The Empowered Empath

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Are you an empowered empath? Have you harnessed your power of empathy, and do you feel totally comfortable with this gift?

The mainstream understanding of empathy is you have an awareness of what someone else is feeling, and you understand their emotional or mental state. On another level, there is the spiritual definition of an empath and this is when you’re not only aware of someone’s emotions, but you can also feel them.

As an empath, you sometimes might want to protect yourself against the negative emotions of others and try to put up a shield. This goes against one of the first principles of spirituality, which is to become one with everything,

Perception is Projection

If you’re feeling an emotion and you perceive it as coming from someone else, it’s actually still your emotion, and you need to own it. You don’t need to protect yourself from other people’s feelings, because that creates separation and prevents you from evolving. It also puts you in a place of blame. In essence, they’re doing you a great service of bringing their emotions into your awareness.

What you need to do is find where you’re resonating with that emotion and release it within yourself, thus creating greater harmony for you and the person you’re projecting.

An Empowered Empath

How can you deal with other’s feelings and emotions and serve as an empowered empath? I have a process called Higher Self Therapy that I teach my students. It allows them to release negative emotions and become whole.

If you don’t have access to my Higher Self Therapy, there’s another technique you can use on your own. This involves flowing loving kindness to people you perceive are in pain, whether or not it’s their fault or their choice. You then imagine them to be completely healed and whole and perfect in every way.

This doesn’t mean you negate their pain or use a ‘think happy thoughts’ strategy – that doesn’t work. Instead, you offer calm passion. You activate your compassionate circuits and become a person who sends love and kindness and compassion.

Do this for everyone and notice how your world shifts. It’s amazing and healing to be in the presence of feeling loved. When you send that out to others, they will melt and change around you.

To learn about empathy and how to know if you’re an empowered empath, watch this video:

Leave a comment about your experiences with giving or receiving empathy. I’d love to hear from you.

Love… Lisa

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