Meet Lisa

Specialist in Human Transformation And Evolution

I created Psycademy to train the most successful coaches, therapists and high level psychics. Psycademy teaches coaches to become high level psychics who create the future (not predict it).  Our graduates go on to become highly sought after therapists who can facilitate the highest level of transformation with their clients, including releasing all their emotional pain from the past.  Our graduates command high fees because of the speed at which they can enable their clients create profound transformation. Psycademy is the only company to offer a professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training.
I am known for facilitating profound transformation and am proud of my 95% success rate experienced by my clients and students, i.e  95% of students get the transformation or skills they came for or MORE!


Dr Lisa Turner is a renowned visionary, author, channel, and master spiritual teacher. Founder of Psycademy, Lisa has shared her proven spiritual technology that enables a deep connection to spirit with over 30,000 spiritual practitioners worldwide.

Psycademy is the only spiritual academy to offer proven spiritual technologies that reliably create full spiritual awakening and connection and finds and removes the cause of emotional and spiritual pain.

Lisa is the creator of a variety of proven models that explain our past and predict our future and increase success. These models include:

  • “The Evolution and Awakening of the Species”
  • “Activation of Your Profit Chakras”
  • “Spiritual Leadership PowerCentres”
  • “Orgasmic Secrets to Wealth and Higher Consciousness”

With a PhD in Mathematical Modelling and Aero-acoustics, Lisa made the extraordinary transition from scientist to spiritual teacher through her search to become free from her own past in which she was kept as a virtual house prisoner for 5 years by a paedophile from the age of 15. Her experience of how she became free now fuels her dedication to freeing minds of others who are enslaved by the illusion of their inner limitations.

Believing our society is at a tipping point where it is imperative that we evolve to a higher level of order, Lisa is committed to spiritual evolution through initiation and awakening of the individual to create a healthy future for our species and the whole planet.

She lives in Cornwall with her husband and daughter and far too many pets, where she loves to swim, paint, bake and knit jumpers.

Lisa is a charismatic public speaker and no stranger to the media. She has appeared on local radio and her articles have been featured in a wide range of press including Kindred Spirit, Marie Claire, Psychologies, Metro, The Sun, The Daily Star, The Mail on Sunday, News of The World, Top Santé and many others.