There are three types of pain – physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. How do you know which of these three types of pains you’re suffering with?

Are you in Physical Pain?

Physical pain is pretty obvious. Your body speaks to you through this pain. Something hurts, and you can find a solution to fix or deal with this type of pain.

You break your leg, it hurts, and that’s our body telling us to sit still until we’ve healed.

Are You in Emotional Pain?

Emotional pain is the pain we feel as a sign that we need to take some action in order to achieve our desires.

Within the spiritual community, there are some questionable beliefs regarding emotional pain. One, is that you shouldn’t have any desires; and, if you do have desires, or if you experience and express any kind of emotion, then you’re not being very spiritual.

Adhering to this type of belief isn’t useful to resolving your emotional pain. We have a divine right to have desires and to take appropriate action to achieve those desires. That’s kind of the point of living. The action you take to fix your emotional pain might be something that achieves a goal, or it might be to move away from something that isn’t serving you.

If someone is behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable, one action to take would be to avoid being around that person. Or, you might speak to that person and say, ‘You know what, I’m not okay with that behaviour’. Then that person has a choice – she can change, or not, and you can choose whether you want to be in her company.

Are you in Spiritual Pain?

Spiritual pain is the pain you feel when you can’t express yourself as your divinity. This can be defined as ‘not being able to live your life’s purpose’.

Sometimes, we don’t feel that we can live our life’s purpose, because we don’t think we can, or we just don’t know what it is. So, you know there’s a greater purpose, but you just don’t know what it is.

Other times, you know what it is, but for some reason you don’t feel you can live it. You might feel that you can’t make any money out of it, or it’s not appropriate or in your culture or your family, or, simply, that people just don’t do that.


No matter which of the three types of pain consume your life, there is a solution. You can take action and heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Watch this short video I’ve posted on Facebook, where you’ll find other inspiring and helpful posts that will help you identify your pain and find a solution to make you spiritually healthy and whole.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment and tell us about your experience with pain, or ask any questions you might have.

Love… Lisa

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