How do I remove blocks?

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This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question. And as always they say this about this message: “We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”


We are regularly asked questions about how to remove blocks.

Questions like:

How can I recognise and remove unconscious blocks that exist within me?
How can I remove the blocks to my success?
How can I remove the blocks to spirit?
How can I remove the blocks to being able to be more psychic?
How can I remove the blocks to money?
How can I remove the blocks?

Answer from No-One-Guide.

In truth there is no such thing as a block. There is simply the lack of source. The lack of coherence. The absence of the resonant field that enables you to resonate at source, so that you can experience and be and do and have that which you desire.

You perceive this absence and experience it as a block. This is a useful metaphor.

Please understand, it is just a metaphor but it is a useful one.

Because so many of you perceive that you have a block, we have gifted you, as a species with a spiritual technology that enables blocks to be removed and we have encouraged this spiritual technology to be taught and for others to be initiated into this spiritual technology. This spiritual technology is gifted through Psycademy, not only through Lisa but through, via Lisa, but through Psycademy and it will be disseminated by this mechanism.

Let us explain how it works. How is it possible to “release a block”? Before we do so, we will share that we are aware that there are many who do not wish to hear this.

We hear this question very often and we answer the same. The answer is not always welcome. And you are at choice to open to grow, or not. You are always at choice.

This spiritual technology enables a spiritual practitioner to first identify the source of the block.

What you experience as a block are the surface level symptoms of a deeper cause. It is this that must be identified first.

When the true cause of the block symptoms has been found then the practitioner creates a resonant field with source and brings the client into this field. In this resonant field of source nothing but source can exist, including resistance to source. It is (or was) this resistance to source that you label a block.

In order for the practitioner to do this they must have first received an initiation into their high level guide.

Thus the easiest and quickest way to remove your blocks is to experience a trained practitioner who has received the initiation into this release mechanism, into this spiritual technology that will release the block. And we will say this, we know that the majority of people will go away and prefer to keep their blocks.

We have no judgement of this, but we observe it as an outcome that you’d prefer to choose. So the first thing that we would encourage you to do, is to be aware, that you are choosing to have this block and choosing not to take advantage of the spiritual technology that is being offered to you right in this moment. This spiritual technology is called Higher Self Therapy. You can learn to do this for yourself and for others, through Psycademy, through Lisa. Through her practitioners, through her trained coaches, who will find and release your blocks.

Please understand this, that it is almost impossible for an individual to find and release their own blocks. To explain the reason for this we will use another metaphor, it is because it is as difficult for a surgeon to perform brain surgery on themselves.

So to answer your question, in order to remove your blocks, it is easiest for somebody to assist you, to identify where they are in your neurology. When these are identified in your neurology your practitioner is then able to release them for you.

To answer the question, “how can I recognise and remove the blocks?” This is a question that has been asked many times. And when we suggest that you work with a Spiritual Practitioner we hear or feel resistance “but this dis-empowers us.”

In truth it does not. Let us explain.

Does it dis-empower you when you wish to have food and go the shops? Does it dis-empower you to have a farmer grow the food for you? for it to be prepared and put in a shop for you to purchase? Does it dis-empower you to go to a restaurant and be served delicious food prepared for you?

If you wished to learn to drive does it dis-empower you to be taught by a driving instructor?

No! It empowers you to know that you can learn to drive. You can take lessons and you can learn to drive and you can buy a car. This empowers you to do this. It would dis-empower you to say, “oh no, no, there is no way, you can just, just keep trying.” Just keep trying to get to the shops and just hope that eventually the 100 mile journey to the shops or to your destination that you desire will just magically become closer to you.

You see this is what many people choose to believe. That they do not need help. We have observed that there has been a marvellous awakening in the self awareness arena, and for many this has dis-empowered them because it has led them to believe that they can and that they should be able to perform brain surgery on themselves.

Just as you would not, unless you were a mechanic, mend your own car, you would not build your own house, plumb your own plumbing, plaster your own walls. You do not do everything that is required to live. You do not experience it as dis-empowering to allow a farmer to plant the wheat and harvest the wheat, and the miller to turn it into flour, and the baker to turn it into bread, so that you can eat.

If you believe it is dis-empowering for another to be able to help you, to have the skills to help you then we would also encourage you to extrapolate this metaphor throughout your entire life. If that is dis-empowering then to go to the supermarket to purchase your food would be dis-empowering, and we suggest that you become completely self sufficient, so that you are fully empowered in your mind. Yes.

Lisa has chosen this path for her to embody and deliver this spiritual technology to the earth plane, but she does not bake her own bread, grow her own wheat, mend her own plumbing, which is being done as we speak. She does not do this. She does not repair her own vehicles. She did not build her own house. All of this is done for her so that she could support you and others, to experience the emotional release that she has chosen to bring you. You each have an individual life path. You each have chosen an individual life path in some way, to serve. A way that gives you joy.

Being served is an honour

Serving is an honour

This is the natural way

This is why source chose to experience this.

Allow yourself to be served

If you wish to release the blocks speak to Psycademy

If you wish to learn how to release blocks for others, speak to Psycademy. This is their purpose. To teach this. To share this.

If it is your purpose to help others this is a fine and powerful way to do this.

We have spoken.

••• ••• •••

Who are No-One-Guide?

No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

Have you got a question for No-One-Guide?

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What would you ask?

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All questions are welcome.

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I look forward to reading your questions. The MORE information you give in your question the more likely it is to be answered. Note that No-One-Guide cannot answer questions that would disempower you such as “will xxx happen”.

To your spiritual success


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