How can I attract my soul mate?

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This article is an extract from a channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”.

Who are No One Guide?

No One Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No One Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

They give a highly unusual answer to the commonly asked question, How do I attract my soul mate?

Answer from No One Guide:

There is a common misconception or idea that when you come into this world there is one person that you must find – your soul mate, also known as your Twin Flame. The theory is that when you are born, your soul is split into two and placed in two different bodies, so you’re left forever seeking each other out, so you can become whole.

It’s said that if you do not find this one person, you will forever be unhappy, but let’s dispel this myth. There is no one individual for you. You are an individual expressing the divine through who you are, and anyone can be, and is, your soul mate.

This belief is disempowering, and any belief that disempowers or limits you is not spiritual truth. It’s spiritual misconception. Your soulmate is not one individual or one personality that you must find. You are not forever destined to be miserable if you don’t find the right one.

You are complete

If you do not feel complete, it’s because you have limitations and limiting beliefs and a lack of wholeness within you. You can never be completed externally. Rather, you become complete internally by doing the great work of spiritual and emotional awareness and awakening spiritually.

In order to create a loving and whole and empowering relationship, you must first recognize that you are whole and you must embody that wholeness. Only then will you find another whole person and together you will become more. Together, you will create expansiveness and inspire each other to grow and change and become more.

To see this channelling session and learn more, watch this Facebook training video:

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