What are the core principles you live by?

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Did you ever make a list of the core principles you live by, those you know as your truth? I’m going to share the ten core principles I live by and experience on a daily basis, and I’d like to invite you to share yours.

Start by clearing out all the dogma you’ve heard or read and give serious and careful thought to what you’ve experienced and are living – the undeniable truth of your existence.

Dig deep and do some self-exploration before you make your list. You might have fewer or more core principles than I have, and they may be very different than mine. What’s important is that they’re your truth and you strive to follow them.

My ten core principles:


1. Matter is real. I seek to shape, create and form matter in ways that are beautiful.

2. Energy is real. I seek to use and transmute energy in ways that are empowering and useful.

3. Action is energy in motion and is creative, (as in it creates something, change, an outcome).

4. Power is real. Power is the ability to access energy and to act. I seek to use power in ways that are empowering and useful.

5. Thought is real. I seek to think in ways that are new, empowering, exciting and joyful.

6. Love is real.

7. There is only love, or the resistance to love. I seek to remove resistance to love wherever I encounter it.

8. I have a purpose, and I seek to express and embody my purpose.

9. Evolution is real, and I seek to evolve consciously.

10. Desire is real and my purpose is seeking expression.

To learn more about my 10 core principles and how you can determine the rules that shape and express your life, watch this video:

I’d love to hear about your core principles and how you live by them, so please leave a comment.

Love… Lisa

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