The truth about affirmations

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Mind Control, Psycademy TV, Psychic Development | 5 comments

This episode is all about affirmations – where they work and where they don’t work. This is going to blow your mind about what you think about affirmations…

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  1. Ruth

    Thank you Lisa. Your message is totally believable and your joy in life and your energy are delightfully infectious!

  2. Jan

    I stopped using affirmations a while ago, because I found when I used them my life would go backwards.

  3. Lenny

    G’day. Lenny writing from Young, New South Wales, Australia. Just wanted to say that I totally agree with Carol and Ruth. I’m new to the clairvoyant industry here in Australia, and I’m facing some internal issues about coming out in public with my abilities. At this stage, I know I’m highly clairaudient, sentient, cognizant and clairvoyant, however, I’m now starting to naturally develop some mediumship capabilities as well (I’m a Life Path Vibration 11). Do any of your viewers have any personal experiences around starting up in the business, and how do I NOT SCARE OFF any more potential clients? They don’t understand that when I’m reading their energy field is how I get so accurate (they feel that I am “staring at them”). Any advice will be gratefully received.

  4. Sylvia Anderson

    I could feel the yes factor cant wait till Thursday

  5. epirosa


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