A Personal Psychic Reading With Me And My Guides “No-One-Guide”

Lisa TurnerDear Spiritual Entrepreneur,

My friends and colleagues often joke "what does the Oracle say?" (please note I’m not the oracle my spirit guides "No-One-Guide" are).

Now I’d like to invite you to experience being connected to the source of all energy, inspiration and power to succeed in an exclusive and personal 1-1 session with me and my guides.

Would you like to discover what is limiting you right now? Where you are connected to Source and where your emotions and past hold you back?

If you could ask an infinite source of wisdom a question what would it be?

Have you ever wondered why your life is so much harder than it should be? Or why you don’t get the success you deserve, have the confidence you want or are stuck?

Is this you? Have you ever asked questions like these?

What should I be doing to ensure that I am who I am meant to be in this life?
I have this limiting belief that everyone else is better than me.How do I break this belief that I'm not good enough as it's holding me back and preventing me from living the life I can live?
I feel like I'm on the brink of success but there is something stopping it from happening. How can I break through that?
How can I become a channel myself? I’d like to tune into my own spirit guide for day to day guidance and direction in my business.
How can I get clients and become as successful as I desire?
What are the causes of my health problems and how can I cure them?
What is stopping me getting my business off the ground?
How do I heal myself from my past emotional pain and trauma that haunts me every day?
How do I heal my unconscious mind so that I can become the very best that I can be?

Well you need wait no longer

Book a 1-1 consultation, and together with my guides "No-One-Guide" we’ll help you get reconnected to source energy and start to solve your problems today.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect
in your 1-1 consultation

An understanding of where you are and what’s holding you back
Full energy scan and energy field diagnosis – this picks up any health issues that might manifest later
Emotional audit. Find your emotional triggers and their root cause
Spiritual Audit. Pinpoint where you are not fully connected to your source and where you are out of alignment with your karmic purpose. This is beyond your life’s purpose and relates to your personal evolution in this lifetime.
Answers to any of your questions from my guides

About my guides

Ask the OracleI’ll be tuning into my guides, who are not one particular person or even soul. They are a highly evolved a stream of consciousness. They have never incarnated or existed on the earth plane. Their sole (soul) purpose is to help us.

Guides are trying to evolve into matter and to do this they need to learn about matter before they enter it. They do this by helping us.

Always bear in mind that information from guides may not represent the ultimate truth but a step in your understanding so you can discover the truth for yourself.

Yes, Lisa! I want a 1-1 Personal Reading with You and "No-One-Guide"
I understand I’m getting:
A pre-consultation questionnaire to make certain we're both prepared and I get the best results possible from my consultation.
A full, personal 45 minutes, one on one, with me and No-One Guide over the telephone.
An mp3 recording of the whole session so there's no need to take notes or remember everything as we go along.
Email support for a full 7 days after the reading to deal with any questions that crop up afterwards.

Price: £1,500 (approx US$1,900)

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If you are ready to stop dreaming about success and want to find out how you can turn it into a reality then book one of these exclusive sessions right now.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

With love,

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