Are You Stuck in Your Spiritual Awakening?

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How do you know when your spiritual awakening and evolution get stuck? 

When you started your spiritual journey, you began to have all these great experiences of awakening and becoming more aware. You might also have become conscious of your spiritual powers. You become more intuitive and, perhaps, clairvoyant. You become aware of the fantastic, wonderful, beautiful new awareness, and you feel you’re going to keep going and going.  

As your awakening journey proceeds, you might have a little wobble around and come out of it, but you might also get stuck on a plateau and stay there forever, believing you’re still awakened. 

Awareness experiences may start to develop some powerful spiritual powers and beliefs, but then it plateaus.

It’s not always immediately obvious. Sometimes signs of things that look like awakenings can actually be little pitfalls.  

Then, suddenly, you’re stuck. 

How Do You Know You’re Stuck? 

So, what does being stuck in your awakening journey look like? Here are some signs that might tell you that you’re on a plateau and stuck: 

  • You became fascinated by the experience, rather than how it can change your life. You started to develop extrasensory perception, and psychic abilities and powers. You may be able to read auras and see energy orbs or start communicating with the dead. Maybe you hear spirit guides. Your phenomena become what it’s all about – being more psychic, being a better healer, being more predictivebeing more powerful, and being able to radiate energy with the power of your mind. However, you’ve become overly fascinated with the phenomena. You’ve had an amazing spiritual experience, and you love that experience and want it again and again and again. But it might not actually change your life that much. Soif you notice you’re having great experiences, but your life still sucks, that is a sign that you’re stuck in your spiritual awakening and you’re on a plateau. 
  • You start wanting to use your spiritual experiences to escape from reality is another sign of being stuck. You start thinkingThe real world is horrible… I can meditate and I’ll have a nice experience… I’ll feel good again. You do this kind of bouncing around and trying to use your spirituality and your awakening to escape from reality, rather than bringing it down into reality. That’s a sign that you’re going to get stuck or you’re already stuck. 
  • You begin judging some things as good and some things as bad. If you’re not able to rise above negative emotions and accept what’s going on and do your best to change it, you’re stuck. And I don’t mean being happy and thinking everything is fine – I mean accepting what’s present in your life, staying positive, and working to change it, rather than fighting the negative. 
  • You’re denying what you truly feel and trying to stay positive all the time, rather than being authentic and accepting your feelings. Spiritual awakening is all about being truthful. Repressing emotions and trying to feel happy all the time is a sign that you’re not accepting those emotions. Grieving is natural response, then you move on, release your negative feelings, and reach a new level of understanding. If you’re trying to reject what is real and valid, you’re stuck.
  • You start believing things that are disempowering. Anything that disempowers keeps you from true awakening and growth. Abundance, success, and joy come from within you. If you begin to believe that something outside of you gets you to choose what luck you have, that’s dogma, and it’s a sign that you’re stuck.
  • You’re not able to accept new ideas. One of the things about an awakened person and a highly evolved person is they can hold totally conflicting ideas simultaneously. Being open to new ideas will give you greater flexibility and solve more problems. If you’re not able to accept or explore new ideas, you can become stuck.
  • You think that you’re done. You start to awaken, go up a curve, and you think that you’re fully awakened because you can do some magical psychic thing, whether it’s speaking to the dead or seeing spirit orbs. You’re becoming obsessed with the magical power. As soon as you think that you’re done and believe it will go on foreverit’s a good sign you’ve plateaued. You’re not done – you’re stuck.

Those are just a few of the signs of being stuck in your spiritual awakening. It’s okay to be stuck, but you must recognize you are, so you can work on it and move off the plateau and back onto an upward curve. 

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Love… Lisa



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