See Lisa LIVE! 25th – 27th January 2013

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Picture this… you’ve been meditating, saying your mantras and affirmations, chanting, visualising, practising your mudras and your asanas. You KNOW it’s possible to connect with the higher spiritual realms, and to experience those spiritual bliss states, and even become psychic. Maybe you’ve even experienced it before…

Yet to your frustration and despite your determination and commitment, you just can’t seem to make that deeper connection. It fades and dwindles leaving you feeling alone and stranded

in the desert of the “real”.

Try this:

You feel it like a pull, or a tingling deep within you, like an inner knowing but you can’t quite grasp it. You’ve heard it but only as a whisper on the breeze, but can’t quite tune in to the message beneath the babble. Maybe you’ve seen dim flashes or glimpses that simply vanish when you turn to look. Maybe you’ve experienced that deeply blissful state, where your heart is fully open and you feel a complete connection, yet you can’t seem to get it back again or experience it in any kind of on-going way in your daily life.

Bottom line is that you are frustrated by life and starting to wonder if being spiritual isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

The simple fact is, it’s one thing to have a spiritual experience, and it’s quite another to tap into the true spiritual power at your fingertips so that can change the world and reality you live in, solve problems and bring healing.

My “Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live” 3-day event from January 25th to 27th 2013 is for you if you want to create CHANGE in the world. Real physical change, as opposed to just feeling better and positive thinking.

lisa6fpHere’s a taster of just some of the sessions I’ll be running at the event:

Ancient Spiritual Power for Modern Man

  • A guided tour of your own brain. Learn the exact mechanism that your brain uses to connect to your higher self. This is an amazing life changer!
  • The mysterious Pineal Gland and its stunning connection to your higher self. Revealed – the proven scientific findings that demonstrate the existence of the higher self and what this means for YOU and your Spiritual Ascension.

The Mysteries of the Tarot

  • Is it really possible to become a Tarot reader in a weekend? Yes and there’s no memorising needed, just a powerful proven technique that works EVERY time. Hint – it’s tapping into SOURCE that’s the key.
  • Avoid the blind alleys and hidden traps laid down by the ancients to protect the secrets of  the tarot. Learn the original and true intention for its use.

How to Create a Soulmate Relationship

  • How to find your Soul Mate or create a Soul Mate relationship with your current partner.
  • Understand the true meaning of love so that you can recognise unhealthy attractions and relationships and create healthier ones.

Psychic Diet, Intuitive Eating

  • Learn the secrets of conscious eating to effortlessly achieve your ideal weight for energy, vitality, health AND high spiritual vibration (without feeling deprived).
  • How cellular memory of meat is transferred, and how you can harness this for your spiritual growth, and prevent it from disrupting your energy field.

Live Channelling

  • Imagine getting the answers to the biggest, deepest, most important questions you have, so you know the exact changes you need to make in your life and business to be more successful.
  • Have the answers to your questions beamed straight into your consciousness. A unique experience most live participants describe is the answer to any question or the solution to any problem is received right into their awareness even BEFORE they speak. This has to be experienced to be understood.

Experience a Third Eye Opening

  • In this session you’ll be guided through a secret initiation that will bring source energy INTO your body.
  • Imagine the experience of your higher self entering your body so that you see through the eyes of your very own guardian angel.

All the info you need to book your place now is here:

Grab 2013 by the scruff of the neck and take control right from the start!


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