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We have a wide range of  home study courses available for you and we are constantly adding new products,  so do register for our newsletter for advance notice of new products and events. To check out all the courses we currently have available, just click the links below. If you don’t find what you want, tell us what you would like and maybe we can create it for you. Call or email us. We are humans and like to speak to other humans! 0845 468 1501


* Spiritual Success Mastermind

Take this magical journey with me … discover your higher consciousness, Unleash the evolutionary calling from within … and finally break free from your limiting beliefs that blocks your GRAND SUCCESS!

  • Completely release any limiting decisions and painful emotions that are blocking your success.
  • Identify the root cause of any issues. Note: This is KEY to the success and power of this system as many release processes only work on the surface level issues.
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* Online Spiritual Business AcademyHuman Chakra

Finally… The First Practical, Step-By-Step Roadmap For Internet Success Specifically FOR Spiritual Businesses People BY Spiritual Business People…

  • Finally feel financially safe and secure with the foundations in place that bring in money. Never again will you worry about money, how you’re going to pay the bills, and feel confident to invest in new projects.
  • Offer the perfect enticing giveaway that tempts them like a honey pot,  so they take one look and say “I have to have that!”
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training* Hidden Secrets of the Tarot

Are you are ready to lead a happier, more successful life AND to help others do the same…

“Here’s Your Chance To Activate The Archetypal Energies Of The Tarot – To Increase Your Energy, Vibration, Personal And Spiritual Power”

  • Change your circumstances, your experiences and what happens to you, by altering your own thoughts or behaviours.
  • Increase your courage to try new things, to be different and allow your uniqueness stand out.
  • Enjoy your life and work more. Develop a sense of fun, light-heartedness and ability to be here now.
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* Mystery Of Energy Transmutationmet

Are you ready to expand your mind and your body by unleashing the power of your sexual energy? If so, pay attention, because this is going to be a trip that WILL change your life for the good FOREVER…

  • Discover How The Secret Of Harnessing Your Sexual Energy Can Make You More Powerful, Dynamic, Energized, Motivated, Spiritually Evolved & Virtually Unstoppable
  • Would you like to attract and keep your soul mate and have the relationship be fulfilling and satisfying on every level?
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* Recover From Abuse abuse

Now It’s YOUR Turn To Live A Life Free From The Horrific Emotional Suffering Of Abuse.

Let me show you how I escaped the feelings of fear, anger and shame so you can do the same. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…

  • How to protect yourself from the bullies… these techniques show you how to stand up for yourself against anyone, whether it’s your boss, friends, or even family.
  • How to improve your present and future relationships… you’ll learn how to enjoy close, joyful, and fulfilling relationships even if you’ve stopped trusting people.
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*  Stop Freebie Hunters And Vampire Callersnotokay

Discover how you can attract people who are willing to pay you what you are worth and respect your time, with this Audio and Workbook Home Study Programme

  • Never again waste your time on the time wasters
  • Only speak to those who are serious about change, willing to invest and appreciate the value of your time and expertise
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*The Ultimate Guide To Psychic Self Defence

Discover the SHOCKING TRUTH about Psychic Attack and exactly how you can eliminate it FOREVER!

Click here to watch the video and find out lots more…


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