cloak of invisibility is actually just one aspect of the bigger topic of shamanic shape shifting.

This is a technique is entirely possible and it’s all based on changing the appearance of your aura. By changing the appearance of your aura you can seem brighter and more visible, almost invisible and even take on the appearance of other animals and people.

How do you shape-shift or become invisible?

Here are some simple steps to get you started with shamanic shape-shifting.

1. Get in control of your aura

The process of becoming invisible or shape-shifting is all about control of your aura and energy field. People notice this much more than your physical appearance. That’s why physically small people can seem to take up a lot of space, whilst you can completely overlook physically large people.

Unfortunately this is made harder by the fact that you cannot control your aura with your conscious mind or will. Your aura is in the control of your unconscious mind. To get in control of your aura you first need to work with your unconscious mind.

2. Seal Your Aura From All Energy Leaks

The most important thing is for your aura to be completely sealed and it must have NO energy leaks. These energy leaks will be picked up unconsciously by others so that no matter how dim you try make your aura that leaking energy will give you away.

It’s impossible to control of your aura or seal it through conscious will-power alone. The aura is in the control of your unconscious mind and emotions. So even if you’re not feeling emotional at that moment your aura will betray your emotional past.

A quick check to see if you have any emotions is to answer this question. Do you have memories from the past which as you think about them NOW trigger painful emotions? If you do then you have unresolved emotions

3. Harmonise Your Aura With The Environment

Invisibly is all about adapting your aura signature so that it is in complete harmony with the environment. People’s senses are adapted to notice difference. So if your energy blends in, then no-one will notice you.

In the same vein if you want to stand out you change your energy signature to make it different from the people and place and you will shine out.

4. Harmonise Your Aura With Another Being, Or Animal

Shape-shifting is the art of modifying your aura signature so that it is the same as the being or animal that you wish to shape-shift into. That way people will unconsciously feel that you are like that person or animal.

When you do this you will also take on the qualities of that animal. So if you shape-shift into a cat, you will increase in grace and poise, and find your eyesight is sharper.

5. Transmute Energy

Changing your aura takes a lot of energy. To do it effectively without draining your energy you need to have access to an unlimited amount of energy. The most potent source of energy available in the body is sexual life-force energy. Being able to harness and access this energy enables you to become invisible or shape shift for long periods of time without being drained.

6. Develop The Sensitivity Of A High Level Psychic

To maintain your invisibility or to shape shift, you need to be able to make constant, tiny changes to your aura to adapt it to the continuously changing environment you need to be highly attuned to changes in the energy of the people around you and place you are in. To do this you need to be as sensitive as a High Level Psychic (one who works at the level of the Higher Self). Without this degree of sensitivity it’s like driving blindfold, you simply don’t know where to steer your energy.

7. Clear any painful emotions

Painful emotions or emotional leakage will short circuit any changes you try to make to your aura. Even if you are not feeling emotional in the moment, if you have unresolved emotions these will show up in your aura no matter what you try to do to mask them.

This can be achieved with Psycademy Emotional Release Process which not only releases all your emotional pain from the past, it also removes any negative energy from your aura and seals any leaks, so that it is completely healed and sealed and ready for shape-shifting, shining brighter or to be dimmed down and make you invisible.


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