Signs of the times – what’s happening to society?

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I’m sure you’ll agree that you would have to be in deep denial or been living under a rock to have missed the extraordinary changes that have taken place in the last 100 years.

Waves of change have swept through society like a series of revolutions. Some technological, but more significant are the changes to how we think, feel and what we believe in.

The way we live, what we believe, what we accept as truth and the “right” way to be are almost unrecognisable from our past. Not only within the last 100 years, but even in the last 20, 10, 5 years and violent changes have taken place even as recently as the last 12 months! Not only has the depth of change increased, but also its pace.

The only constant is change. But why are things changing in the way they have? Is it random? Or is there a pattern that helps to predict what’s coming up next?

After several years researching and studying the changes in society over the last 100 years I’ve noticed a pattern, and like a true scientist I’ve tested the theory and it holds true.

What you’re about to discover is a model of evolution that not only explains our past but also gives a plausible prediction for what’s coming next.

The Chakras Of Society Are Activating

Building Foundations From The Roots Up.

During the early part of the last century the western world was ravaged by World Wars and the Depression. People were literally starving. Homes had been destroyed. The entire focus of attention was on getting enough to eat and somewhere to live. Society demanded support and got it.

Mass building projects commenced. The National Health Service and social security were created.

With rationing and food shortages across Europe, demand for affordable food led to a revolution in agriculture and food production, leading to mass produced cheap food.

Our survival was taken care of. We had security for the first time in years.

With security and safety the Base Chakra of society was activated.

Sexual Revolution.

This secure base provided a foundation that led to an upsurge of creativity and the sexual revolution. In the 60s and 70s, there was an explosion of ‘free love’, of creative expression, and freedom of expression.

Creativity, pleasure, flexibility and fun were now possible.

With new found freedom and pleasure the Sacral Chakra of society was activated.

It’s all about ME!
The next big shift came in the 80s. The 80s heralded the time of the “me” and “I” generation. People focussed on their individual needs, desires and power.

Whereas the 60s and 70s had been a time of sharing and community, the 80s became a time for individual wealth creation. It became acceptable and admirable to have what we want. To see what we want, and take action to go and get it. We created a sense of personal and individual identity.

Money, power, property, individual wealth, science, rational thought and logic were valued highly. Emotions and feelings were disregarded as meaningless.

As we found our identity the Solar Plexus Chakra of society was activated.

Do you feel the love?

As we moved into the 90s, people became tired of repressing their feelings. Some experienced burnout and questioned if money was all there was. The property bubble burst and fortunes where lost. People were left wondering if there was more to life than this.

An explosion of new healing paradigms and therapies hit the market place as people sought deeper meaning. Alternative and complementary therapies and spiritual and personal development blossomed and boomed.

Not only was it now appropriate to feel and share emotions it was almost compulsory. People would ask “How do you feel about that?” It was a time of “group hugs”, group therapy, talking cures and energy healing.

People cared. They cared about others, animals, the environment, the planet. People cared about other countries Mother Earth herself.

As we opened our hearts and love poured out the Heart Chakra of society was activated.

Let’s talk. Listen.

As we moved into the 00s the internet was born. Social media, mobile phones, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, Facebook , blogging and Twitter.

Suddenly the whole world was talking and everyone was listening. Information became freely available and easily accessible.

We became exposed to more information in an hour than somebody would have been exposed to in their lifetime a hundred years ago.

It became acceptable to share everything and anything online. Ideas, opinions, thoughts, wisdom and most of all, information!

If we didn’t know, we could find out.

As we listened and spoke our truth, the Throat Chakra of society was activated.

Can you see the light?

We are right on the cusp of our next chakra opening. The 3rd Eye chakra is usually associated with psychic vision, and clear sight. This is just starting to activate right now!

With more people being exposed to more and more information and knowledge the challenge is to know what to listen and pay attention to, and what to ignore.

Anyone can say anything on the internet, and does! As a result it’s up to the reader to discern the truth.

Without discernment people fall into confusion and delusion. They will find themselves at risk of being deluded or even manipulated. Conspiracy theories will increase in number, many of which will have no basis in truth.

The keys to activating this chakra will be the ability to discern the truth, to become comfortable being seen and being visible. This requires us to all know our own truth and to be fully comfortable with who we are. We will be seen as we truly are and see others as they truly are. Fake facades will be unsustainable and the truth will shine in its beauty for all to see.
Other signs of activating the 3rd eye are: clarity of thought, the ability to make decisions easily, and handle paradoxes, taking personal responsibility and refusal to be a victim to circumstances.

As the veil of illusion  is removed, and we learn to see the world as it truly is, and we are be seen as we truly are the 3rd Eye Chakra of society will be activated.

Universal Consciousness.

The obvious next step is the activation of the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is associated with our connection to source and spirit. It seems a plausible assumption that this will likely happen at the level of society. What this entails is open to speculation and could include:

  • Access to infinite wisdom, spirit and universal consciousness.
  • Telepathic communication between individuals or with other consciousnesses, even on other planets.
  • Total unity at a planetary level.
  • Or none of these and something else which we can’t begin to imagine until we get there. After all, who could have predicted the internet 100 years ago?

How to get ready for the next phase of evolution…

The only constant is change so it’s inevitable that something will change and plausible that the shifts will be triggered by the activation of the higher chakras with the next being the 3rd eye.

As the 3rd Eye and then the Crown Chakra open, the changes will accelerate even more.

At this time the world will call out for certain people to lead the way and assist others to awaken and open their 3rd Eye.


  1. Victoria Gosher

    Indeed you have just summed up life on Earth. After returning to England 12 years ago – the life style here just does not grab me. The property market policies has taken to make the rich richer and put those who don’t have into the dustbin! So much for the government. Intuition is a gift we all have but like any gift we need to activate it and exercise it and use it – I would not be alive today if I had not connected to it.
    Thank you for your summary – all the best to you.

  2. Judy Binda

    How do you unblock your blocked subconscious mind so that there are no barriers to receiving spiritual information? Thank you!

  3. Theresa Cobb

    I have done readings forever on hands and phone. But my husband has become very ill and I have lost my hourly job to take care of him,…any suggestions would be wonderful. My father was Indian and my mother was gypsy, so a lot of this comes natural. Any advice would be appreciated. And I also have 30 + years of a private library on all of the psychic sciences. Any advice would be appreciated…Thank you all.

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