Signs That You Are Awakening Spiritually

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How do you know when you’re experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? You might experience an awakening episode, then continue to have episodes. The signs for these episodes are often the same but are sometimes different. Here are some signs that you might experience:

Attraction to Spiritual Things

One of the big signs that you are spiritually awakening is you are attracted to spiritual things, and you have this yearning to know more.

 Awareness of Others

You start to become more aware of other people and more aware of patterns. You begin to notice more in your awareness, and it creeps up in your notice of coincidences and serendipities and synchronicities. Either you are having more synchronicities, or they’ve been there all this time and you suddenly start to notice them. So, you become more aware, and you create or experience more synchronicities.

Dissatisfaction with Your Life

You start to become dissatisfied with your current life, whether it’s the people you hang out with, or your job, or where you live. You’ve lived that life for a long time and were perfectly happy, but you suddenly have an increased awareness of not being quite happy or satisfied enough. There’s not necessarily anything wrong, but you become aware that you want something different. Your life is not quite doing it for you anymore.

Compassion for Others

You start to feel more compassion for others, and you develop the ability to see things from another’s perspective. Typically, before you’re awakened, there’s a bunch of rules by which you live your life. You might have lived with the thought that good is good and bad is bad, and you believed that good people do good things and bad people do bad things. Then, suddenly, you start thinking that maybe there’s a reason they’re doing that bad thing. You start to lose judgment of good and bad, and you reach an ability to understand the complexities of a situation. You begin to understand why people do what they do, and you feel compassion for the fact that they don’t seem to be able to change.  You reach a point of greater compassion.

Seeking Life Meaning

You begin to seek greater meanings in life. You tell yourself there must be more to life than this. There’s a yearning for greater meaning. You might decide you want a better job or want to retrain and get a promotion. You might want to quit your job all together and do something completely different. It’s all about you wanting to do something that has meaning for you, even if you might not yet know what that is. You yearn for a greater meaning in your life.

Feeling Ecstasy

It might seem bizarre to you, but you start to experience little moments of ecstasy, or perhaps bliss, where you are resonating with the entire world, and you have this exquisite feeling of joy. It might be for a moment or it might go on and on. You start to have those feelings more frequently; and when you move out of that feeling, you yearn to get back into it. You know it’s connected or linked to the notion of being aligned with your purpose. It’s not about experiencing ecstasy and trying to escape from the world – it’s about bringing more of yourself into the world and more of this divine knowing into the world, so that you can live with purpose.

Desire to Make the World a Better Place

You start to want to make the world a better place. You’re able to look at the world and see that some things are working great, while others are not so great. You might start to become more aware of the environment and nature. A greater interest develops for society, how people are living and treating each other, and, perhaps, even politics. This greater interest prompts you to want to make a bigger difference by using your passion and drive and desire to create change.

Becoming Conscious of Your Dreams

Dreams, more dreams, more intense dreams, more vivid dreams, recurring dreams. Having the same dream is a sign, the reason being that dreams are one of the ways your Higher Self communicates with you. Your Higher Self has probably always been communicating with you, but you haven’t been hearing it consciously. Now, you begin to remember your dreams and the dreams become more vivid. You sleep better, and you have great dreams, but you may wake more often. If you continually wake at a specific time, that’s another sign of spiritual awakening.

Questioning Your Beliefs

You’ve always lived by rules and belief systems that were implanted in you and absorbed like a sponge. You didn’t question them as right or wrong but accepted them as true. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, they became true – until you begin to awake spiritually. At that point, you start to question if your beliefs are an actual fact. It can be quite unsettling because everything you thought you knew is suddenly falling apart. You might start to believe you need to quit your job and live on a mountainside and only eat sticks. No! You can live the exact same life in an awakened way.

Your Spiritual Awakening Is Changing You

You’re aware that you’ve changed, and you start to take more personal responsibility for how you feel. Your spiritual awakening is a complete shake-up of your values, your beliefs, and your entire personality.

You are no longer content with the superficial, and you avoid those little chit-chats about what house prices are doing or who got a promotion, who earns what, and who’s got a new car and whether it’s a company car. You don’t care. You only want to know what makes people tick, why they are doing what they’re doing, and what they are passionate about. You want to know who they are at a deeper level, not where they’re going on holiday. You’re feeling different than who you used to be or feeling different towards other people. Suddenly the crowd you fit in with no longer fits. You start to find yourself almost drifting away, drifting out, drifting apart.

You develop heightened intuition so you’re more aware of situations of energies of people. You’re more tuned in to the emotions and feelings of others, and you have a compassion for them rather than going into a judgmental mode. You start looking at situations in a more positive way.

It can be quite unsettling because everything you thought you knew is suddenly falling apart. That’s because you are different, and a part of spiritual awakening can, and does, change you.

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences.  Come over to Facebook to watch the video and leave a comment on your spiritual awakening and the changes you’ve experienced. Let me know if you’d like to further explore your awakenings, or if you have any questions.

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