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Practical Awakening

Have you ever said to yourself, “There must be more to life than this” …
but couldn’t bring yourself to drink the “woo woo” Kool-Aid?

Then this is YOUR time to experience your authentic, life-changing spiritual awakening… with one simple, science-based, transformational programme!

Conscious Emotional Transformation Certification Training Programme

The Conscious Emotional Transformation Certification training programme will teach you a method that releases the energy and emotions of trauma without having to relive the pain.

You’ll gain access to a far higher form of consciousness and wisdom and an energy  beyond the Higher Self.

Be one of the first to train in this paradigm shift in emotional release technology. Learn how to heal yourself and others and achieve profound recovery.

Psycademy Conference: Abundant Spiritual Leader Live

Become An Abundant Spiritual Leader. Have An Undeniable Spiritual Experience

C  L  I  C  K      H  E  R  E      F  O  R      T  H  E      N  E  X  T       D  A  T  E  S

Spiritual Practitioner Training – SOLD OUT

Become a brilliantly successful Professional Spiritual Practitioner and make a great living helping other people with your amazing talents.

This is the most advanced and in-depth spiritual development and coaching certification available for spirituality.

Initiation Programme

Lisa works at the level of your higher self.  As a result of working together you will achieve the next level of life mastery and spiritual ascension, in a form that is perfect for you at this time.

The purpose of life, in its highest form, is for you as an individual to expand your neurology to the state where you can allow the maximum amount of Life Force Presence within and flow Life Force Energy.

Initiation is an experience where you expand your neurology, your energy body, consciousness and entire being so that you are able to access and use more life force energy and optimise Life Force Presence Within

Spiritual Leader Activation 12-Week Programme

Activate Your Connection to Source… and Become the Spiritual Leader You Were Meant to Be!

Plus… create the abundance you deserve… while still staying true to your divine power!

Develop the deep, nurturing spiritual connection you’ve been craving… and tap into your new-found spiritual power to create financial and personal abundance in your life.

You’ll master the skills and techniques to create a profound impact in the lives of others. Integrate your spiritual wisdom in your work or business, or transform lives on a more personal level. Either way, you’ll experience a sense of purpose, control, and success that allows you to not just exist… but to truly live!

Mystery Of Energy Transmutation: Orgasmic Secrets to Wealth and Higher Consciousness

Are you ready to expand your mind and your body by unleashing the power of your sexual energy? If so, pay attention, because this is going to be a trip that WILL change your life for the good FOREVER…


  • Harness Your Sexual Energy to become More Powerful, Dynamic, Energized, Motivated, Spiritually Evolved & Virtually Unstoppable
  • Develop your inner ecstasy to attract and keep your soul mate and create a relationship that’s fulfilling and satisfying on every level
  • Use sexual energy to awaken consciousness and ground your spiritual vision into physical reality
  • Experience the excruciating pleasure of the full body orgasm (or at least longer more intense ones)

Hidden Secrets of the Tarot

Are you are ready to lead a happier, more successful life AND to help others do the same…

“Here’s Your Chance To Activate The Archetypal Energies Of The Tarot – To Increase Your Energy, Vibration, Personal And Spiritual Power”

  • Change your circumstances, your experiences and what happens to you, by altering your own thoughts or behaviours.
  • Increase your courage to try new things, to be different and allow your uniqueness stand out.
  • Enjoy your life and work more. Develop a sense of fun, light-heartedness and ability to be here now.

Online Spiritual Business Academy

Finally… The First Practical, Step-By-Step Roadmap For Internet Success Specifically FOR Spiritual Businesses People BY Spiritual Business People…

  • Finally feel financially safe and secure with the foundations in place that bring in money. Never again will you worry about money, how you’re going to pay the bills, and feel confident to invest in new projects.
  • Offer the perfect enticing giveaway that tempts them like a honey pot,  so they take one look and say “I have to have that!”

Recover From Abuse

Will you keep on struggling trying to manage and handle your emotional pain? Going from challenge to challenge and problem to problem with nothing to show for it? Or will you take action to heal your past, and recover from abuse?

Let me show you how I escaped the feelings of fear, anger and shame, so you can do the same.

“Recover From Abuse” is a digital course you can download instantly. The minute you register, you can log into the members area and start working your way through the material.

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