Are The Riots A Sign Of The 2012 Shift?

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Over a year ago I shared of how 2012 shift would affect society. I produced a series of short informative free videos

For those who sign up I will be sharing more perditions and explanations about the shocking events we are witnessing.

I’ve included below an extract from a teleseminar I delivered over a year ago. In an upcoming blog I’ll share more about how the riots, the economy etc relate to the shift.

The Evolution Of Society And The Individual
The Chakras of society are opening.

The Base Chakra Opened

In the years (and decades) after World War II and the great Depression, people became focused on surviving. Just getting enough to eat having somewhere to live became their primary objective. At a societal level in the UK it lead to new houses and flats being built. The National Health Service was created and the welfare state developed. Agriculture changed and the food industry created cheap, plentiful food. People now had the assurance of a home, enough to eat, health care. This was the opening of the base chakra of society. Our survival needs were met.

The sexual chakra of society was opened.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, there was an explosion of creativity, new music and art, new products were designed. There was an explosion of sexual expression (sorry if there’s a pun in there somewhere). It was the time of free “love”
The sexual chakra of society was opened.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Opened.

As we moved into the ‘80s the feeling moved to “me” or “I” generation. People became focuses on money and power. The mantra was “greed is good”. The focus moved from the group to the individual. This is where we created our sense of personal and individual identity. We recognize that it was totally okay for us to have what we want. People allowed themselves to want things and they took the action that was needed to in order to get it. We took personal responsibility.
The Solar Plexus Chakra Opened.

The Heart Chakra Opened

The ‘90s brought the boom of therapies and healing. There was a was boom in different healing paradigms and different therapies. It suddenly became, not only OK to express our feelings, but almost mandatory. The mantra was “How do you feel about that?” “Let me share how I feel…” “Group hug.”
It became acceptable to have feelings and share them. People opened to love.
The heart chakra opened.

The Throat Chakra Opened

At the end of the ‘90s and into the ‘00s the internet hit the masses. Social media, blogging, e-mails, mobile phones, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad became the technology of expression and communication.
The throat chakra of society opened. The throat chakra of the whole planet is opening now. The whole world is talking and everyone’s listing. We have now access to more information than we can ever process.

The Third Eye Is Now Opening

The next thing that has begun to happen is that with more people being exposed to more information and more knowledge, that at some point it will trigger more discernment. We will move from knowledge to wisdom.
The next chakra that has begun to open is the 3rd eye. This is where people see things as they truly are, beyond the surface, beyond the glitz and the glamour.
People have been “spun” with sound bites and most people haven’t asked any questions. This is going to start to change.

We’re going to start asking more questions about, “Who said that? What’s your evidence? How do you know that’s true? Is that true for me? Is it okay for that to be true for you and not true for me? Is it okay for me to have my truth and you to have your truth and it’s about to be different?”

Those with all their chakras opening and functioning will find this transition easy. For those less well equipped they may experience confusion as they no longer know what to believe. This will create chaos and confusion both individually and in people’s lives.

There will be a large group of people who do not have their lower chakras functioning. They don’t have the resources. They haven’t taken personal responsibility or don’t know how. They can’t feel compassion, or can’t express themselves.

After this the crown chakra will open. It’s only speculation as to what this will mean, which I share in depth on these videos


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