Are You in Spiritual Pain?

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There’s a concept that has been gaining momentum, and it’s the idea of spiritual pain.  This makes me want to ask spiritual people, “Are you in spiritual pain?” and, “Are you a spiritual leader?”

You might wonder what those questions have to do with each other. But there’s a good chance that if you are in spiritual pain, you’re also a spiritual leader.

When I talk to spiritual people about the idea of being a spiritual leader, they often shy away from it. So, I’m going to explain why you might actually be a spiritual leader and why it’s a great idea if more spiritual people were leaders.

What is Spiritual Pain?

Spiritual pain isn’t emotional pain, which involves anger, sadness, fear, hurt, or guilt. And, it’s not physical pain, which is a pain inside or on the surface of our body, like banging a thumb – ouch!

Spiritual pain is less tangible, and it’s extremely excruciating. It’s the pain you feel when you look out at the world and see all the suffering and tragedy, and you feel as if it’s your own. You yearn for things to be different, yet you feel powerless to change it or heal it.

It’s the pain you feel when you’re disconnected from the source of all your power, and the yearning you feel to make the world, or your life, or the lives of others, better. It’s the misery you feel when you’re not living your life’s purpose.

If you want a better world, but you feel powerless to change things, you might start to retreat from the world and avoid certain situations. Your withdrawal is completely at odds with the whole concept of spirituality, which is to become one with everything, not to withdraw from a world that doesn’t work.

Are You a Spiritual Leader?

You must be honest about who you really are. You might be thinking you’re not a spiritual leader or don’t want to become one – but you might be mistaken.

A spiritual leader is not somebody on the stage talking to thousands of people. Rather, it’s someone who creates a spark and inspires others to change. It’s someone who is controlled from within by their own inner connection to source and a drive to make life better.

If you yearn for a greater understanding of yourself or you’re thinking there must be more to life than this, that’s a sign you are a Spiritual Leader. If you want to get more control of your life, then you are a Spiritual Leader. If you believe the world would be a better place with more enlightenment and consciousness, then you are a Spiritual Leader.

You may already know you’re a spiritual leader and you may have started to awaken to a higher level, striving towards creating a better life for yourself, your community, and your family. You might have the desire to lead others or you may just want to lead yourself to a happier healthier life.

A look at those two words – Spiritual and Leader

Spiritual refers to a person with a higher level of consciousness, someone more awake with greater awareness and a connection to divine source. You experience the divine within yourself, within others and within the world; and you seek to experience it and witness it in all you know and do in your life. You perceive unity and you’re awakened and working for the highest good of all.

Leader means a person in a position of authority or power. You’re influential and take action; when you speak, people act on your words. You make things happen and create change in the world – change that impacts other people’s lives.

If you’re a person who is a leader, but not spiritual, you’re more likely to work for the highest bidder than the highest good, serving your own end or the ends of the people who pay the most.

If you’re spiritual, but don’t lead, you are causing a great loss for yourself and the world.

I invite you to combine the two, to connect to the divine and stay connected, to stay in the world and work to make a difference.

Start creating influence in your world; start to answer the call of a planet that is crying out for your leadership right now; start working for the highest good of all, where you are, with what you’ve got.

Imagine a world full of leaders who were both powerful and spiritual. Leaders who would generate love and trust and respect.

It’s time for you to step into your spiritual leadership.

Watch this Facebook training video and learn more about spiritual pain and why this world needs more spiritual leaders.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on spiritual leadership. Leave a comment and tell us about your experience with spiritual pain, or ask a question.

Love… Lisa

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