7 reasons you will fail as a professional Spiritual Practitioner

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You might be thinking your spiritual skills have developed enough to launch your business, but there are seven reasons you will fail as a professional Spiritual Practitioner. Those seven reasons are all connected to your profit chakras – and all of them can be unblocked.

Before you read about the seven things that can cause your failure, determine what your Why is – and it should be a BIG WHY.

• Why are you in business?

• What is the drastic change or significant difference you want to make in other people’s lives or in the world?

• Why is this your life purpose?

Once you have your Why, review the seven reasons you will fail as a professional Spiritual Practitioner.

1. Your transformational skills are lacking

You must have incredibly powerful transformation skills. Being psychic or skilled in tapping or Reiki or Tarot reading isn’t enough. You need the ability to create empowering and lasting change for your clients.

2. You don’t have a solid business plan

It’s not enough to say I need a plan to get more clients. Yes, you need more clients, but before you search for them, you need to know how much you will charge. Before you can determine your fees, you need to calculate how many hours you want to work, factoring in the billable and non-billable hours necessary to run your business and how much you want to earn. The marketplace is not a good guide for determining your worth.

3. You haven’t decided what you’re offering

You need to know what you’ll be offering and have the skills to communicate that offer. If you go back to your answer for what difference you want to make in your client’s life or in the world, does that translate well with what you have to offer?

4. You’re not able to receive

If you are a person who gives and gives but has a challenge receiving, you’ll end up as a charity, not a business. So many Spiritual Practitioners have a hang-up about money, thinking it goes against their life purpose. But, in order to be in a business that allows you to make a difference, you need to receive what you’re worth.

5. Your systems aren’t in place

If all of a sudden you have 50 clients who want to work with you, you need to be prepared to enrol them in a group programme effortlessly. Your systems have to be set up and working seamlessly before you start taking on clients.

6. You’re not attractive enough

This doesn’t mean you have to be pretty or handsome – you’re a beautiful being. But are you able to communicate and attract people to you and your offer? You need to be able to create a burning desire in people so feel they need to work with you.

7. You haven’t invested in yourself

In order to make money, you need to invest money. Your clients will only invest at the level you’re investing in yourself. If your skills or know-how are lacking, you need to find the training or education necessary to get you to the top of your field.

The Profit Chakras

Those seven reasons you might fail as a professional Spiritual Practitioner are actually the seven blocks in the seven major profit chakras you have in your business. If you’d like to know which of those chakras are blocked for you, click on this link and take the free test.

Watch this Facebook training video if you want to learn more about:

  • The seven reasons you will fail
  • Your profit chakras
  • Karmic balance
  • How to determine what to charge
  • Things you need in your system
  • And so much more

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the seven reasons and whether your profit chakras are blocked. Leave a comment with any insights or questions you might have.

Lots of love,


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