The Power of [Now] Knitting!

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I have a guilty secret!

I love knitting! Actually,

I love all kinds of crafting and art, embroidery, painting, sketching, and knitting. I go through phases of being focused on one or another at different times, but I always have a jersey or other knitting project on the go.

Of all the handcrafts I love I think it’s knitting that has real spiritual significance. In Eckart Tolle’s excellent book “The Power Of Now” he highlights the importance of being in the present moment, of letting go of the past hurts and to stop worrying about the future.

Knitting is a perfect example of “being in the now”

When I knit it I am in the present moment, I can’t knit and no be in the moment. When I knit I’m paying pay attention to the stitches, I feel the wool in my hands as it moves over the needles, stitch sliding across the needles, looping the wool around each one.

The Power Of Knitting

Uncle Bob enjoying his new jumper, knitted by yours truly.

When I knit I notice the texture of the wool, I once is knitted with pure merino wool, so impregnated with lanolin that my hands became silky soft from knitting. That was a very warm jumper!

You can’t knit without being present, else you might drop stitches,  make mistakes in the pattern, losing your place or forgetting to cable two stitches to the back, or front, you might fail to decrease or increase or any number of other things that happen in a knitting pattern! It’s a process for sure!

Simply put you knit you stay in the now and you are present to the process of your creation.

I knit for many reasons. Only one of which is the outcome of getting a jumper! I love to knit jumpers for my family I occasionally I knit one for myself!

We even have a family knitting list. It’s a great honour to get on the list, and a sign you are considered a true member of the family. Everyone knows when their turn will come. Then they get to choose their pattern, the style, the wool, the colour then I’ll start your jumper!  Everyone knows that this will not be a quick process and depending on the complexity of the pattern, the type of wool it might take me anything from six weeks to 6 months to complete a jumper! But  they still put their name on the list and wait patiently, yet with anticipation for their turn to come!

The fact is that if I (or they) wanted a jumper, if that was my only outcome, I would simply go and buy one! Buying a jumper is much faster and usually cheaper! (yeah hand dyed silk and angora isn’t cheap – but it IS lovely to knit with!

And still my family prefer to wait, and they prefer the finished outcome when it finally comes.

So how is knitting spiritual?

Well it’s a perfect example of how the process is what brings pleasure. All the pleasure is in the process, I knit because I enjoy knitting. I love the final jumper at the end. I love to see the joy that my family show when they receive their jumper. I get so much joy from seeing someone wear the jumper I have knitted for them, sometimes years after I made it! Hand knitted jumpers do tend to last!

The joy of the finished jumper as an outcome is a bonus. It’s a big bonus granted, but it’s a bonus because the real pleasure is in the knitting, it’s in the doing. it’s in the now.

If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t do it.

I frequently hear people ask how can they get the outcome they desire as fast as possible. In business they ask, how can I get more clients? In spirituality they ask “How can I connect to my guides, connect to source, be more psychic? And how can I do it faster?”

When they ask this, their focus is on the result, not on the process. They have taken their attention and presence from the now, and put it in the future.

The process of getting more clients is pretty simple. You invest time, money, energy attention on marketing. You learn how to market and sell, you go to the training courses. You create marketing materials, write the blog, create the website, shoot the videos, go to networking events, run events, and have sales conversations. You dig deep.  You do the work!

The process of spiritual awakening is simple. You invest time, money, energy, attention on your spiritual growth. You learn the techniques, you go to the training courses. You meditate You journal.  You dig deep. You join the right group. You receive the initiations. You do the work!

Many experience marketing and sales as painful, uncomfortable or boring. Thy might do it only because it as a means to an end. Yet I can’t help but notice that those people who do the sales marketing ONLY so that they can get the client, those who find little or no joy in the process get far fewer clients and those who simply love the process!

Those who find joy in the process tend to get more clients! Those who love to write, or shoot the videos or to speak at events, or to write the webpages, and to have sales conversations, speaking to prospects (or humans as we like to think of them!) they find the joy in the process and tend to get more clients than those who do it finding it a burden or a grind.

Many people desperate to connect with their spirit guide, or find the inner peace of spiritual awakening find the process uncomfortable, painful or boring.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “how can I awaken” I’ve heard many people say “I’d do anything to awaken!”, only to then say some version of “no not that” when I’ve given them the absolute proven process which works every time. They reject and refuse to take the steps because it’s hard work. Takes too much investment of time, energy, attention or money. Or it’s boring. They don’t do the work. They don’t find the joy in the process, and they are far less likely to get the result.

Just like knitting. Those jumpers that I have enjoyed the most, where every stitch has been a little loop of love, winding around the wearer like a tiny hug. The wool infused with my love and the joy that I feel when I’m knitting. Those make the very best jumpers!


Where can you find the joy in the doing? Where can you find the joy in the process? What things do you do that bring you joy regardless of the result?

Can you release attachment to the result, and enjoy the process, knowing that the more joy you bring to the process the more likely it is that you will get the result, and the better the result will be when you get it!

Consider those things that you do that you do not find joy in, but you believe you “have” to do them. List all those “have to” things.

Now, notice that you have a choice! Yes really you do! You don’t “have” to do anything, but you might choose to, either to get an outcome, or avoid an negative consequence. Either way, you’re choosing it!

Recognise that you have a choice and notice how much more empowering this is. Now that you know it’s your choice, can you bring more joy to doing it? Can you turn it into a game? Can you make it fun in some way?

Share in our FB group how you get on with this. Did you find it easy? What is now more fun and joyful?

I love knitting!

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  1. Green

    How beautiful , those jumpers must shine in the dark with all your love for your family flowing through the fibres . They must feel so warm and loved when they wear them .
    Thankyou Lisa for the encouragement

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