Recently I’ve been having conversations about leaders and leadership – and how leaders emerge.

People say is they are waiting for conscious leaders to show up. Or they talk about how terrible our current leaders are. They’re corrupt, they lie, they stumble, they change their minds, they change their message, they do all the wrong things.

I’ve worked with and coached leaders, politicians, business leaders and spiritual leaders, and one thing that’s clear is that they are human!

There are leaders out there who have a deep yearning and passion to make the world a better place. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to come along and change things. They don’t criticise the leadership we have.

Instead, they get to work and make the change themselves.

Leaders are human
They cry
They fear
They hurt
They strive and struggle
They want to create something better
They want to serve


We are all leaders in some way

Being a leader isn’t about power, or money or being in politics or any number of the things people commonly imagine.

It’s just that most of us aren’t aware of it consciously. We aren’t doing it consciously.

Every person you meet, connect with, in person or on social media, can’t help but be impacted and affected by you. Your actions, your words your energy. This is how leaders emerge.

We are a social species. When we’re connected to each other we breathe together. Our heartbeats even start to synchronise Our brain wave patterns harmonise

This means you are being affected by everyone you’re around. And YOU are affecting everyone around you.


Your place of choice

You can either stay at the EFFECT of those around you.

You can decide THEY are making YOU feel what they are feeling.

Or … You could do something powerful and purposeful. You could decide YOU are going to make a conscious choice about how you would like to make others feel in that moment.

Your thoughts, and words and actions will inspire others. So choose them wisely. In times of chaos and uncertainty, people will look to those who are steadfast, certain and confident.


How leaders emerge

You don’t need followers. You just need to be the person YOU are seeking.  And to do that, you need to know what you’re seeking and what you feel you’re missing.

What are your thoughts on leadership? Do you consider yourself a leader? Please leave a comment below.

With love,


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