If you’re spiritual, are you always happy?

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If you’re spiritual, are you always happy?

This is a slightly controversial topic, which is something that you’ll find discussed in the spiritual community. It’s the idea that if you’re spiritual, you’re always happy or at peace, and you’re never overly emotional about anything. You never get angry; you never get sad.

A lot of spiritual people will throw this idea at other spiritual people when they see somebody experiencing an emotion. Often, they’ll say, “Oh, are you being triggered?”


You’re being judged!

It’s almost as if this is a judgment insinuating that if you are feeling emotion, you’re less spiritual. Well, I want to call BS on that!

The thing about being spiritual is that it’s not for you to deny your emotions. Rather, it’s that you should recognise them and take responsibility for them. You should use your emotions as a way to guide you into what’s good for you and determine what’s bad for you. Just as physical pain guides you to healing and health and away from what harms you or doesn’t serve you, emotions drive you to what empowers you and what enables you to express yourself.

If you’re experiencing a negative situation, such as being in an abusive relationship, it’s totally appropriate for you to feel negative emotions. That’s the emotion that says, ‘get the hell out of there’. Yet a lot of spiritual gurus sometimes use this with their disciples to say, “Oh, you’re not spiritually evolved enough, you’re being triggered”. And they use that as a means to actually abuse people.


What about the triggers?

The experience of being triggered doesn’t mean that you’re not spiritual and you’re not awake. It just means that you’ve got some stuff from your past that you haven’t dealt with yet and that you might want to release –  and that’s okay. That just lets you know that there’s something to release, just as a little light on the dashboard tells you to go to see the mechanic.

So maybe that emotion signifies that you need to change something, or maybe it’s that you need to release something. Neither is bad. Neither means you’re not spiritual.

There’s nothing spiritual about being superior and judgmental of whatever other people are going through. This is where our compassion comes in, and spirituality is about compassion.

So, when you feel what you’re feeling, if you feel an emotion – feel it! Be okay with feeling what you feel. Your emotions are there to guide you.


Watch this short video, which I’ve posted on Facebook, where you’ll find other inspiring and helpful posts to help you become spiritually healthy and whole.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below and tell me about your experiences with negative emotions and how you dealt with them.

Love… Lisa

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