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Spirituality and money. Is it Ok to charge?

In this video I answer one of the most challenging issues for spiritual people.

“Is it OK to charge for spiritual services?”

Be prepared for a bit of a rant, some surprising conclusions and get ready to have your worldview challenged!

7 Responses to Spirituality and money. Is it Ok to charge?

  • Patricia bishop:

    Hi, Lisa. I have been involved in metaphysics since 1980.
    I’ve always found it difficult to put a price on my readings. So I say it is by donation only. When I teach classes, there is a set fee. But no one is ever turned away when in need. Enjoy your videos very much.

  • Sandra:

    It is you job at the end of the day would you provide any other sevice for free? I believed in not charging for a long time till someone pointed out to me I had to live myself & would I do my day job for free?(I was in catering at the time) The spiritual work is tiring & time consuming. I found that I would be doing readings for free then they would go pay a fourtune to someone else be told exactly the same thing but because they paid the took more notice of them!!(

  • Michelle Stephens:

    A artist as a gift but people buy there works, a singer as a gift but we pay for there concerts cds etc so is not it only right that people pay for your gift xxmiv

  • Dawn A Johnson:

    thank you for sharing this information, it has helped greatly.

  • Carol:

    Thank u Lisa l understand what u are sayin I’ve heard so many people say that if they charge you they are just in it for the money. I try arguing but they generally don’t want to listen xx

  • Irene:

    I think you should charge we can never put a price on our time ,no matter what we do there is always a price to be paid i.e. I run a animal rescue Centre my time is for free but I still have to pay for food etc for the animals,people give away there pets to our rescue Centre then think it’s ok for us to feed them etc surely they must realize it cost them to feed there animals and it will then cost me money to carry on feeding there unwanted pets no matter what you do if your doing a service for someone or something then pay

  • Georgia Westphal:

    Charging for service is not an issue with me. What I find is to many psychics that keep pushing with better deals while leaving people with no adequate way to tell them you are flat broke
    When you have a dollar or less in the bank no deal is that fantasy

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