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These terms and conditions relate to all products supplied and/or programs, training and services delivered by Psycademy.

General Payment Terms

By purchasing a Psycademy program you authorize Psycademy to charge your credit card as payment for your membership in the program. You agree that you are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire course of the program, regardless of whether you participate, actually attend or complete the program, and regardless of whether you have selected a lump sum or monthly payment plan.

You agree that, if for any reason, you choose to remove or cancel yourself out of the program after the guarantee period has closed and prior to the end date of your payment commitment period you are obligated to pay, or continue paying, any outstanding balance(s) for the entire period.

Generally speaking, after the expiration of any “cooling off” or guarantee period, cancellations are not permitted for Psycademy workshops and training courses or group coaching programs. In the event that you decide to withdraw following attendance at one or more of the workshops then no refund is due.

If you default on regular payments via your payment plan the full amount is due to be paid within 10 days.

Unless otherwise stated our ‘cooling off’ period is 14 days upon receipt of your initial payment or agreement (verbal or written) to join the program.

Once all / any cooling off or trial periods are over, the full amount is due according to the payment plan or full payment. In other words you will continue to make all payments owing in a timely manner. No exceptions to this are made.

To further clarify, no refunds will be issued beyond the deadline stated in the program guarantee and all scheduled payments must be made on a timely basis whether you complete the program or not.

You may be asked to sign this contract to confirm your payment plan and your agreement to these terms. Participating in the program is taken as your agreement to these terms even in the absence of a signed contract. Participation is considered to be, but not limited to, any of the following: online learning forum access, downloading of course materials, receipt of 1-1 coaching, attendance of online coaching calls or training sessions, webinars or attendance of a live workshop or any other form of participation or access to course materials or coaching.

In order to receive your certification you must attend all days of the live training or workshop, and complete and pass any test papers or case studies associated with your program. Psycademy reserves the right to make changes to the certification process.

Should you be unable to attend any of the live training days for any reason it may be possible to transfer to a future workshop. Transfers to future workshops are at the sole discretion of Psycademy and may incur a charge of up to 100% of the cost of the training. You must inform Psycademy in writing as early as possible if you are unable to attend any of the scheduled workshop time.

Psycademy accepts payment by debit/credit card, cash, bank transfer, and cheques.  Payments made on receipt of an invoice are due on the date stated on the invoice.

Late payment of invoices or agreed planned payments will incur interest at 8% above Bank of England base rate.

Psycademy accepts instalment payments by special arrangement. Instalment payments require the authorisation of the Psycademy Managing Director and must be paid for by direct debit from a UK bank account or by a debit from a credit card. Psycademy reserves the right to charge a higher rate for payment plans where legal and appropriate. This fee is to cover the significant cost to Psycademy in the administration of payment plans.

Psycademy may require that, where payment is being made via an instalment payment plan, a deposit is required – usually 25% of the total fee due (excluding any administration fee charged by Psycademy). Payments to Psycademy may continue after you have completed your training or coaching program, until such time as Psycademy has received the full amount due for the program plus any applicable administration fee.

In the event that Psycademy agrees to accept a payment plan from you then Psycademy will notify you of the cost of the deposit and monthly instalments in advance of the first payment being taken from you by Psycademy. Psycademy direct debits will appear on your bank statement. Payments may also be received by credit cards.

Training, Workshops, Programs, Coaching & One-To-One Sessions

These terms and conditions apply equally in relation to your attendance on one or several Psycademy workshops, training courses and / or coaching programs.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, coaching refers to any one-to-one session or group coaching program offered by Psycademy (including by a Psycademy Associate) and which includes any coaching provided in the Spiritual Practitioner Training, Personal Breakthrough program, Karmic Alignment or other Coaching program and any hypnosis or Time Line Therapy sessions or programs.

When you enrol on a Psycademy coaching program, you will be informed of the full amount due for the program or service or the applicable hourly rate together with an estimation of the required time for the session. We will do our best to communicate this to you at the time of booking.

Payment is due when you book your Psycademy coaching program. In the case of Psycademy coaching sessions of shorter than 2 hours, then you are required to make FULL payment at the time of booking, irrespective of the date upon which your coaching is to take place.

For Psycademy coaching programs that are delivered over a longer period (such as a Personal Breakthrough session, Karmic Alignment or year long programs) which include tasking, the provision of other material, email or telephone support, then payment for the pre-tasking or the full service (to be decided by Psycademy at its sole discretion) will be required at the time of booking.

In accordance with Psycademy general terms, once a coaching or one-to-one session has been booked by you and the required seven day cooling off period has passed and the coach has begun preparation work for your session or sessions, then no refund can be offered. Preparation for your session or sessions includes telephone calls with you prior to the session or sessions; the assignment of preparatory work and/or the assessment of any preparatory work or pre-coaching questionnaires.

Before Psycademy can begin coaching or working with you therapeutically, it is important that you understand and agree to certain conditions. You must understand that:

  1. Coaching with Psycademy in NO WAY replaces a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor or a psychiatrist.
  2. The results of your coaching session or sessions with Psycademy are dependent on your communication with your unconscious mind, for which you are 100% responsible and which your Psycademy coach is only able to facilitate.
  3. The results of the coaching process are dependent upon you following the instructions that your Psycademy coach gives you as he or she guides you through the processes of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and any other service that your Psycademy coach is trained to provide.
  4. The long term results of your Psycademy program are dependent upon you completing ALL homework or tasking your Psycademy coach gives you and on you focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and on you taking any necessary action. Psycademy cannot be held responsible for your results if you do not do ALL the homework or tasking given by your Psycademy coach.
  5. Your Psycademy coach can only assist you with problems that you raise and cannot be expected to assist you with problems you do not raise.
  6. Any coaching session, workshop or training course may bring up emotional issues and related health issues.The teaching, training and coaching provided are in no way intended to substitute medical or psychiatric recommendations or prescriptions. Trainings, teaching and coaching provided by Psycademy are intended for people who are generally well, emotional issues may arise and this is generally the intent of the work.  However, Psycademy may refer a client to alternative sources for help in certain circumstances and this may include medical assistance, counselling or other treatment. Psycademy reserves the right to remove any client or cease any therapeutic treatment in circumstances where Psycademy deems it appropriate. These circumstances may include: preventing loss of life, preventing damage or harm to third parties or property.
  7. Termination for unprofessionalism an unacceptable behaviour: We are committed to providing all program participants with a positive program experience. By participating or signing below, you agree that Psycademy may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement, and limit, suspend, or remove any participant from continuing in the program at any time without a refund if the participant ceases to follow the Program guidelines or instructions, or becomes disruptive or difficult to work with, or if a participant impairs the participation of program instructors or other participants in the program.
  8. Your Psycademy coach or trainer will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you get the results you desire, however Psycademy cannot guarantee any results. You agree to take responsibility for your own results.
  9. Psycademy reserves the right to substitute a coach or facilitator with another of similar experience and training levels.
  10. Psycademy reserves the right, at all times, to make changes to course materials.
  11. Psycademy reserves the right to alter its fees as it sees fit. However, once you have confirmed a booking for a coaching session, workshop or training course, the price you have confirmed at is the price for that session or training.
  12. For all Psycademy training programs and resources provided online, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate, up-to-date, basic computer hardware and software to access these resources. Psycademy cannot take responsibility either for your equipment or for your personal level of technical expertise. We do not provide training to teach the basic computer skills you need to access and use our online materials. An inability to access our online resources due to unsuitable computer equipment or lack of basic skills to operate your computer does not qualify you for a refund. For more information on the system requirements of Moodle, our online training system provider, click here:
  13. Psycademy is regulated under the Data Protection Act 1998 registration number Z9771005. We are entitled to hold certain of your data, but agree not to share that data with third parties. Details of the Psycademy Privacy Policy are
  14. If you would like to review or change the details you have supplied to us, please contact us in writing (by email is acceptable) to notify us of the changes you wish to make.
  15. All materials and information are protected by the intellectual property laws of England to the greatest extent provided under the law. You are not permitted to distribute, copy or in any way share your materials, other than in ways that are expressly permitted by Psycademy. Any materials supplied to you are for your private use only.
  16. Psycademy will use its reasonable endeavours to carry out these terms as agreed but is not liable for loss (whether direct or consequential) suffered by a client in the event that Psycademy is unable to complete the work as a result of matters that are not the fault of Psycademy (which may include strikes, illness, labour disputes, accident or breakdown of vehicles)

Making A Complaint To Psycademy

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the services and/or products supplied to you by Psycademy then you may make a complaint under the conditions of guarantee below:

  1. You must contact Psycademy in writing stating that you are dissatisfied with the services and/or products supplied and making it clear the precise items you are dissatisfied with.We will then begin the student grievance procedure that is available to you on request.
  2. Any complaints must be received by Psycademy no more than 30 days following the date of your coaching session, workshop attendance, training course or your receipt of any products supplied to you.
  3. You must be up to date with all payments in order to make a complaint.
  4. You are required to demonstrate that you have made an honest and clear attempt at all exercises and tasking.
  5. You must return any and all course materials supplied to you by Psycademy, including any workbooks, files, CDs and all other bonus materials.
  6. If you have received a personality profile or any other externally delivered service as part of your course, or as a standalone purchase, you may not receive a refund once you have completed it and received feedback or any accompanying coaching.

Governing Law

These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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